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Tart Warmers Could Tickle Your Grandmother Your Landlord and Yogi In contrast to the manner in which it may possibly sound, a tart warmer is not really a toaster specifically intended for carefully heating pastries. In this instance, the tart is the term for a tiny chunk of scented wax or oil designed to melt down and release a lovely scent into the air once warmed. Tart warmers are also identified as candle warmers, since scented wax so often can be purchased in the shape of a candle, although a warmer will melt it down and give off its aroma without actually burning anything. A tart warmer therefore offers its aromatic function without producing any smoke, soot, or threatening flame. But that is only the beginning of a tart warmer's charm. So beguiling are these interesting little products that one can actually delight your landlord, your grandma, and your yogi at one time! If you're a renter, your landlord is likely quite sensitive to fire risks. Some property managers could even go so far as to forbid the burning of candles, but realistically, they know their tenants are very likely to light some anyway, particularly around the holidays. However, their anxiety is not devoid of reason. The National Fire Protection Association says that from 2007 to 2011, fire departments around the US answered over 10,000 fires started by candles within people's homes. Tart warmers really are a safe alternative to scented candles; there is absolutely no fire included in using a tart warmer at all, in fact as an electric appliance it seldom requires more voltage than can be given by small battery or two. Beyond safety and security concerns, tart warmers are very easy to clean and they are self contained, so when made use of properly it's highly unlikely that any wax or oil will damage or stain anything from leaking. You'll find that nothing pleases your landlord more than suitable precautions and cleanliness which will lighten possibilities of liability. Another appealing fact is that your yoga instructor will appreciate the aroma therapy opportunities from your tart warmer as it filters its natural, wholesome scents all through your home. Aromatherapy and yoga have long gone side by side, sharing as they do a founding decryption of the human experience as a complex, layered interaction between a person, the world surrounding them, and the world inside them. Yoga addresses the obstacles inherent to the multiple features of experience through movement, breathing, visualizations and philosophy, while aromatherapy accents these practices by inducing the powerful physiological cues regarding scents. The sense of smell is a surprisingly powerful factor; research has confirmed that scent is most deeply tied to inner thoughts that occur from memory. Of all the senses, it's the earliest one to mature physically, and it works even in utero; at its summit the human brain is in the position to form a neural response to nearly 10,000 different scents. By dropping a small tart of sandalwood or lavender into your warmer, you'll find yourself several steps closer to enlightenment. Regarding Grandma, she'll simply enjoy that lovely and distinct bit of ceramic handiwork decorating your mantle, coffee table or bookshelf. You can obtain tart warmers in a multitude of

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Tart Warmers Could Tickle Your Grandmother Your Landlord and Yogi sizes and shapes, as well as materials ranging from ceramic to metals. You can find tart warmers that undertake the shape of an animal, a football, a lovely flower, and there are some that take on a religious aspect or an old time shape. Not every granny is going to have the same interests, but most of these special women love a pleasurable conversation piece, as any smartly chosen tart warmer can become. Just be sure you don't load your warmer with a tart that smells like freshly baked goods, or there will probably be a war over recipes before long! Should you be looking for the very best assortment of primitive tart warmers, take a look at Olde Country Barn. For additional info on Olde Country Barn, go to their webpage at

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Tart Warmers Could Tickle Your Grandmother Your Landlord and Yogi