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Stimulate a Strong Community-based HIV/AIDS Response

Together, with our partners, we will work to leverage the existing strengths in the ASO sector and support the ongoing development of HIV/AIDS programs. Informed by the experience of people living with HIV/AIDS, those at increased risk of HIV infection, and the efforts of our partners, we will share our lessons learned in the areas of policy development, service delivery, and research and innovation.

What We Will do • Work collaboratively and in partnership to support and develop new initiatives and programs. • Inform public policy at municipal, provincial, national and international levels. • Conduct community-based research that increases understanding of the complexities of HIV/AIDS. • Transfer and translate knowledge to individuals and communities.

How We Will Do It

What We Will Deliver

• Initiate and join partnerships that aim to develop new initiatives that increase access, services or programming for people living with, at risk or affected by HIV/AIDS. • Strategically participate on networks, working groups, and coalitions that seek to influence public policy related to HIV/AIDS. • Initiate or partner on research projects that advance our understanding of HIV/AIDS, inform our programming or policy, and/or other initiatives in the broader ASO and health sector.

• Contributions to policy, service design and delivery, and overall ASO sector development. • Informed program development, research and fundraising. • Strengthened relationships with the communities we serve, ASOs, and other allied sectors.

• Create forums for the exchange of information and knowledge. • Develop innovative ways to increase access to HIV/AIDS information using new technologies. • Attend and participate in HIV/AIDS forums, workshops and conferences to enhance our understanding and knowledge of what others are doing. • Be open to hearing other perspectives on HIV/AIDS both from ASO partners and allied sectors on related concerns. • Continue to provide the public with information on HIV/AIDS that is timely, credible and accessible using a variety of modalities. 17 STRATEGIC PLAN 2010–2015

ACT Strategic Plan 2010-2015  

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