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My art and architecture work are not separate pieces but products of the process I follow. Experimenting with analog collage has oered new views on architectural composition and editing, demanding both visual and narrative coherence. Early stages of research set foundation standards for each piece, ensuing little deviation from concept; room for interpretation is welcomed. My work tends to derive from everyday interactions and intimacy with text, I have this thing for books, I cant explain it but I love them. In university I found myself employed by the art & architecture library for fours years throughout my studies, using this time wisely, I familiarized myself with the content, developing an arsenal of knowledge on the architectural discourse and allied arts. I try to use this and my love for history/urban studies/ social sciences and mass media to approach a brief, using what I know and taking pleasure in the curiosity of what can happen. Often on impulse and compulsion, my work and style is reliant upon my personality, overactive mind and untaped energy.


portfolio _ iteration 5  
portfolio _ iteration 5  

2016 11 30 raymond majewski portfolio