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Assembled Adaptations

Series inspired by the life and works of both, James Audubon and Carl Linnaeus. Oddity brought about after reading the Area X: The Southern Reach trilogy by David vander Meer. Traditionally a collage series of mine would encompass some sort of building for most of my stock images are clipped from architecture journals. After tumbling upon a few books reminding me of Audubon and Linnaeus, it seemed right to try and retrofit the forms and adapt the “organisms” to one another to form a new creation. I see this similar in a way to how architecture is formed today, odd bits from other works, refrenced and recalled to be adapted and paired in harmony with one another. Forming a “new” design... This series followed my time after reading and traveling to Area X. One is simply not the same after reading this trilogy.


portfolio _ iteration 5  
portfolio _ iteration 5  

2016 11 30 raymond majewski portfolio