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Ray Blunk- A Competent And Holistic Financial Advisor

Ray Blunk is a holistic Financial Advisor, and specializes in financial and estate planning, investments, and insurance. He is the President of Total Financial Group based in Carmel Indiana, a company which endeavors to provide comprehensive financial service to its customers. Raymond has notable expertise and years of experience in the insurance industry.

He studied at Xavier University, and after receiving a Bachelor's degree in marketing, he enrolled in an MBA program in marketing. In the year 1970, Ray started his professional career in the financial arena, and in 1987 he obtained series 7 securities license moving on to became a holistic Financial Advisor.

Total Financial Group was established in the early 90's with an effort to provide comprehensive financial guidance to customers in insurance, investments, financial planning, and estate planning. With a strong commitment to excellence and reliability, the company provides quality service to the clients, and believes that education and understanding of one's present financial situation is important for making a prudent decision and for safeguarding the future.

With an efficient team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, Mr. Blunk makes every effort to offer the best systems to his clients to help them meet their financial goals. As a holistic financial advisor, he is committed to providing beneficial solutions and assistance with common stocks, bonds, Government Security, annuities, college plans, 401k plans, IRAs, life insurance, Treasury Notes, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, Brokerage Accounts and much more. He aims at educating his clients, and keeping them updated about the current marketplace so as to help them make a more informed decision.

Apart from working as a skilled and resourceful financial advisor, Ray is also an ardent sports enthusiast and even received football scholarship during his Bachelor's degree. He has also participated in various sports events, and enjoys playing golf during his free time.

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Total Financial Group  

Raymond Blunk is the president of the Total Financial Group, a leading establishment based in Indiana, which strives to provide financial gu...

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