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Strengthen Our Organization

ACT will be a strong, supportive and healthy organization in which to work, volunteer and participate. We will enhance our resilience as an organization through various initiatives that strengthen and/or clarify our roles and responsibilities, systems, structures, policies, programs, fundraising, and physical infrastructure. Decision-making authority will be informed by those who are closest to the issues. Leaders within our organization will be supported to effectively encourage responsibility, acknowledgement, and creativity. We will remain flexible, adaptive and open to alternative ideas and new approaches.

What We Will do • Increase the effectiveness of our fundraising and capital development programs to ensure financial sustainability. • Continue to support the capacity and capabilities of our staff and volunteers in order to contribute to achieving our mission. • Foster leadership development at all levels of the agency that encourages responsibility, acknowledgement, and creativity. • Improve and make better use of our physical infrastructure.

How We Will Do It

What We Will Deliver

• Provide exemplary training to staff and volunteers to enhance their skills.

• Improved financial stability through increased financial resources to support our activities.

• Create professional development opportunities that cultivate an environment and culture of life-long learning.

• A supportive environment in which to work and volunteer.

• Initiate tools and opportunities that solicit input from staff, volunteers, service users – in particular, people living with HIV/AIDS and other stakeholders – to monitor and evaluate our programs and services. • Develop an information technology plan that projects future needs and requirements. • Adopt best practice financial forecasting and program financial performance tools.

• A systematic process to elicit feedback from people living with HIV/AIDS and our key stakeholders. • Strengthened capacity and capability of our staff, volunteers and leaders. • Effective and efficient use of our resources. • Improved use of physical space to better serve service user and community needs.

• Develop a comprehensive and dynamic fundraising plan aimed at increasing revenue performance. • Explore in-kind contributions to upgrade and improve our current building infrastructure.

16 STRATEGIC PLAN 2010–2015

ACT Strategic Plan 2010-2015  

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