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The Story of Star Thrower A story behind the logo of Youth Difference Makers Award

CyberRun for Rehab - Healthy Steps Empowering people with disability to live a fulfilling life



Cover Story The Youth Difference Makers Award (YDMA) Sharing Session and Press Conference


Featured Stories - The 3rd Young Entrepreneur Learning Competition - SEYSA Disabled Students Group Art Jamming - CyberRun for Rehab - Healthy Steps Empowering people with disability to live a fulfilling life


Interviews : People at SEYSA - Michael Chan - Walter Tsui


Wall of Tidbits


Forward Looking : What’s Next?

SEYSA Connect

9 Congratulation to team SEYRE Playground nd SEYSA joint team won the 2 runner-up in the 3rd Young Entrepreneur Learning Competition

Newsletter SEYSA Connect Editor: Dr Christine C M LEUNG Ms Annie F Y PUN Ms Kuldip Kaur SINGH


Executive Board 2014 Chairman: Mr Raymond C M CHAN Immediate Past Chairman: Mr Michael W K CHAN Vice-chairman: Ms Judy K M TAM Treasurer: Ms Tiffany S Y FUNG Secretary: Ms Kuldip Kaur SINGH Honorary Patron: Lady Pamela YOUDE Patron: Honorary Advisors:

Producer & Art Director: Ms Aileen K Y CHENG Ms Koala C F YIP Reporters: Dr Christine C M LEUNG Ms Annie F Y PUN Contributors: Mr Raymond C M CHAN Ms Lok-Yee TSE Photographers: Mr Kelvin C H CHUI Ms Tiffany S Y FUNG Mr Benny K P NG

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Cover image by Kelvin Chui

SEYSA Connect


Cover Stories

‘Žȱ˜ž‘ȱ’쎛Ž—ŒŽȱŠ”Ž›œȱ Š›ȱǻǼȱ ‘Š›’—ȱŽœœ’˜—ȱŠ—ȱ›Žœœȱ˜—Ž›Ž—ŒŽ “創不同”分享會暨記者招待會 by Annie



