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Often times we alter our character to better fit contextual situations and those around us. These code-shifts in communication can play into how we speak, dress and act around others. This moment of inauthentic behavior can compromise the ego and characters many architects try so hard to maintain. If we have no prior history with an individual, what we hear in conversation is all we have to identify that being with. Perhaps this conversation happens to be the moment when the character is compromised, therefore our impression may deviate from that of someone with knowledge of the individual. In the discourse, architects often meet in gatherings, socializing and speaking jargon... hoping to one up the other. These ego bursts further inflate heads beyond the black turtleneck sweaters, shattering the black frames on their faces (Refer to any architecture institution hosting programs). Imagine events like this, rooms full of architects, meandering from group to group, spreading the latest gossip. How will Bjarke alter his character after grabbing finger sandwiches with Rem in route to speak with Phillip Johnson?


portfolio _ iteration 5  
portfolio _ iteration 5  

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