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Sentosa & Temasek Polytechnic School of Design are proud to bring you The Christmas Tree Project.

10 unique trees, each with its own Christmas Message. Designed to provoke thought and spread cheer, the Christmas trees will be adopted by Sentosa’s Island Partners and all proceeds of the project go to the children of Canossaville Children’s Home.


to create a tree-like sculpture using wooden children's chairs and tables to emulate a Xmas dinner spun by the Mad Hatter from Alice in wonderland. Ornaments such as cutlery, utensils, mats and plates will be embedded to the sculpture to create a whirling and messy Xmas dinner!



THE ‘CHRISTMESS’ DINNER This tree has everything but the kitchen sink! This season, it is the usual practice for friends and family to gather over a good meal. The chairs, stacked together, represent the presence of loved ones, young and old. Various kitchen and dining utensils hang haphazardly to emphasize the casual, messy and fun atmosphere as people catch up over a meal. Like all our warm relationships, there is nothing formal or pretentious. We gather to break bread and celebrate!

The 'Christmess' Dinner  

The Christmas Tree Project by TP Design X Sentosa

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