Š”’—ȱ Šȱ ’쎛Ž—ŒŽȱ ’—ȱ

›˜–ȱ ‘Žȱ Œ˜––ž—’¢ȱ ’—Œ•ž’—ȱ ‘Žȱ Œ˜Ȭ˜›Š-

Ž—Œ˜ž›ŠŽȱ œŒ‘˜˜•œȱ Š—ȱ œžŽ—œȱ ˜ȱ ‹Žȱ –˜›Žȱ

the lives of others,

—’£Ž›œȱȬȱ’›ŽŒ’˜—ȱœœ˜Œ’Š’˜—ȱ˜›ȱ‘Žȱ Š—’Ȭȱ

Š Š›Žȱ˜ȱœ˜Œ’Š•ȱœŽ›Ÿ’ŒŽœȱŠ—ȱŠŒ’ŸŽ•¢ȱ™Š›’Œ’-


ŒŠ™™Žȱ Š—ȱ ‘Žȱ ˜—ȱ ˜—ȱ —Ž›—Š’˜—Š•ȱȱ

™ŠŽȱ’—ȱ‘ŽȱȱœŒ‘Ž–Žǯȱ ’œȱœ˜—ȱ《青春頌

ŒŠ—ȱ •ŽŠȱ ˜ȱ Šȱ –˜›Žȱ –ŽŠ—’—ž•ȱ Š—ȱ ›ž’ž•ȱ

—œ’žŽȱ ˜ȱ žŒŠ’˜—Š•ȱ ŽŠŽ›œ‘’™ȱ Šœȱ Ž••ȱ


•’ŽǯȄȱ —œ™’›Žȱ ‹¢ȱ ’Œ”ȱ Š—œŽ—Ȃœȱ œ™’›’ȱ ˜ȱ

Šœȱ‘Žȱ ˜—ȱ ˜—ȱ™’—Š•ȱ˜›ȱ —“ž›¢ȱž—ǯȱ

‘Žȱ‘Š••ȱ ’‘ȱ•’ŸŽ•¢ȱŠ–˜œ™‘Ž›Žǯȱ ȱ’œȱŽ—Œ˜ž›-

‹Ž’—ȱ Šȱ ȃ’쎛Ž—ŒŽȱ Š”Ž›Ȅǰȱ ‘Žȱ ˜ž‘ȱ

Š’—ȱ ˜ȱ œŽŽȱ ‘Šȱ –Š—¢ȱ œŒ‘˜˜•œȱ ‘ŠŸŽȱ

’쎛Ž—ŒŽȱŠ”Ž›œȱ Š›ȱǻǼȱ Šœȱꛜȱ

—ȱ ‘Šȱ Š¢ǰȱ Žȱ Š›Žȱ ™•ŽŠœŽȱ ˜ȱ ‘ŠŸŽȱ


’—›˜žŒŽȱ ’—ȱ ž—Žȱ ŘŖŗŗǯȱ ’‘ȱ ‘Žȱ œŠž—Œ‘ȱ

Š¢–˜—ȱ ‘Š—ǰȱ ‘Š’›–Š—ȱ ˜ȱ ”’Œ”ȱ ˜ěȱ ‘Žȱ


œž™™˜›ȱ ›˜–ȱ –Š—¢ȱ Ž—‘žœ’Šœ’Œȱ ˜›Š—’£Š-

˜™Ž—’—ȱŒŽ›Ž–˜—¢ȱ‹¢ȱ’Ÿ’—ȱ‘Žȱ Ž•Œ˜–’—ȱ

’—ȱ–˜›Š•ȱŠ—ȱŒ’Ÿ’ŒȱŽžŒŠ’˜—ǰȱŠœȱ Ž••ȱŠœȱȱ

’˜—œǰȱ ‘Žȱ ŽŸŽ—ȱ ‘Šœȱ ™›˜ŸŽ—ȱ ˜ȱ ‹Žȱ Šȱ ›Ž–Š›”-

œ™ŽŽŒ‘ȱ ‘’•Žȱ ’Œ‘ŠŽ•ȱ ‘Š—ǰȱ ‘Š’›–Š—ȱ

Š—ȱȱŠŒ’Ÿ’’ŽœȱŠȱœŒ‘˜˜•ǯȱ SC

Š‹•ŽȱœžŒŒŽœœǯȱ‘’œȱ¢ŽŠ›ǰȱ‘Žȱ’›ȱ Š›ȱ˜žŽȱ

–Ž›’žœȱ˜ȱȱœ‘Š›Žȱ ’‘ȱžœȱ‘Žȱœ˜›¢ȱ

Œ‘˜•Š›œȱœœ˜Œ’Š’˜—ȱ ‘Šœȱ ™•Š¢Žȱ ‘˜œȱ ˜ȱ ‘Žȱ

˜ȱ ȱ •˜˜ǯȱ ’—Ž›ŸŠȱ Žž—ǰȱ ŽŸŽ•˜™-





–Š“˜›ȱ ŽŸŽ—œȱ Š—ȱ Š Š›œȱ ŽŠ’•œǯȱ ‘Ž›ȱ


›Ž—˜ —Žȱ žŽœœȱ ’—Œ•ž’—ȱ ›˜Žœœ˜›ȱ ’œŽȱ

ž™ȱ Šȱ Œ›’’ŒŠ•ȱ –Šœœȱ ˜ȱ ’쎛Ž—ŒŽȱ Š”Ž›ȱ

˜ž—ȱ ’Œ‘Š›ȱ ǯȱ ‘’—Ž••ǰȱ ›œȱ ž£Š——Žȱ

–‹ŠœœŠ˜›œȱ’—ȱ ˜—ȱ ˜—ǯ

˜˜—ǰȱ›ǯȱ ǯȱǯȱŠ—ǰȱœǯȱ‘Š›˜—ȱŠžǰȱ›ǯȱ˜ȱ




’—ȱ ž—ȱ Š—ȱ ›ȱ ‘›’œ’—Žȱ Žž—ȱ Šœȱ Ž••ȱ ‘Žȱ ›Žœœȱ ˜—Ž›Ž—ŒŽȱ ˜ȱ ȱ ŘŖŗřȦŘŖŗŚȱ

Šœȱ ™›ŽŸ’˜žœȱ Š Š›ŽŽœȱ  Ž›Žȱ Š•œ˜ȱ ’—Ÿ’Žȱ ˜›ȱ

Šœȱ œžŒŒŽœœž••¢ȱ ‘Ž•ȱ ˜—ȱ ŗŜ‘ȱ ˜ŸŽ–‹Ž›ȱ

‘Žȱ˜žŒ‘’—ȱœ‘Š›’—ȱœŽœœ’˜—ȱ ’‘ȱŞśȱ™›’–Š›¢ȱ

ŘŖŗřǰȱ›˜–ȱŘDZŖŖȱ˜ȱŚDZřŖȱ™–ȱŠȱ‘ŽȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ Š••ǰȱ


Š›¢–˜ž—ȱ ›’–Š›¢ȱ Œ‘˜˜•ǯȱ ‘Žȱ ȱ ’œȱ

—Ž •¢ȱŽœ’—ŠŽȱȱŠ–‹ŠœœŠ˜›ȱ›’œȱ


›ȱ•›Žȱ ž’ȱŠĴŽ—Žȱ‘ŽȱŒŽ›Ž–˜—¢ȱ˜ȱ

Mr. Alfred Hui and the host

Group Photo

Sharing the story of YDMA logo by Mr. Michael Chan



Cover Stories

Details about the YDMA scheme: Aims ‘Žȱ Š Š›ȱ œŒ‘Ž–Žȱ Š’–œȱ ˜ȱ Ž—Œ˜ž›ŠŽȱ œžŽ—œȱ ˜ȱ •ŽŠȱ Šȱ –ŽŠ—’—ž•ȱ •’Žȱ ‹¢ȱ ‹ŽŒ˜–’—ȱ Šȱ ȃ’쎛Ž—ŒŽȱ Š”Ž›Ȅȱ ’—ȱ Ž—‘Š—Œ’—ȱ ‘Žȱ •’ŸŽœȱ ˜ȱ ˜‘Ž›œǰȱ ˜ȱ –Š”Žȱ ‘Žȱ  ˜›•ȱ Šȱ –˜›Žȱ ŒŠ›’—ǰȱ  Ž•Œ˜–’—ȱ Š—ȱ ‘Š›–˜—’˜žœȱ ™•ŠŒŽǯȱ Š›’Œ’™Š—œȱ Š›Žȱ Ž—Œ˜ž›ŠŽȱ˜ȱŽœ’—ȱŠ—ȱ™•Š—ȱŠȱ–ŽŠ—’—ž•ȱ™›˜“ŽŒǯȱŠ›’Œ’™Š—œȱ ’••ȱ‹Žȱ’ŸŽ—ȱ ˜™™˜›ž—’’Žœȱ˜ȱž›—ȱ‘Ž’›ȱ›ŽŠ–œȱŠ—ȱ•’ŽȬŒ‘Š—’—ȱ’ŽŠœȱ’—˜ȱ›ŽŠ•’¢ȱŠ—ȱœ‘Š›Žȱ ‘Ž–ȱ  ’‘ȱ ˜‘Ž›œǰȱ Žšž’™ȱ ‘Ž–œŽ•ŸŽœȱ  ’‘ȱ ˜›Š—’£Š’˜—Š•ǰȱ ™›ŽœŽ—Š’˜—ȱ Š—ȱ Œ˜––ž—’ŒŠ’˜—ȱœ”’••œȱŠ—ȱ‹Žȱ’—œ™’›Žȱ‹¢ȱ‘Žȱœ‘Š›’—ȱ‹¢ȱ™Šœȱ ’——Ž›œǯ

Mr. So Wing Tung, the Top Ten Regeneration Warriors and representative of Direction Association for the Handicapped Theme: ‘Žȱ‘Ž–Žȱ˜ȱ‘’œȱ¢ŽŠ›ȂœȱȱŒ‘Ž–Žȱ’œȱ™’—Š•ȱ˜›ȱ —“ž›¢ȱǻ Ǽǯȱ™Š›ȱ›˜–ȱŽĴ’—ȱ˜ȱ”—˜ ȱ–˜›ŽȱŠ‹˜žȱ  ǰȱ ™Š›’Œ’™Š—œȱ  ’••ȱ ‹Žȱ ’—œ™’›Žȱ ‹¢ȱ Šȱ ’œ’—ž’œ‘Žȱ ›ŽœŽŠ›Œ‘Ž›ȱ˜ȱ ǰȱŠ—ȱ™Ž˜™•Žȱ ‘˜ȱŠ›ŽȱŠěŽŒŽȱ‹¢ȱ ȱ ‹žȱ œ’••ȱ œ›’ŸŽȱ ˜ȱ –Š”Žȱ Šȱ ’쎛Ž—ŒŽȱ ’—ȱ ‘Žȱ •’ŸŽœȱ ˜ȱ others.

