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How To Join The Blogging Aristocracy


Ray Cowie This 2 part report is intended for those who are already blogging, but would like to take it to the next level. •

Part 1 - Will show you how to set up a blog, so that it doesn't become another one of the thousands left on the scrapheap every single day.

Part 2 - Will give you 3 simple, but effective tips that will lead you on the right path to monetizing your blog.

This is not intended to give you a newbie's course about hosting, installing a blog on your domain etc. but it will give you some serious advice on your blogging business.

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Part 1

There's been an enormous growth in blogs over the last few years, simply because people are learning that it's a good way to quickly get their ideas or products known to a huge wider audience. Although setting up a blog is pretty easy to do, in order to ensure that yours doesn't become another one of the many blogs left to fend for itself, there are several things you should consider.

Because search engines index blogs very quickly, blogging can be a good way to get your company or product to a wider audience. There are two ways you can do this. You can closely align your blog with your product, or you can blog about the market your product serves and make reference to your product in that way.

First, it makes sense to include either your company or major product name in your blog title and domain name. In fact, you could simply install a blog in a sub-directory of your main website, which would tie it in very closely with your company.

These days, most reputable web hosts have a domain control panel (cPanel), which enables Wordpress blogs to be installed almost completely automatically.

Network Marketing Strategies


I'd highly recommend using blog software, as there are an enormous number of add-ons and plugins available to make your blog look and act exactly as you'd want it to. A second option would be to register your desired domain name and then install Wordpress on it via 'SimpleScripts and go from there.


marketers will tell you to use Fantastico, but Wordpress advises against this and I know who I'm listening to.

Again, this can be done automatically from your webhost cPanel. If you don't know how to set up a Wordpress blog, simply click on the link to the right and you can watch 43 step-by-step videos that reveal how to plan, create, secure and customize

43 Wordpress Video Tutorials

your blog business empire.

If you'd rather distance yourself from your product while you build a reputation in your niche, then you might find it easier to register a free blog with one of the major blog hosts ( or and set yourself up as a special interest blogger first.

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You might want to do this to attract visitors who may not visit your site frequently, but are still interested in the markets you serve.

For instance: If you sell edible underwear, you could blog about knickers in general and refer to any special offers you might have running and perhaps include some short teaser notes.

It's also beneficial to be honest about your association in an 'About Me' page, since being professionally involved in a specific market tends to add a certain authority to what you write. It would soon be clear to frequent visitors that you only mention one company, but they'd have been attracted by your content initially and would most likely continue to visit as long as your content remains valuable to them.

The important thing to remember about doing it this way is that your content needs to hold up, regardless of your product promotion, otherwise you won't get returning visitors at all.

Okay, Blogging For The Fun of It... If anything, this is the most rewarding way to blog. Writing about something you have a passion for is most likely to get visitors who share the same passion and it can Network Marketing Strategies


grow as a community when you link to other blogs that have the same focus.

If you leave the comments application turned on, you'll get visitors posting replies to you, which can help gauge reaction to your opinions. But be conscious that you may not always like what people have to say about you, (*ssholes)!

You may also like to make a little money from Adsense or affiliate sales, but don't overdo the adverts, because you'll have a very targeted audience reading the blog and they want to read content, not look at ads.

Whether you're blogging for business or pleasure, the most important things to remember are: 1. Write in your own inimitable style 2. Use unique content -

don't try and copy anyone else.

You can use PLR material, but make sure you're not

breaking copyright and add your own content to it. 3. Pace yourself -

Don't start out intending to post every day if you don't have the

time or inclination. It's better to start slowly and build up as you go, rather than gradually tail off. 4. Use your sense of humour, if you have one -

Even if your blog's factual, visitors

still like to be entertained. Don't we all? Network Marketing Strategies


There you go...

If used well, blogs can be a tremendous aid in communicating whatever message you wish to advance. There are many things you can do to make your blog more accessible and popular, but they're beyond the range of this short report and will be covered in upcoming editions.

