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How has branding developed through the last 50 years and how has it affected the job market for the consumer and for the designer? Why is branding so important? How is it that some brands perform better than others? How could it affect the way we live? What’s changed in the branding industry over the past 50 years?

from its initial brand awareness right through the entire customer experience – sales, delivery, solution experience, and billing and any after-care or support. When getting all aspects of their operations on brand, they need to ensure that they have a strong commitment from their team. Having an A+ commitment from the team is vital, but normally overlooked, can lead to creating good branding.

Branding is a process that involves creating a name and image for a product mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. The brand identity is what makes the company different from others. For the past 50 years it has evolved dramatically, due to the way the media makes it more competitive when gaining attention from their audience. There are only a few branding ideas that have been gaining less attention, such as “coca cola’s attempt to introduced the “New coke” to their audience, and others that have been well respected throughout the years, like “Nike air Jordans,” due to the developments they have made. Throughout this essay I will be able to discuss about several successful brands and their evolution throughout the industry, including Nike, McDonalds, Tescos,Walmart, etc. The development is somehow linked to the way the world is constantly changing around us, in which other peoples points of views are and how the job market is getting more hard for people working towards a career in the industry to get a job. Company’s have to keep their costumers satisfied, and by doing this they need to figure out ways to bring there audience in and get them wanting more. There are three main ways in which companies keep to when wanting to design design a perfect brand, which makes there company more successful. Which is they understand that there will be sacrifices taken, never forgetting to lose sight of their target audience, and having a committed team to market the brand. Every company needs to build their popularity by having a good brand that is at professional standards and stand out. To determine this, there is an understanding on what the target customer needs and focus the brand offering to that customer. This will mean they will need to sacrifice things that are valued by others and not by the target customer. To get the best branding it will require sacrifice. At times it will fail whenever they try, they’ll be all things to all people. Another discipline they go by is understanding that they can’t lose sight of the target audience whenever they define their brand, then their chances of defining the perfect brand promise, personality and position will always be dramatically improved. The promise that a good brand uses will commit to fulfilling their customer’s need combined with the team’s passion. Its brand personality has to be authentic to the organization, attractive to its target audience and consistently delivered. Having a good position is one of the clear reasons their target customer will be able to fulfill their need with the promise they made, instead of a competitive solution. As part of the branding journey it begins with, targeting the right customer and developing a good brand strategy is needed. A good brand will be able to produce a consistent experience

The branding process isn’t as important if the branded company does not produce a product that is not up to the costumers needs. Popular companies including Coca cola, are one of the many brands that failed at coming up with new ideas to push their companies popularity and success. In 1985, the company hit a down low with their new sweeter version of their original cola. This was because there market had “dwindled” through competition with their upcoming rival Pepsi, which coke on their end, needed to take action. In the blind taste tests, a sweeter version of the company’s flagship drink actually outperformed Coke and Pepsi. In logic, the world’s popular number one brand had rolled out the reformulated New Coke. What their company didn’t know at the time, of course, was that Coke wasn’t always about taste. But in fact, the brand was built on people’s emotional attachment to something iconic and eternal, which meant people where to familiar to the original that it didn’t really matter if they changed the name a little. In the minds of most customers, the “New” Coke was no longer Coke at all. It had become something that was unfamiliar and at the same time inauthentic, as though it wasn’t seen as “The Real Thing” that most costumers where used to. New Coke had become such a colossal failure at the time that the company stopped selling the product at all in less than three months, and so it got yanked from shelves and replaced familiar taste of Coke Classic which is now sold today. Even though coke had its failures, it is still provides the best tasting cola and produces other different flavors such Diet coke, Cherry coke, Vanilla Coke. Etc… Another example of a failed introduction of a new brand is McDonald’s ‘Arch Deluxe Burger.’ Even though ‘Mcdonalds’ itself is popular, it doesn’t mean that everything will sale successfully every time a new meal they introduce. The ‘Arch Deluxe’ was able to run a $150 million massive ad campaign in 1996, in which wasn’t really anyone’s favorite and didn’t get good feedback. On the other hand, their ‘McRib’ that was a pork sandwich consisting of pork in barbeque sauce being reintroduced for a limited time, had more of a following than ‘Arch