Criteria: ŠŒ‘ȱ™›˜“ŽŒȱ ’••ȱ‹ŽȱŽŸŠ•žŠŽȱ˜—ȱ˜ž›ȱŒ›’Ž›’ŠDZȱŒ‘Š—Žǰȱ ™Šœœ’˜—ǰȱ ’—ĚžŽ—ŒŽȱ Š—ȱ œžœŠ’—Š‹’•’¢ǯȱ ȱ Œ˜ž•ȱ ‹Žȱ ’—ȱ any area of humanities and aimed at any group of

Sharing from Mr. Alfred Hui (YDMA 2013-14 Ambassador) and ƾŽž—ȱ’—ȱŠ—ȱǻ Š›ŽŽȱ˜ȱȱŘŖŗŘȬŗřȱžŽ—ȱ›˜–ȱ Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College)

‹Ž—ŽęŒ’Š›’Žœǰȱ •’”Žȱ Ž—‘Š—Œ’—ȱ ™Ž›œ˜—Š•ȱ Œ˜›Žȱ ŸŠ•žŽœȱ ’—ȱ ˜‘Ž›œȱ ǻ•˜ŸŽǰȱ ŒŠ›Žǰȱ ›Žœ™ŽŒǰȱ ›Žœ™˜—œ’‹’•’¢ǰȱ ’—Ž›’¢ǰȱ Œ˜—œ’Ž›Š’˜—ǰȱ






Ȋȱȱȱȱȱ˜ž‘ȱ’쎛Ž—ŒŽȱŠ”Ž›œȱ Š›œ

›Ž•Š’˜—œ‘’™œȱ Š–˜—ȱ ™Ž˜™•Žȱ ǻŒ˜ž›Žœ¢ǰȱ Œ˜––ž—’ŒŠ-

To outstanding individuals and best group in primary and




ŽŠ–Ȭ ˜›”ǰȱ•ŽŠŽ›œ‘’™ǰȱ’—œ™’›Š’˜—ȱŽŒǯǼȱ˜›ȱ™›˜–˜’—ȱ


¡ŒŽ™’˜—Š•ȱžŒŠ’˜—Š•ȱ¡™Ž›’Ž—ŒŽȱ˜›ȱŽŠŒ‘ȱ ’——Ž›Ǽ

œ˜Œ’Š•ȱ Ž••Ȭ‹Ž’—ȱ’—ȱœ˜Œ’Ž¢ȱǻ‘Š›–˜—¢ǰȱœŽ—œŽȱ˜ȱ‹Ž•˜—-






To all short-listed individuals and groups in the primary and ȱ


General Procedures:


ŠŒ‘ȱ œžŽ—Ȧ›˜ž™ȱ ‘Šœȱ ˜ȱ ŒŠ››¢ȱ ˜žȱ ‘Žȱ ’쎛Ž—ŒŽȱ


Š”Ž›œȱ ›˜“ŽŒǰȱ ˜ȱ ™›Ž™Š›Žȱ Š—ȱ œž‹–’ȱ ˜ȱ ‘Žȱ œŒ‘˜˜•ȱ

˜ȱŠ••ȱœžŽ—œȱ ‘˜ȱ‘ŠŸŽȱŒ˜–™•ŽŽȱŠȱ’쎛Ž—ŒŽȱŠ”Ž›œȱ™›˜“ŽŒ


™›’—Œ’™Š•ȱŠȱŽĚŽŒ’ŸŽȱŽ™˜›ȱ ’‘ȱŠȱœž––Š›¢ȱ‹Ž˜›Žȱ


ŗŚȱŽ‹ȱŘŖŗŚǯȱ‘˜›•’œŽȱ™Š›’Œ’™Š—œȱ ’••ȱ‹Žȱ’—Ÿ’Žȱ˜ȱ


Ȋȱȱȱȱȱ˜œȱ—‘žœ’Šœ’ŒȱŒ‘˜˜•ȱ Š›

™›ŽœŽ—ȱ ‘Ž’›ȱ ™›˜“ŽŒȱ ˜ȱ Šȱ ꗊ•ȱ Š—Ž•ȱ ˜ȱ žŽœǯȱ ‘Žȱ


˜ȱ‹Žȱ™›ŽœŽ—Žȱ˜ȱ ˜ȱœŒ‘˜˜•œȱǻŗȱ™›’–Š›¢ȱœŒ‘˜˜•ȱŠ—ȱŗȱœŽŒ˜—Š›¢ȱȱ

 Š›œȱ ’••ȱ‹Žȱ™›ŽœŽ—ŽȱŠȱ‘ŽȱŘŖŗřȱ Š›ȱ›ŽœŽ—Š-


œŒ‘˜˜•Ǽȱ ’‘ȱ‘Žȱ‘’‘Žœȱ—ž–‹Ž›ȱ˜ȱ™Š›’Œ’™Š’—ȱœžŽ—œȱ’—ȱ‘Ž’›ȱȱ

tion Ceremony in April 2014.





Cover Stories


Once upon a time, there was a wise man who used to go to the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking on the beach before he began his work. One day, as he was walking along the shore, he looked down the beach and saw a ‘ž–Š—ȹęÂ?ÂžÂ›ÂŽČąÂ–Â˜Â&#x;’—Â?ȹ•’”ŽȹŠȹÂ?ÂŠÂ—ÂŒÂŽÂ›ÇŻČą ÂŽČąÂœÂ–Â’Â•ÂŽÂ?ČąÂ?Â˜ČąÂ‘Â’Â–ÂœÂŽÂ•Â?ȹŠÂ?ČąÂ?‘ŽȹÂ?‘˜žÂ?‘Â?ČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂœÂ˜Â–ÂŽÂ˜Â—ÂŽČą who would dance to the day, and so, he walked faster to catch up. ÂœČąÂ‘ÂŽČąÂ?˜Â?ČąÂŒÂ•Â˜ÂœÂŽÂ›Ç°ČąÂ‘ÂŽČąÂ—Â˜Â?’ŒŽÂ?ČąÂ?‘ŠÂ?ČąÂ?‘ŽȹęÂ?ÂžÂ›ÂŽČąÂ ÂŠÂœČąÂ?‘ŠÂ?ČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂŠČąÂ˘Â˜ÂžÂ—Â?ȹ–Š—ǰȹŠ—Â?ČąÂ?‘ŠÂ?ȹ ‘ŠÂ?Čą he was doing was not dancing at all. The young man was reaching down to the shore, picking up small objects, and throwing them into the ocean. He came closer still and called out "Good morning! May I ask what it is that you are doing?"

