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Army Reserve (AR) Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS) eNewsletter: SoCAL, AZ, & NV FEBRUARY 2014

CYSS Connections Mission: To support readiness and quality of life by reducing the conflict between military mission requirements and parental responsibilities. February Observances & Holidays American Heart Month Black History Month Military Saves Week: 24 Feb. to 1 Mar. ================= Feb. 1 National Freedom Day Feb. 2 Ground Hog Day Feb. 12 Abraham Lincoln’s B-day Feb.14 Valentine’s Day Feb. 17 Presidents’ Day

Inside This Issue: Command/Unit Updates, Pg. 2 Child Care Resources, Pg. 3 School Support News, Pg. 4 & 5 Youth News, Pg. 6 Community Updates, Pg. 7 & 8 WWW. Resources, Pg. 9 CYSS Contacts & Tips, Pg. 10

ts’ Days n e d i s e r P on Pg. 8 Activities

Command / Unit Updates


Military Saves Week : 24 February to 1 March 2014 Parents here are some great resources to help you teach your kids money management skills.

Share, Save, Spend– Webinar Your Money Traits and How They Are Impacting Your Kids Teaching kids about money management is crucial for helping them grow up successfully, but talking about money can also be difficult for parents. How do you teach your children and teenagers to earn, save, give, and spend well when they’re bombarded with conflicting messages on how to responsibly use their money. In this webinar, you will:  Learn to recognize your own dominant money characteristics, and discover how

they can impact your family's well-being  Get simple, doable tips to help your family develop critical life skills around money and values  Leave equipped to change the way you approach money conversations with your family Download this archived webinar at:

Tips: Teaching Kids about Money Management 

Make a Budget; Stick to It: If you have to cut back on some things, let your kids know that it’s because those things don’t fit in your budget plan.

Practice Good Spending Habits: Compare prices or use coupons before you make a significant purchase. Ask your kids to help you make the best decisions and help them understand your spending practices.

Teach Kids About Spending, Saving, and Sharing: Kids may think they should keep all of their money for themselves, but showing that you care about helping others sets a powerful example. Decide on a percentage you will give each month to a nonprofit organization, school, or other charitable cause.

Don’t: Use your credit card to purchase things you can’t afford. This can be an especially appealing (and dangerous) money management practice for teens.

Do: Loan your child money. For example, if your child wants to buy a bicycle, have her save up a certain amount for a deposit and then figure out a payment plan (and stick to that plan every step of the way) until it is completely paid off.

Save For Now and Later: Encourage your kids to save for things like a new bike or a concert ticket—and in the long term, for expenses like college tuition or a car. Having a savings goal makes the budgeting process more real and tangible.

Practice What You Preach: Remember that your children learn from all members of your family, whether they’re talking about money or not.

For more information on Teaching Kids about Money Management go to:

Note: These events are not AR endorsements; solely provided for community awareness.

3 Child Care Resources

Finding Childcare During Deployment ChildCare Aware offers child care programs that are geared for military Service members. Take a look at the childcare programs that are available while the Service member is deployed.

Child Care Aware速 of America Phone: 703-341-4100 Fax: 703-341-4101 Child Care Aware速 of America Office hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern.

Operation Military Child Care (OMCC) The Operation Military Child Care program provides fee assistance for Families of deployed or mobilized National Guard, Reserve and Active Duty Army soldiers during the duration of the deployment. Army Respite The Army Respite program provides free hourly child care to support the unique child care needs for Families of soldiers who are deployed, Active Duty Recruiters, ROTC Cadet Cadre, Wounded Warriors assigned to a Warrior Transition Unit or Warrior Transition Battalion, and Survivors of Fallen Warriors. For more ChildCare Aware information, go to website: military-families

School Support News

AR CYSS Presents:

Celebrating MOMC at Orange County Great Park AR CYSS invites AR Families, with children for a day of fun, excitement and disguised learning! MOMC day will include selected exhibitions such as:     

Soar on the Great Park Balloon Learn about the Farm and Food Lab Explore the Energy Saving/Green Home Taste the Farmers Market delights Ride on the enchanted Carousel