Delux Burger.’ In terms of development in branding through the past 50 years, many different companies have the need to constantly improve and change from their original branding ideas or just keep it the same, to draw more attention for new costumers. The American shopping market Walmart, for example, has changed slightly since their first opening in July 7, 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas, although they decided to keep the concept more consistent. It was changed from “You Must Save at Wal-Mart, Our Policy Guarantees It” to a more condensed and easy to remember quote, “Save Money. Live Better.” And the theme is left consistent. In addition, low prices are still guaranteed, which always have been and always will be. This was due to an commitment that was unfailing to this theme in advertising and has without a doubt contributed to the success of WalMart. The founder of store “Kohl’s” located in Brookfield Wisconsin, Max Kohls took a different approach when it came to his advertising and marketing. His store was originally a high end retail center, that sold everything from candy to engine oil, in which it targeted the mostly the middle class. Now there will be advertisements with celebrities like Hilary Duff and partnerships with major designers like Candie’s and Vera Wang. Although the advertising concept has changed throughout the last 50 years, the targeted audience has stayed the same. The popular Nike brand, having been one of the most successful to date, has never really had it faults during its time. Two men called Bill Bowerman and Phil knight first founded it in January 25, 1964, which was called ‘Blue Ribbon Sports’ was later named ‘Nike’ on May 30, 1971. The original idea for Nike was to create running shoes that enhanced their performance, and was only made to be worn by athletes during their games, as the new Nike line of footwear was debuted in 1972, in time for the U.S. track and field trails in Eugene Ore. It wasn’t till the 80’s that the brand really transitioned and had its popularity boosted, after a successful launch of Nike Air technology in Tailwing running shoe in 1979. During the mid 80’s had slipped from its position leader as it maculated on the aerobic boom, giving competitors a chance to develop their businesses. But th debut of a new signature shoe by nba star ‘Michael Jordan’ helped bolster Nikes line in 1985. Nike’s way to regain their industry lead from other competitors was to design ‘Air max,’ being the first to feature air bags that were visible. This was supported by a memorable TV ad that whose soundtrack was originally the beetles recording of ‘Revolution.’ By the 90’s Nike had a range of successful product launches and marketing campaigns. It was at that time that they christened their new headquarters in suburban Portland, Oregon, and by November 1990 had opened their new retail store called ‘Niketown,’ internationally.

The 2000’s introduced a new footwear cushioning sytem named ‘Nike Shox,’ which was in development for 15 years, were they stuck with it till the technology would catch up. The cushioning added stability worthy enough of joining Nike air. The marketing approach has also evolved, having introduced the 2002”secret tournament” campaign, creating a multi faced consumer experience in support of the World Cup. This is done by advertising, the Internet, public relation’s, retail and consumer events which makes develops excitement for football products and athletes To this day the brand continues to seek new innovative ways to develop productions for athletes. It has continued to expand including the growth of china, and a deal to become official sponsors to many sports leagues, such as Premier League football association, and the National Football league (NFL). The use of celebrity advertising is also used for Nike, for building awareness from marketing, influence costumers to purchase, position a brand, attract new costumers. For Nike, it normally has famous athletes from sports like football, basketball and golf. A resent advertisement that was made popular was “Nike commercial 2014: Winner stays on” were it shows athletes are sponsored by Nike. Jack Cohen, son of Polish emigrants founded Tesco in 1919 when he began to sell surplus groceries from a stall at Well Street Market, Hackney, in the East End of London. The Tesco brand first appeared in 1924. The name came about after Jack Cohen bought a shipment of tea from Thomas Edward Stockwell. He made new labels using the first three letters of the supplier’s name, and the first two letters of his surname, forming the word TESCO. Its first store was opened back in 1929 in Burnt Oak, Edggware Middlesex. It wasn’t till the 1950’s where Tesco’s actually developed and grew organically, owning more than 800 shops. In 1956, it then opened the first ever self-service store in St Albans, expanding their range and giving their costumers something new. It also purchased 70 Williamson’s store back in 1957, and later on became the most popular store in Britain. As Tesco’s specialized in food and drink, they were able to diversify their store even more adding areas like clothing, electronics, financial services, telecoms, retailing and renting dvd’s, CDs, music downloads, internet services and software products. Branding in general can pay a huge part in peoples lives across the world, seeing as it is what the society have to have to familiarises themselves whenever they want something. Whether its Krispy cream doughnuts, or the new Nike air Jordan’s, it has some kind of impact on people the way people think and may or may not improve the quality of their life. There has however been new research undertaken by Havas media group, suggesting that there are about 134,000 people around the world that couldn’t care less if there were even 73% of brands were wiped off the face of the earth, and only fifth of brands could notably improve people’s life. Companies can make a big impact on scaling sustainable behavior is by working with “style and social status-seeking aspirational” who represent 37% of the global marketplace and who are seeking to reconcile their desire for shopping and style with responsibility to the environment and society through their purchases.