Â‘ÂŽČąÂ˘Â˜ÂžÂ—Â?ČąÂ–ÂŠÂ—ČąÂ™ÂŠÂžÂœÂŽÂ?Ç°ČąÂ•Â˜Â˜Â”ÂŽÂ?ȹž™ǰȹŠ—Â?ȹ›Ž™•’ŽÂ?ČąČˆ‘›˜ ’—Â?ČąÂœÂ?ÂŠÂ›Ä™ÂœÂ‘ČąÂ’Â—Â?Â˜ČąÂ?Â‘ÂŽČąÂ˜ÂŒÂŽÂŠÂ—ÇŻČˆ Čˆ ČąÂ–ÂžÂœÂ?ČąÂŠÂœÂ”Ç°ČąÂ?Â‘ÂŽÂ—Ç°ČąÂ Â‘Â˘ČąÂŠÂ›ÂŽČąÂ˘Â˜ÂžČąÂ?‘›˜ ’—Â?ČąÂœÂ?ÂŠÂ›Ä™ÂœÂ‘ČąÂ’Â—Â?Â˜ČąÂ?Â‘ÂŽČąÂ˜ÂŒÂŽÂŠÂ—ÇľČˆČąÂŠÂœÂ”ÂŽÂ?ČąÂ?Â‘ÂŽČąÂœÂ˜Â–ÂŽwhat startled wise man. To this, the young man replied, "The sun is up and the tide is going out. If I don't throw them in, they'll die." Upon hearing this, the wise man commented, "But, young man, do you not realize Â?‘ŠÂ?ČąÂ?Â‘ÂŽÂ›ÂŽČąÂŠÂ›ÂŽČąÂ–Â’Â•ÂŽÂœČąÂŠÂ—Â?ČąÂ–Â’Â•ÂŽÂœČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂ‹ÂŽÂŠÂŒÂ‘ČąÂŠÂ—Â?ČąÂ?Â‘ÂŽÂ›ÂŽČąÂŠÂ›ÂŽČąÂœÂ?ÂŠÂ›Ä™ÂœÂ‘ČąÂŠÂ•Â•ČąÂŠÂ•Â˜Â—Â?ȹŽÂ&#x;Ž›¢ȹ–’•ŽǾȹ Â˜ÂžČąÂŒÂŠÂ—Č‡Â?ČąÂ™Â˜ÂœÂœÂ’Â‹Â•Â˘ČąÂ–ÂŠÂ”ÂŽČąÂŠČąÂ?Â’Ä›ÂŽÂ›ÂŽÂ—ÂŒÂŽÇˇČˆ Â?ČąÂ?Â‘Â’ÂœÇ°ČąÂ?Â‘ÂŽČąÂ˘Â˜ÂžÂ—Â?ȹ–Š—ȹ‹Ž—Â?ČąÂ?Â˜Â Â—Ç°ČąÂ™Â’ÂŒÂ”ÂŽÂ?ȹž™ȹ¢ŽÂ?ČąÂŠÂ—Â˜Â?Â‘ÂŽÂ›ČąÂœÂ?ÂŠÂ›Ä™ÂœÂ‘Ç°ČąÂŠÂ—Â?ČąÂ?‘›Ž ȹ’Â?ȹ’—Â?Â˜Čą Â?Â‘ÂŽČąÂ˜ÂŒÂŽÂŠÂ—ÇŻČąÂœČąÂ’Â?ȹ–ŽÂ?ČąÂ?‘Žȹ ŠÂ?ÂŽÂ›Ç°ČąÂ‘ÂŽČąÂœÂŠÂ’Â?Ç°ČąČˆ Â?ȹ–ŠÂ?ŽȹŠȹÂ?Â’Ä›ÂŽÂ›ÂŽÂ—ÂŒÂŽČąÂ?Â˜Â›ČąÂ?‘ŠÂ?ČąÂ˜Â—ÂŽÇŻČˆ



Cover Stories

Honorary Award d Ambassad Ambassa Ambassador dor 許廷鏗 許廷 廷鏗 廷鏗 Alfr Alf A l rred ed Hui Hu H ui 許 Alfred

Let’s make our community a better place for everyone, enrich your life by serving others

Hong Kong International Institute of Educational Leadership


A poster of YDMA



Featured Stories

SEYSA Disabled Students Group Art Jamming 尤德傷殘學生小組的自助繪畫班 by ˜”ȱŽŽȱ


‘Žȱ’œŠ‹•ŽȱžŽ—ȱ ›˜ž™ȱǻ Ǽȱ‘Šœȱ organised its thrid event in the ŽŒŽ–‹Ž›ǰȱ ˜™Ž—ȱ ˜ȱ Š••ȱ –Ž–‹Ž›œȱ Š—ȱ

›’Ž—œǰȱ ’œŠ‹•Žȱ Š—ȱ Š‹•ŽȬ‹˜’Žȱ Š•’”Žǯȱ ȱ ‘Žȱ ꗒœ‘Žȱ ™Š’—’—ȱ ˜ž•ȱ Ž¡‘’‹’Žȱ ’—ȱ ‘Žȱ  Š›ȱ Gala Dinner.

’¡ŽŽ—ȱ ™Ž˜™•Žȱ ‘ŠŸŽȱ ™Š›’Œ’™ŠŽȱ ‘’œȱ ŽŸŽ—ǯȱ ‘Žȱ ›ŽĚŽŒ’˜—ȱ˜—ȱ‘Žȱ›’‘ȱ’œȱ ›’ĴŽ—ȱ‹¢ȱ˜”ȱŽŽȱǰȱ ˜—Žȱ˜ȱ˜ž›ȱ’œŠ‹•ŽȱŠ Š›ŽŽȱ’—ȱ ǯȱȱȱSC

