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Daniel Kwasi Twum-Acheampong

Daniel Kwasi Twum-Acheampong is an engineering student and a sports enthusiast. Daniel Kwasi Twum-Acheampong supports Outreach360 and African Book Challenge along with many other social organizations. He not only teaches English to orphan children, but also participates in fund raising activities organized by Outreach360.

Kwasi Twum-Acheampong graduated in 2011 from Eastern Regional High school in Voorhees, New Jersey. As a star defender of the Vikings, the school’s football team, he was well liked and respected among his peers. His talent on the field was undeniable, and appreciated by everyone who played with or against him. His charming personality and his willingness to learn with a smile on the face made him a favorite among the coaches. In fact, his coach stated in an interview with that Kwasi was one of the nicest people that he coached.

From a very young age, his parents taught him the value of giving back to society and since 2007, Daniel Kwasi Twum-Acheampong has been volunteering for the African Book Challenge in Voorhees , New Jersey. This is a nonprofit organization that collects monetary funds and other donations like books, school supplies, and sporting equipments and sends them back to schools in the villages of Ghana. Having been involved in this organization for 6 years, Kwasi understands the value of their actions and how fulfilling it can feel to be a part of such a wonderful humanitarian venture.

Thank You!

Kwasi Twum-Acheampong