When: Sunday, 13 April 2014 9:30 am to 1:30 pm Who: AR Youth Ages 3-12 Years, with accompanying Parent Where: Orange County Great Park Irvine, CA

Admission is FREE. Nominal fee for rides. Carousel rides $2; Balloon rides $10 For registration and more details contact: Ms. Flora M. Sherman, CYSS SSS Odyssey TCI - Contractor 951-251-7106 or flora.m.sherman.ctr AR CYSS events are subject to date and venue changes


School Support News

Keeping Tabs on Technology As parents, it’s up to us to figure out how to help our kids navigate their world by being knowledgeable, involved, compassionate, and curious about how they socialize, recreate, and get information through the latest technology.

Parents with children ages 10 to 15 

Let your kids know that you will regularly check their email, phone, and text messaging content on both incoming and outgoing lists, and that they should limit those lists to friends and family members, not people they meet online. Consider whether this oversight should apply to Facebook online communities, as well.

Have rules about when and where your children and you will use handheld communication devices. Suggestions include not using them at mealtimes, when visiting family or friends, when driving or when in the middle of a conversation.

Know the school rules for cell phones in class, and consider limiting their use to before and after school only.

Here are some helpful suggestions: Parents with children ages birth to 5 

Pay attention to the messages you model— stay off the cell phone, and other electronic devices when you’re driving or engaged n other activities that deserve your full attention.

When you’re spending time with your kids, turn off the devices. That’s what voice mail is for!


Parents with children ages 6 to 9 

Make sure your kids know what your limits are for cell phone, computer, and other device usage.

Don’t let your kids use the Internet unattended. It’s easier and more practical to monitor their usage if you have the family computer set up in a common space in your home.

Online social networking communities such as Facebook and Twitter are very popular, even with elementary-age kids. If your kids use these sites, know whom they allow access to on their pages and make sure they know why you’ve set up limits on this access.

Parents with children ages 16 to 18  Understand that regardless of the way you use technology, it’s part of how young people today build their social networks and their community. Talk with them about what’s inappropriate to share publicly, and why.  Keep computers out of teens’ bedrooms and in central family areas of your home.  Let your teen know that some employers and colleges search the Internet for information related to applicants who apply to their institutions. Discuss the kinds of information that may compromise their chances of acceptance.  Find out what technologies are being used in your teen’s school. Do teachers keep blogs? Are student groups organized on Facebook? If so, check these out periodically.

For more information on Keeping Tabs on Technology go to:

Youth News


Cal t s a L

AR Youth Are You Ready to Plan Your Future?

Topics Include: 

Self knowledge

Goal Setting


Savvy Shopper

Credit Scores

Financial Risks

For more information, contact: Ann Nacino, CYSS Youth Specialist at: 562.936.7633 or xania.d.nacino.ctr@

If this sounds like your plan, then come join the Junior Achievement Day, Economics for Success Event day! This is a CYSS Weekend Enrichment Event provided by the Junior Achievement Program. Youth will be offered information on personal finance, education and career goals based on the student’s skills, interest, and values. Who: AR Youth Grades 6 – 8 Where: Los Alamitos, CA When: Saturday, 15 February 2014, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm


Community Updates

Supporting Children During Deployment

Did you know 4 out of 5 children of Reservists deal with increased stress during a deployment? Having a parent serve in a war zone is stressful. Our Military Kids, founded in 2004, fills these gaps with a simple grant program that pays for children’s activities. If you or your spouse are in the National Guard or Reserves and are deployed overseas, Our Military Kids can help pay for extra-curricular activities for your children. Our Military Kids ease stress by paying for participation in sports, fine arts, and tutoring programs. Eligible Families apply for a grant, and within days of receiving the application in the Our Military Kids office, a packet is sent to the child thanking them for their service to our country and notifying them off the award. Children aged 3-18 years of age (through 12th grade), who have a parent currently deployed overseas with the National Guard or Reserve, as well as those who have a Wounded Warrior parent may apply. For more information contact: Our Military Kids at: Note: These events are not AR endorsements; solely provided for community awareness.