⮹㴨奙㸖ƏㇸῸ⍢✏䕒⮋Ḕ㸈怵ṭᷧῲ㺒㙽Ə㔥櫭俳ヰ⿒䙫Ḕ⌯˛㞻⑳↓晤䅎 ẕ䕒⮋Ə杉⯴曑䙤䙫䕒ⷪƏㇸῸㆰ䔏㛧㷬㽯㽫㗵䙫⾪憴㖗⯐好凑ⷘ˛ằ⤐ㇸῸ 奨凑䦨滅Əᷴ桎ẽạ䛕ℰƏ䕒ㇸῸ䜣Ḕ䙫˥ㇸ˦ƏㇸῸ惤㛰怵⎢Ə㛰ⰼ㜂Ə┶ ᷧ⏌ㇸ㘖媗Ƣ䬻✏䕒ⷪᷱƞằ⤐ƏㇸῸṆ奨ㅞㅏ滅Ə㉱˥ㇸ㘖媗"˦䙫䬻㠯Ə忶 怵凑䕒₶⇭Ẓ⇡⎢˛ 嵞䬭∴Əㇸ⹥䕑〄䴉ㇸ㛰䔁溣⥤嘼‣⽾䨘娘˛俪婍㮻峤≂⭳曊⽾數Ὥ䄈Ṳ⊇ᷱ ⹥㘆㜆‫‮‬㜆Əㇸ䫆䜆⮠娘凑ⷘ怵Ẃ棤棆䴩㗌Ə䄈㈧䔏⾪䙫栠⻉㗌⬷˛䄝Əㇸ㍪ 䜧㈲㩆䛟䰦Ə憴㺒ἶṲƏㇸ䢡㛰Ẃヶペᷴ∗䙫ㇷⰘƏ✏⅏䴁ạ墶Əㇸ䙫⏴㬈 㛥✏Ḳ⽳Ə⽳ὭƏㇸ㱹㭢㖣㕮ㅸ婍Ə俪怙Ḕ⤎˛ㇸ䷛ṭ⹛⌱╍╍晱Ə䫆島ṭ ᷽䔳䬓ᷰƏ榀㸖⌧㖾䂡䜧ㇸ晱⌮嵞˛ㇸ䢡㘖㇝Ə㇝⽾ịạᷴⰸƏ䄝ᷧ㗍⮁ᷲ䛕 㨀Əㇸ僤㛰⽯⼞䙫ヶ⾾Ə䂡㰩总∗䛕㨀䄈㈧ᷴ䔏⅝㥜Ə䔁凚ᷴッế⇡徸ḵ凑嘷 䙫⊑⊂˛䂡ṭ⤉ペƏ⤑ᷴッᷧ⇮ƏṆ娘㘖ㇸ䙫ℑ滅˛㖣㘖ㇸ䅎吾ᷧ⼜╍╍晱峤 ⽳㋦吾䌵䚪⽘䙫ῲạ䅎Ə䕒ṭㇸ䙫凑䕒₶˛ ㇸ䛟Ὲ⤐䔆ㇸ㜷⾬㛰䔏Ə㴢⊼Ⱕ偙Ə僤偤∗⏫ạ䙫⇭ẒƏ㮶ᷧ⸬凑䕒₶惤⽯㛰 ヶ〄˛&KULVWLQH䜥ạƏ㦲ㇷ凑ⷘ䙫ᷧ惏⇭Ə䕀ᷲ䙫䩡敺ƏṆ娘㘖㜑Ὥ䙫⏖僤『 Ə柾㛰Ẃὂ⮝˥䩡˦䙫ⓙ䏭˛7LIIDQ\䙫䕒㛰⼞䂯䙫↞㙽⯴㮻ƏṆ娘⣽䔳ạガ㶣 啫Əⷳ㜂ㅸ⥠⾪Ḕ䙫䆘ガ僤ㄆ㞺ẽạ˛ⷳ㜂.DWKOHHQ䔆㴢乣乳乤䴂˛ⷳ㜂偮Ⳗ ⊮㕉㭊侐凑Ὲ⥩ẽ䕒Ḕ䙫嵬ạ˛ⷳ㜂-DVRQ⾪ἣ䕒Ḕ⹚⎆嵗榓Ə㗺㔥曊㔝Ə⯸⹛ 屑㰊婙⥩㭋˛ⷳ㜂*ORULD乣乳㉱㭈㧩⸝䵍∌ạƏṆ㉱㭈㧩䕀䵍凑ⷘ˛坛坝䠛因俳 ⇡∴Ə惤䵺ᷧ䕑⾴俷⑳䣏䷛Əⷳ㜂5LFN\㗐㗌ㇷ䂡悊暢㛪䫸䙫坛坝˛ 㛧⽳Ə㛛ⷳ㜂ᷲ㬈ⅴ凰徍桅ἣ䙫㴢⊼Əㇸ✏⅝Ḕ⽾∗䙫㧩嶊恇㮻ペ₶⤁Ƅ 嬄㧩⮃




Everyone is holding their own creations in their hands

Featured Stories

CyberRun for Rehab - Healthy Steps –™˜ Ž›’—ȱ™Ž˜™•Žȱ ’‘ȱ’œŠ‹’•’¢ȱ˜ȱ•’ŸŽȱŠȱ ž•ę••’—ȱ•’Ž by Annie