End of part one...

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PART 2 Bad blogging habits are easy to get into and one of the worst is to neglect your 'About' page.

Yes, you know the page I'm talking about: it's the one provided by Wordpress as standard. Believe me, a whole host of bloggers don't pay it no never mind, which to my mind is crazy suicidal or suicidal crazy, either way, you're 'leaving money on the table' as they say.

Why people do this, Mystic Meg only knows, but this is the first page that a large number of visitors to your blog will check out and is the main reason why many of them leave without looking any further.

Come now, it's only a 2-minute job... All you have to do is write a little bit about yourself, such as: • Who you are • What your blog's about • Why you feel qualified to write a blog about this topic • How you can be contacted

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If your blog covers a specific niche, rather than simply being a diary of personal comments, then your potential audience want to know why they should believe what you say, by reading your credentials on the topic.

There's nothing wrong with having a blog on your personal thoughts about things, but if you're presenting yourself as a type of expert on a particular subject, then you have to persuade your readers that you have a right to do so. This is why you should use your 'About' page to do that.

Another tip you should take on board is - claim your blog at What this means is that this claim registers the blog as yours and you should get a whole load more visitors.

Since joining Technorati, all of my blogs' traffic rocketed. It does take a while for new blogs to get going, but it's a lot easier if you make use of sites such as this. If traffic is important to you, which it should be, the same could be said of most of the other social bookmarking sites.

If you're using your blog to promote a product, then this is absolutely essential.

Network Marketing Strategies


If you have a website, then don't get lazy and happy to run your blog from a hosted site such as It's better to download the software from and host your own blog. You have much more control over the look and feel of it and you can use any of the thousands of plugins that are available online.

You can also use any template you want, free or paid, or even design your own. That way you get total customization of your blog pages and you can make it more distinctive than the majority of those hosted on or sites.

I refer you back to the earlier link should any assistance be needed in this matter.

So, these are the two great tips that any blogger should remember if they intend to blog seriously or want to make money online.

However, if I was to provide you with the third, but most important tip for anybody interested in blogging, then it would be to monetize your blog. Don't just blog for the sake of blogging. Network Marketing Strategies


If your blog concerns a specific niche subject, you can probably add one or two affiliate programs in your sidebar, so they appear alongside your posts. A three column blog is useful for this, since your regular sidebar will generally be full of permanent links, i.e. recent posts, recent comments, archives, pages etc.

If you monetize your site using Adsense, a three column layout is even more essential, since you want a vertical block down one of the columns, as well as some at the bottom and some in the middle.

The best Adsense layout would be a column to the left or right of the main text body, which contains a vertical ad unit, with a horizontal link unit at the bottom of the blog and also a horizontal ad unit at the bottom of the latest post. You could also include a search box at the top or bottom of your main sidebar that allows a search either on Google, or on your blog.

Adsense income might not make you a millionaire, but most blogs with a few hundred visitors a day should be able to make a minimum of $10 to $20 per day, of course depending on the niche. All you need are a few blogs like that and you're well on your way. Network Marketing Strategies


These are my three main blogging tips. Yours may well be different, since blogging is a very personal thing, but if you take these three on board you'll find that you get more visitors and have a lot more fun.

You'll also be able to put a bit put aside for those unexpected bills that always seem to come at precisely the wrong time. (you can always file them in the bin, like I do).

Thank you for reading my report, I hope you enjoyed it & wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.

Ray Cowie p.s. Feel free to pass this report on to your family and friends or anyone you think might be interested in learning how to make some extra money from blogging.

Thanks again. Network Marketing Strategies


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“Blogging requires both passion and authority, which rules out most people!”

The End... ...or perhaps just a fond farewell! COMING SOON...

Look out for even more informative, moneymaking reports by Ray Cowie

Network Marketing Strategies


How To Join The Blogging Aristocracy  

Discover how to monetize your blog the right way.

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