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The AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) Since 1983 ACT has developed programs and services that respond to the changing needs of the communities it serves. We have a unique history: founded by a small group of volunteers determined to combat the misinformation about HIV/AIDS, the organization challenged the stigma associated with those who had AIDS, developed and provided ongoing support for people living with HIV/AIDS, and fought for funding for an HIV/AIDS response at all levels of government. ACT was a nesting place, an incubator, for the beginning and growth of other organizations that served particular communities at risk; ACT initiated innovative and candid HIV prevention campaigns and programs that drew national acclaim and turned attention to the importance of not only safer sex, but healthy, fun and satisfying sex.

ACT continues to be a strong leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS, creating innovative programming and services that address current issues and needs related to HIV/AIDS. From our community health promotion and outreach programming, to our service access area; from our Employment ACTion program that helps people with HIV/AIDS return to the workforce, to our counselling and case management services—we offer a wide and robust range of programs and services.

This strategic plan opens the door to new thinking about the services we provide and opportunities for partnerships, as we continue our legacy as an agency that not only acts but leads.

5 STRATEGIC PLAN 2010–2015

ACT Strategic Plan 2010-2015  

AIDS Commitee of Toronto Strategic Plan Graphic Design: Raymond Helkio