‘Žȱ ȁ¢‹Ž›ž—ȱ ŘŖŗřȂǰȱ Œ˜Ȭ˜›Š-

’›ȱ  Š›ȱ ˜žŽȱ Œ‘˜•Š›œȱœœ˜Œ’Š’˜—ȱ ‘Šœȱ

Š••ȱ Š•”œȱ˜ȱ•’Žǯȱ ȱ›ŽŠ••¢ȱŽ—“˜¢ȱ‘Žȱœ™ŽŒŠŒž•Š›ȱ

—’£Žȱ‹¢ȱ‘Žȱ ˜—ȱ ˜—ȱ˜Œ’Ž¢ȱ

‹ŽŽ—ȱ ’—Ÿ’Žȱ ˜ȱ ™Š›’Œ’™ŠŽȱ Šœȱ Šȱ œž™™˜›’—ȱ

œŽŠȱ Ÿ’Ž ȱ Š—ȱ Œ‘ŠĴ’—ȱ  ’‘ȱ ›’Ž—œȱ  ‘’•Žȱ

˜›ȱ Ž‘Š‹’•’Š’˜—ȱ ǻ Ǽȱ Š—ȱ


‘ŠŸ’—ȱ ‘Žȱ Š•”ǯȄȱ œŠ’ȱ ŠŒ‘ŠŽ•ȱ ˜—ǰȱ Šȱ

‘Žȱ¢‹Ž›™˜›ǰȱ ŠœȱœžŒŒŽœœž••¢ȱ‘Ž•ȱ˜—ȱŗŖ‘ȱ

¢˜ž—Ž›ȱ›˜–ȱ‘Žȱ—’ŸŽ›œ’¢ȱ˜ȱ ˜—ȱ ˜—ǯȱ


As this year is the 10th Anniversary of the

1:00 p.m. at Cyberport. The aims of the event

¢‹Ž›ž—ȱ ˜›ȱ Ž‘Š‹ȱ Œ‘Š›’¢ȱ Š•”œǰȱ ¢‹Ž›-

‘Ž›Žȱ Šœȱ Š•œ˜ȱ Šȱ ™•Š¢ž•ȱ œŒŠŸŽ—Ž›ȱ ‘ž—ǰȱ

Š›Žȱ ˜ȱ ™›˜–˜Žȱ Šȱ ‘ŽŠ•‘¢ȱ •’Žœ¢•Žȱ ’‘ȱ

ž—ȱ Š–‹ŠœœŠ˜›ȱ Š—ȱ œ’¡Ȭ’–Žœȱ Š›Š•¢–™’Œȱ

˜Ž‘Ž›ȱ ’‘ȱ‹˜˜‘œȱŠ—ȱŠŒ’Ÿ’’ŽœȱŠŽ›ȱ‘Žȱ


˜•ȱŽŠ•’œȱ›ǯȱȱŠ‘ȱŠ’ȱ Šœȱ’—Ÿ’Žȱ

Ž¡Œ’’—ȱ›ž——’—ȱ›ŠŒŽœȱŠ—ȱ Š•”’—ȱŠŒ’Ÿ’’Žœȱ



˜›ȱ ‘Žȱ Ž—“˜¢–Ž—ȱ ˜ȱ ‘Žȱ ™Š›’Œ’™Š—œȱ Š—ȱ

Š’—•Š—ȱ ‘’—Šǯȱ ‘Žȱ ŽŸŽ—ȱ ’—Œ•žŽœȱ Šȱ ś”–ȱ

’ŸŽȱ ˜Š›ȱ Š—ȱ œ˜–Žȱ Ž—‘žœ’Šœ’Œȱ ˜žŽ›œȱ


›ž—ǰȱŚ”–ȱ Š•”ǰȱŠ—ȱŗǯś”–ȱ ‘ŽŽ•Œ‘Š’›ȬŠŒŒŽœ-

œ‘˜ Žȱ ‘Ž’›ȱ œž™™˜›ȱ ‹¢ȱ “˜’—’—ȱ ‘Žȱ Śȱ ”–ȱ

Š‹•ŽȱœžŒŒŽœœǷ SC

œ’‹•Žȱ Š•”ȱ›ŠŒŽœǯȱ’”Žȱ’—ȱ‘Žȱ•Šœȱśȱ¢ŽŠ›œǰȱ‘Žȱ

Š•”ǯȃ ȱ  Šœȱ ž—ȱ Š—ȱ –ŽŠ—’—ž•ȱ ˜›ȱ –Žȱ ˜ȱ ™Š›’Œ’™ŠŽȱ’—ȱ‘’œȱŒ‘Š›’¢ȱŽŸŽ—ȱ‘Šȱ’—Ÿ˜•ŸŽȱ

Group photo by Youders and Mr. So Wah Wai (second on the right)

Award ceremony after the walk


Featured Stories

The 3rd Young Entrepreneur Learning Competition by


he d Young Entrepreneur Learning Competition Ą䬓ᷰⰭ≜㥔⭟侹峤ą

was held in the Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival (HKCCF) last summer, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, from 23rd to 26th August, 2013 (Friday to Monday). This year, the theme of the competition is Ą ₞ ⁌ ⅘ 坴 ą ("partnership between the disabled and the able-bodied"), with the aim of promoting community participation, mutual assistance, support and social inclusion. Targeting youths aged between 15 and 24, SEYSA has formed a joint team, “SEYSA X Rehab (SEYRE) Playground- ┭ ⁌ Ⰻ 㧩 ⠛ ”, with disabled members from The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation (榀㸖⾐⺞㛪). This is a competition involving the trade of products. A significant portion of the profit generated from the business is donated to the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation. There were

enthusiastic support from organizers and suppliers in lending products, boosting sales and assisting in logistical issues. Through this exciting and educational event, participants were able to learn the various skills in the division of labour, techniques in business negotiation, logistics management, setting up business model and launching marketing campaigns. Last year, our team, “SEYSA Tech” joined the same competition with profitable returns. This year, the team included 10 enthusiastic SEYSA participants, Winky Wong, Kathy Wu, Oscar Leung, Virginia Wong, John Poon, Victor Wong, Alfred Fan, Ho Yuen-kei, Shirley Shao, Tracy Leung, who were either secondary school or university students. With the booth located at N35, Hall 1, the team sold a wide range of products during the 4-day exhibition, which include computer hardware and software, computer accessories, video camera, digital camera, PDA, MP3, mobile phone, telecommunication products and others. Promotions were made online via social

networking sites. The team also distributed business cards and entrance tickets to their friends and relatives as well as leaflets at places like Hung Hom MTR Station, Central and MongKok in order to attract potential customers. Their effort paid off eventually as they became the 2nd runner-up in the competition. Congratulations! “We had less than a month to prepare, but we needed to write sales proposal, find suppliers and bargain with them. They are definitely challenging for us as we have not joined such activities before, but I am glad to learn new things and make friends with people from different backgrounds” said Oscar Leung, a second-year Bachelor of Psychology student at the City University of Hong. His teammate Victor Wong, a first-year Bachelor of History student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong shared the reasons why he joined the competition: “It is common sense that business is an important part of our society. How can we understand the working principle and ethics of this business world? The best method is to be a businessman and run a business. As the old saying goes, no pain no gain. Now, I realize that we must work hard in order to achieve our goals.” SC


SEYSA Connect

Annie Pun

Featured Stories

Ë?SEYSA X Rehab (SEYRE) Playground joint team is formed between SEYSA members and members from the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, 2nd runner-up in the competition

SEYSA Connect



People at SEYSA anniversary, where I talked to some SEYSA


Annie Pun

“I live in a perfectly imperfect world waiting for Perfection to come - such that perfectly keeping my hopes alive.” - Michael Chan

Michael Chan n this issue SEYSA CONNECT, we are glad to present an up-close-and-personal interview with Michael Chan, who was the chairman of SEYSA from 2009 to 2011. I found Michael an inspiring and passionate person to talk with. In the conversation, Michael shared with us his dedication and passion in SEYSA, emphasizing his thoughts and affections towards life. I can say, SEYSA is fortunate to have him.


Brief Profile „

Chairman from 2009-2011


Chairman Emeritus since 2012


MSc (Econs) LSE 1997; BSc (1st Class Hon.) Herts 1996


Director and Principal Consultant of Etoile Consulting Group


Flight Lieutenant of Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps

AP: Annie Pun

MC: Michael Chan

AP: Nice to talk to you today. Could you first tell us why you joined SEYSA? And how did you become the chairman finally? MC: When I got the scholarship in 1993, the development of the association was still in progress at that time. After studying in England for a few years, I went back to Hong Kong in 2007and joined the Fund’s 20th


SEYSA Connect

members and started to know more about the association; I believed that with the resources and talents in our membership, SEYSA could have the potential to be developed into something more. With this in mind, I joined the annual dinner with a determination to run for the executive committee members in 2008. I became the External Vice Chairman; in 2009, with the support from the Executive Broad and Younders, I was elected to as the chairman. We started some reform and innovation like formalizing the Award-Gala Dinner and running the first Youth Program. Initially, SEYSA only focused on social service like visiting the elderly or the underprivileged, which I think is not really effective in the long run…on the contrary, enhancing the inner strength and mental development of the youth can have a snowball effect, which can generate greater long-term positive influence on society. During my term of office, I tried to introduce changes with the aims of continuously enhancing SEYSA’s value. AP: I see. Besides work, you have also served in many voluntary organizations, right? How do you balance work, family and rest? MC: If you take a look at my calendar, you will be surprised to see many events are there. They key is to have a good time management. Put all the appointments in your calendar, and stick to it. Firstly you should concentrate on the most important events to it followed by miscellaneous events. Never make it vague… I remember there is a story in which people have to fill a bottle with oranges and sand. If you put the sand first, you will never be able to put the oranges in the bottle; but if you put the oranges first, then the sand can be fit into the remaining spaces of the bottle. The oranges represent the most important things while the sand means the miscellaneous things. Only if things can be taken up in order of priority can you have an enjoyable, balanced life. AP: That’s very true. Could you share with us your highs and lows in life? How do you overcome the problems?

