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Ray Blunk Is Successfully Leading Total Financial Group

Ray Blunk is the President of Total Financial Group, a full service firm in Carmel, Indiana that offers estate, financial, retirement, and business planning services. The company strives to provide reliable financial advisory services. Their aim is to help the clients manage their finances in the best possible way. The team of professional advisors at the firm helps clients plan for their future.

Ray is a licensed holistic financial advisor who has been offering consultations for more than three decades. He is an expert in providing Premium Financed Life Insurance. He helps his clients remain financially independent by offering specialized financial services including Investment services, insurance, and financial planning. Ray Blunk owned Ray T. Blunk & Associates before starting Total Financial Group. The company has excelled in providing efficient financial planning services over the last 40 years.

Ray Blunk is a Certified Estate Planner, Certified Medicaid Planner, as well as Registered Financial Consultant. He is licensed holistic financial advisor. He received Series 7 Securities license from FINRA in 1987. This license permits him to communicate with his clients and resolve their financial issues. Due to the extensive knowledge and experience that Ray Blunk has, Total Financial Group is a highly rated Advisory Firm He assists his clients by offering the most effective financial planning strategies.

Ray is a graduate in Business Administration. He pursued BSBA from famous Xavier University in Ohio, USA. After completing his graduation, he enrolled for Masters in Business Administration and successfully completed his post graduation in 1969. He specialized in Marketing and assist him to better understand and provide an upper edge in his business activity, which he operates in partnership with his son, Greg Blunk.

Since his graduation days, Ray has keen interest in sports. He played baseball, basketball, and many other sports in the university. He played football professionally for a brief time period. He is a member of Bridgewater and Sagamore Clubs. Both of these are prestigious Golf clubs in America and offer a number of recreational facilities to their members and their families. Ray is an active sports enthusiast he gets some leisure time, he likes to watch Grandchildren play their favorite sports. Along with golfing, he is also fond of cycling and other sports activities. He is associated with Wounded Warriors.

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Ray Blunk Is Successfully Leading Total Financial Group