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Autumn 09

It feels very strange driving back home along country lanes and being in a place which is beautiful. The move to Cuddesdon went really smoothly and even the little glitches were manageable. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.

Ray did stand for college president, but did not get through. He is now co-director of music and so responsible for the music used in worship. Watch this space!!

Bethany has settled into her new school and has made some really good friends. She is part of a cooking club and recently made some of the most delicious mince pies ever! She does miss her friends in London and is very keen to return back when we have finished.

Ray’s assignments have been on contemporary mission, the spirituality of an extravert and Human Development Theory and Pastoral Care. They have all been really good fun, but it is daunting to see whether you can remember how to do things academically!

Nathan continues in his enjoyment, achievement and hard work at school. He is doing his IGCSE’s in Maths and RS, sitting mocks in January. He still finds it difficult to write and we are hoping that the examination board will allow him to use a laptop for exams, so do pray for him.

Ray has had a stab at New Testament Greek, which has meant learning grammar. He has explored pre and post exilic Judaism and the theology and writings of Paul. Of course there is loads more that he has done, but that gives you an idea.

Caroline has made some good friends at the college and not working has given her a chance to improve her physical well being. We are hoping that we can find an expert who can further her rehabilitation and we are so grateful that the dietary advice she is following is beneficial. The legal action still continues, but she does feel it is now the beginning of the end! Do pray for her that she will be strong and resilient to face the battles ahead.

This has been an exhausting and long term, learning to discover how the community works, when to rebel and when not too! The importance of black shoes and laughter. We have all made some good friends and we are surrounded by love. We would like to wish you all a good Christmas and look forward to an exciting year ahead. Always remember that we have a God big enough to help us through the challenges that we all must face.

Ripon College Cuddesdon is a mix of community and college. Each day starts at 7.30am with morning prayer, followed by communion and then breakfast. Most mornings are taken up with lectures and seminars. The afternoons are clear for reading and further study. 4pm is tea and cakes in the common room. At around 5pm the students walk to the village church for evening worship and then its dinner at the college. On Thursday Ray travels to Oxford for lectures at the university. Surrounded by so many young people, makes him feel like a youth worker again! At one Old Testament Lecture he went to the front and announced to the student body that this was an Old Testament practical seminar, on circumcision so could all the males form a single line!

Ray, Caroline, Nathan and Bethany Khan 14 Runcie Buildings Ripon College Cuddesdon Oxford OX44 9EY 01865 872 617

points for prayer

>> Bethany’s friends in London.

>>Nathan’s Mock exams next term.

>> Ray to build on the solid start he has made. He injured his knee and would like to get better!!

.>> Caroline’s continued rehabilitation >> Legal case.

.>> For God’s continued grace and guidance.

Autumn 2009 Newsletter  

The Khan Family in Oxford,

Autumn 2009 Newsletter  

The Khan Family in Oxford,