MC: Everyone has his ups and downs… from my experience, “Never give-up” is always very important. If you can keep trying, doing it, you will finally achieve it…because you can learn from your failure, gain new knowledge…so success will never be far away…also, I am a Christian, I believe everything happens for a reason. God guides all our actions, pushing us toward what’s right and away from what’s wrong. If you meet challenges, that mean you have to train yourself, to learn something new…until you enhance yourself and reach a higher level. Problems can then be solved eventually…And regarding the highs, I’m proud of the achievements of SEYSA today, the Executive Board members are really passionate and visionary people who are willing to meet challenges and accept changes. Though we are still small, we think big, and strive for the best! AP: Personally, you are quite a proactive and ambitious person, is there anyone who affects you the most in your life? How does he motivate you? MC: I can say, that is Dr Sun Yat-sen, who is known as “the Father of the Chinese Revolution.” You know, his achievements were recognized and admired by the global community. It is selfless of him to contribute to the nation by even giving up his medical career. He also quickly resigned after the success of the revolution…His belief also affects my decision in joining SEYSA, as he made friends with many who shared the same aspirations. They gathered together and exchanged views as well as committing themselves to strengthen the nation for the betterment of the people. This made me to think more about how to gather talented people with similar commitment to contribute to our society and foster the development of our next generation. Even today, I still have a small statue on Dr Sun, which I bought from Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum, on my working desk for self-motivation.


AP: I see what you mean. Would you share with us your Motto in life? MC: My Motto is “EXPETE PERFECTIONEM”, or in English, ȾStrive for Perfectionȿ (㭉ṵ凚╫). It means selfimprovement aiming at absolute perfection. It is an ongoing progress till we reach the best. However, we all know, there is no Ⱦperfectionȿ in reality, so it pushes me to keep enhancing myself. Just like what I believe so far, SEYSA needs to have continuous development and continual improvement in order to keep pace with the society. AP: As teenagers are our future leaders, any suggestions for the teenagers nowadays? MC: It is common to see young people giving up easily when they faced problems at school, family, relationships…but if they cannot overcome these problems now, how can they deal with other more complex challenges later on in their lives? Of course, you need courage, passion, determination, and most importantly faith in order to succeed. Once you achieve something, never feel conceited and stop improving; instead you should review yourself and look for the next goals. If you think you have already done your best, you are surely in trouble, as you will never find ways to improve.

AP: My last question is, what is the role of SEYSA in the society? What are the opportunities and challenges ahead? MC: It is such a difficult question…We need to strike a balance between “change” and “tradition”. What does it mean? The key point is, we need to clearly define the values of SEYSA, and how those values can be enhanced. If the world needs changes, we should follow these changes while upholding our inner values. SEYSA represents a group of passionate talents from various backgrounds. Hong Kong needs a non-partisan organization as a vehicle to express ideas and opinions to the government and society at large. In the past, to avoid conflicts, we just studied the public welfare policy on ethnic minority, housing, environment… but not other more politically sensitive issues…However, nowadays, I notice that many people are easily shackled by the ideologies of politicians, or engage themselves in some non-rational confrontation…therefore, I hope SEYSA can actively facilitate discussions. We are not trying to get ourselves involved or affiliated with any political parties, but we like to exchange views with more people on an academic level. This can allow young Youders examine public issues holistically. We look forward to seeing them as individuals with critical thinking skills, genuine ability and political civility. SC

Forbidden - The Perfect Imperfection

Michael Chan

The painter created his own little universe - attractive, elegant, mystical. “Attractive, elegant, mystical.” the audience remarked. And the globe there, looks like earth. But if one looks clearly, none like earth. “Where can I find this place?” the audience asked. “I have no idea, ”the painter said. “How did you create that? What inspired you?” “Where we are, our world!” “But it is not exactly our world.” “Right, it is a better one. The perfect one.” “If the perfect one is right now across the rainbow, would you just walk over?” “No.” “Why?” “I would have no more perfection to seek. I would be lost. What good it is when life is without purpose.” Perfection is perfectly forbidden until the Day of Perfection to come. “I live in a perfectly imperfect world waiting for the Perfection to come - such that - perfectly keeping my hopes alive.” 14.1.2013 40,000 feet above Java

SEYSA Connect



People at SEYSA by Christine

CL: How has your disability affected your life and posed challenges in you student life and job? How do you overcome them? WT: Since I was very little, I have often worried that I will be isolated by my peers. I am very concerned with my future prospects because of my disability. Although I always have good friends around me and I get along with people well, my sense of insecurity and fear is firmly rooted in my heart. It is nice to be told by people that I am talented and that I have done well but there is still a lot of pressure for me to live up to everyone’s expectations.

Walter Tsui


espite being visually impaired since the age of three, and now having only 10% of normal vision, Walter Tsui Yu Hang is a positive, cheerful and adventurous person. He does not believe that he is different from others. He has done well in his studies and actively participated in extra-curriculum activities that he loves, such as, soccer and martial art.

Walter graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a major in Economics and minor in German. During his school years, he went for an exchange in the US as well as traveling alone in Germany and working in an international social enterprise in Frankfurt. He also studied German in Leipzig University. He now works in the field of human resources, and is always enthusiastic to take part in charitable projects. CL: Christine Leung WT: Walter Tsui


SEYSA Connect

My breakthrough came in 2005 when I went to US alone and stayed in an American family for one year – in a small town in Colorado where I hardly knew anyone. I thus had plenty of time to be alone and to learn to be independent. I also managed to pick up hobbies that I really love. Having something you love to do and being able to achieve what you love are the keys to live your life meaningfully – not to live for others. Keep reminding myself of what I love, however busy I am.

CL: I am aware that you are a founder of an organization CareER. Can you tell us more about this and why did you set this up? WT: CareER stands for “Care in Education and Recruitment.” It was established in March 2013 with three founders including myself. It is a peer support group for the tertiaryeducated disabled students. One of the obstacles that I had to face in my life was finding a job after graduation. I was initially very confident about getting a job from an investment bank where I had done an internship, but I began to panic as I did not hear from them at all. I became even more depressed when I did not receive any offer despite attending many interviews. Interestingly interviewers usually loved to listen to my inspiring life story.