Community Updates


Things to Do On Presidents Day Mount Rushmore comes to life at the Nixon Library! When: February 17, 2014 Where: Nixon Library, Yorba Linda, CA Cost: Free admission all day For All Ages

Meet Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt. First 100 guests will enjoy a free slice of cherry pie. 10AM: Doors open. Come take photos with the Presidents 11AM: U.S. Air Force Band of the Golden West performs a free concert 1PM: Presidents give an educational talk about their historic presidencies 3PM: Encore performance by the U.S. Air Force Band of the Golden West For more information on this event go to:

"Celebrate Presidents Day" Date: February 20, 2014 Time(s): 10:30-11:30 a.m. and 12:30-1:30 p.m. CST Where: Annenberg Presidential Conference Center and Distance Learning/Live Streaming Video For students in grades 3-8.

Meet one of America's most exciting and dynamic Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt. He was a hunter and conservationist. He was also a warrior who won the Nobel Peace Prize. This interactive portrayal will be presented by Historical Impressionist Peter Small. Make free online distance learning reservations at (video-conference, live stream or recording). For more information contact the Bush Library and Museum Education Department at (979) 691-4006 or email

Free Presidents Day Activities: Portraits of Presidents and First Ladies - This website provides a listing of Chronological List of Presidents, First Ladies, and Vice Presidents of the United States. Presidents of the United States – This valuable resource provides a plethora of information about the U.S. Presidents. Important dates, background information, notable events, biographies and historical documents are all included. Free President’s Power Point Presentations – This website provides several educational Power Point presentations all about U.S. Presidents. Free clipart and templates are also available.

Note: These events are not AR endorsements; solely provided for community awareness.

Military Connected Resources


WWW. Tools & Resources

Child Care Resources: Child Care Aware toll free at 1-800-424-2246, or send an email to

Education: Boys and Girls Clubs of America's (BGCA) at: at https://

Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) at:

Community Services MILITARY ONESOURCE at: Operation Homefront (OH) at: Our Military Kids at: http:// EFMP- Exceptional Family Member Program at: index.html STOMP - Specialized Training of Military Families e-mail: or at:

MilitaryKidsConnect (MKC) at: Parent Further at: Scholarships– For scholarship info contact your CYSS SSS POC for U.S. Military Families at: military Wrightslaw at: http:// Zero To Three at: http://


CYSS Staff Contacts & Tips

AR CYSS SoCAL Team Contacts & Tips! School Services Contact: Ms. Flora M. Sherman is the 311th ESC School Services Specialist, Odyssey -TCI (Contractor), serving SoCAL & NV. If you are interested in any of the following topics, contact: or 951-251-7106.  Command/Unit Support  SB-School Break Events  Scholarship Information  School Services Briefings Youth Services Contacts: For information on CYSS Youth Services contact Ms. Raena Granberry 311th ESC Youth Services Specialist serving SoCAL & AZ. Contact Mrs. Ann Nacino, 79th SSC Youth Services Specialist serving SoCAL & NV, both with Odyssey –TCI (Contractor)

Mrs. Raena M. Granberry 311th ESC YSS, Odyssey –TCI (Contractor), at: 310-235-4179

   

Child Care Command/Unit Support WEC-Week-End Camp Youth Services & Briefings

Mrs. Ann Nacino 79th SSC YSS, Odyssey –TCI (Contractor), at: 562-936-7633

AR SoCAL Family Programs Contact Info: Ms. Theresa Olson, 311th ESC Family Programs Coordinator Phone: 310-235-4129 /

Stimulating STEM Tips for Kids! How do you make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) projects fun and simple for kids? By engaging children with and open-ended set ups to get them flexing both their analytical and creative muscles. Here is a simple and fun building activity that helps both the young tot and older child create building blocks with a few sweet treats and common household items. Project Items:   

Mini Marshmallows Candy Gum Drops Toothpicks

Instructions:  Use gum drops and marshmallows as building blocks and toothpicks as connectors.  Allow children to use their creativity to build. For more educational tips go to:

Cyss feb 2014 enewsletter  

CYSS (Child, Youth & School Services) Newsletter for the month of February

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