Industries have been consistently using technology as a means of expanding their company to a wider market, which is becoming the easiest way that almost anyone that is starting or working independently can do. Although it hasn’t always been like this 50 years ago, it has technology has now been rapidly been improving and there will always be new ways to advertise and getting their work done through either television, radio and most commonly the Internet. This most importantly burns a huge hole in the need for the workers that originally had this job, and many of them are losing them. At the same time, years from now it was merely impossible to reach the target market that we have today, so there can be some advantages and disadvantages with the job evolution in the branding industry. As almost everyone uses the Internet for keeping up with what is going on the world. Now that social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr are accessible to anyone, it simplifies the way of producing content and getting more recognition. Other popular websites that give such as YouTube and vimeo are also a good way of advertising several of media, and this is becoming more of a problem to businesses that want to make money from this. As Charles Purdy, senior editor for, said, “ We’ve created new ways and adopted new technologies to get them done.” Almost with any company especially the media or branding company, it has become even more competitive to get a job because of this problem; this is one of the main reasons why most people turn to freelancing instead of working in industry. Freelancing is a self-employed job and is not committed to a particular meaning they still get to do a job without getting fired. On that note, each year students leave university campuses are constantly looking to work in industries that are on a rise, offering something uniquely appealing, and seize brand new positions where competition hasn’t reached critical mass. The industries scourged job data and career sites for the most promising positions in sectors that were create in the past decade. Which means that they are new enough that they put your parents out of the running. Give the IPhone for example; it introduces new jobs almost every time there’s an update. As the iPhone was introduced back in 2007, it has already made millions of apps that were made not by its brand, but independently, which was then sold in the app store. By 2011, Apple earned at least more than $15 billion in revenues from the applications, it has said that it had to “shrink programs that used to run on desktop computers to make them work for mobile devices” Having said that, it is obvious that there is a demand for apps to run on iOS means an increase in opportunity for fresh programmers and developers to get employed. There is currently more than 16,000 mobile developers that are listed on a site called indeed. com, which can be a break for most people. Some workers believe that the get a job at a large established company that they they feel a sense of security, that they wouldn’t lose there job and be able to stay there for some time. While it would be a true statement years ago, it doesn’t really work that way for the jobs now, working their just means you are working in a large company. Their can be a number of reasons why companies could be are doing this do there workers, one reason can be that their company could be losing money and going out of business. Blockbusters for instance, which has completely gone, due to the fact that no one needed to go to the store for movie rentals, which is understandable because almost anyone can watch movies for free online. More popular brands like Blackberry, which are laying off 5,000 workers, and children’s cereal Kellogg losing over 2,000. The list can go on and on. Companies today are in danger of disappearing

altogether unfortunately. It is uncertain what will happen to marketing jobs and any job in general in the near future, as the world is changing constantly, especially when unemployment is at its 25 year high. Nevertheless it doesn’t mean work will not return, it will just look different, and the work will be more flexible, more free-lanced, more collaborative and it will be a far less secure work load. Work in the future would be run by a generation that has new and more polished values to the present. Overall, every company should have branding that is satisfactory to the consumer as it is the first this they see before they decide whether or not to check it out, due to the fact that it creates recognition, creates trust and really defines what the company is about. And although the past 50 years brands have evolved rapidly as technology has developed, making it easier for them to reach a wider target market. It is becoming more and more important to people around the world as some workers working in popular brands are affected by unemployment, while the new younger generation with a fresh mind set, are given new jobs. During my own branding project, taking what I have learned about branding, I made sure that my brand was at its professional standard. Making it look as simple and commercial as possible, sticking to the principles almost every brand goes by but giving it my own style. To make sure my logo didn’t look so unprofessional and tacky, I developed and produced a range of logos, looking selecting the one that I feel was the most appealing to people. I also made sure it suck with my target audience, as I was making a brand for a music bar and restaurant, it needed to appeal adults. So after trying out a range of colour schemes I went with one that didn’t look childish or too boring

Essay How has branding developed through the last 50 years and how has it affected the job market fo  
Essay How has branding developed through the last 50 years and how has it affected the job market fo