Thankfully, due to my involvement in charitable projects and active participation in corporate networking events, I met quite a lot of corporate representatives. Eventually, through their referral, I got a three-month contract responsible for data entries in a construction firm and was able to get promoted there after my hard work. This experience gave me insight of how difficult it is for disabled people to find employment. CareER focuses on people’s abilities as opposed to disabilities. Since we have a strong network with employers especially that of multinational companies, we hope to provide a platform for members to demonstrate their talents and ambitions to employers. We believe members should create their own opportunities. We has also conducted a research on disabled support services in universities in terms of admission, student life and career support. The research identified much of the improvements that need to be done by universities. We believe that a disabled-friendly campus can only be established with efforts from all stakeholders. Alumni and students are also responsible in building a better and more accessible study environment. As an alumnus myself, I certainly take this as my mission and I believe that we should not wait for others to take action. CareER aims to form a bridge between employers, education institutions and disabled students. We have gathered about fifty members. Recently, we held a successful event where our disabled members were able to meet and talk to potentials employers. Our future goal is to expand our network to senior secondary school students and assist them in planning their education and career path ahead.


ȾDon’t live for the others” – Ⲽ⬯⿺ Walter Tsui, Youder since 2011

CL: What do you think of SEYSA? We have not seen you in our activities very often in the past. WT: I have been receiving emails from SEYSA and learned that this scholarship association organizes many activities. I am told that the SEYSA activities are well organized with renowned guests. However, I found that the activities usually sound a little formal and serious, without mentioning any facilities or accessibilities for the disabled. This is the reason why I have not participated in any of the SEYSA events in the past until hearing about the SEYSA Disabled Students Group. CL: What do you think of the SEYSA Disabled Students Group? WT: I was so excited when I heard about the setting up of the SEYSA Disabled Students Group. Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund has offered significant encouragement to students with disabilities. I am one of the students who benefited from the award. In fact, I am still using the screen readers installed in my computer that was sponsored by the fund when I was a student. Many of the disabled awardees of the fund have inspiring stories and interesting experiences that are worth sharing with fellow

peers. Their stories can be easily found in the press or on the internet. However, these awardees are spread out in the community as there was a lack of a group to gather these disabled people together. Now, with the SEYSA Disabled Students Group, many things can be done collectively. If we extend the group to include every student with disabilities and parents with disable children, it can be a huge initiative and a great contribution to the whole society at large. When I attended the events organized by SEYSA Disabled Students Group, I met many good old friends. I noticed that the awardees need support too. Awardees are often successful in their academic achievement but they still face a lot of challenges in life. We all need someone to talk to and share our experiences. The SEYSA Disabled Students Group can exactly allow that to happen. I hope that the SEYSA Disabled Students Group will continue with its good work and extend their members’ positive energy to the society. I am sure many, especially parents with disable children and disabled students who are going through a rough time in their lives, will be inspired by the members’ stories. SC

SEYSA Connect


From August to February

Wall of Tidbits Christmas Party 2013 With Annual General Meeting at the pool-side of Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Causeway Bay th on the 14 December of 2013


SEYSA Connect

Wall of Tidbits

SEYSA Connect


Wall of Tidbits Ź

Be My Guest Dinner

With Prof. Richard HO, the chairman of Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Council

źŹ SEYSA Disabled Students Group Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering Interesting talk of technological rehab aids for the disabled students by Dr. Eric TAM, and useful information about government assistance from Student Financial Assistance Agency


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Wall of Tidbits

Youth Difference Makers Award (YDMA) SEYSA is organizing a new award with other partners. Organizers of this award aspire to make a difference in the lives of others and to assemble a group of Difference Maker Ambassadors in Hong Kong. The YDMA scheme aims to encourage students to lead a meaningful life by becoming a “Difference Maker� and making the world a more caring, welcoming and harmonious place. This year we are glad that TVB has sent its artist Alfred HUI as an honorary ambassador to help promote the scheme.

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Wall of Tidbits ź

SEYSA Youth Programme 2013

Youth Programme never stops evolving while we strive to invest more resources into our young members. The theme of the Youth Programme 2013 was “Sustainability”. We want to further increase the quality of training for our youth; therefore, we try to limit the number of participants to ten, in order to provide more intense and focused individual training. The ratio of trainer to students and leaders were one to three. The adventure-based training has also been extended from two-day overnight to three-day overnight. This was the first time we have had a night walk in Youth Programme, and the very first time that we had outdoor overnight camping of any form in the Association.


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Wall of Tidbits Ź

Inclusion Caring Mission

Our Chairman, Raymond Chan as one of the Community and Caring Ambassadors in the Hong Kong Computer and Communication Festival 2013 ( ‍ℙ圵斄ッ橼槿埴≽) to encourage and help people with disabilities to enter the job market, as well as starting up business. The project provides Mr Stephen SUI, JP, the Commissioner for Rehabilitation new suggestions to help disabilities works in normal companies.


Computer Recycling Project

With “Sustainability” as the theme of this year, SEYSA continue our support in the Recycling Scheme organised by the Hong Kong Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipments Recycling Association (HKWEEE).


British Chevening Scholars Association Annual Dinner

SEYSA have been invited to the annual dinner of British Chevening Scholars Association (BCSA) in October, building a closer relationship with Chevening Scholars.

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Forward Looking

What’s Next? Here is a preview of the upcoming activities of SEYSA. More details will be sent out through our email lists.

Committee Recruitment We are stepping into Spring, which is always a unique and remarkable time as we see many talented and bright new awardees joining our big family. This year, eight committees and teams, namely the Accounting Committee, Communication Committee, Design & Creative Team, Development Committee, Information & Technology Committee, Operations Committee, Disable Student Group and Social Service Team will be open for application. If you are interested in joining us, please complete the application form at on or before 4th April 2014 (Fri). Shortlisted applicants will be invited for a selection interview on 12th or 13th April.

Youth Programme 2014 Wants a breakthrough? Push through your limits the youth programme. Once a year, we select a group of our most outstanding Youders to join our signature summer programme, and develop their leadership and social awareness. Often, our more senior Youders who are well established in our society will offer themselves as mentors and provide valuable guidance. Aimed at secondary school students, the activities of the Youth Programme challenge both the physical and mental capacity of participants, and it has been a great success year after year. If you are interested in joining, please register for interview at on or before 26th April 2014 (Sat).

The 4th Young Entrepreneur Learning Competition The 4th Young Entrepreneur Learning Competition 䫔⚃⯮∝㤕⬠佺岥" is going to be held in the Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival (HKCCF) this summer. Targeting youths aged between 15 and 24, this competition aims to promote entrepreneurship among teenagers in Hong Kong. If you are interested in taking part or have any enquiries, simply write to by 3rd May. An information session will be held on afterward.


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Sanford Yung ৒҉ၰ 1927-2013

Late Patron of Sir Edward Youde Scholars Association


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