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10/31/13 *All events @ The Graduate Center, City University of New York | 365 5th Ave., Manhattan, NY, unless otherwise indicated. 10:00-1:00

5409 -- Performance Workshop with Jens Reulecke (continued from previous days) 4:30-7:30

5409 -- Registration 5:00-6:30

5409 -- Roundtable: “Recreating Working Relationships in New Settings” Moderator: Jesse Edward Rosbrow (Hunter College) Participants: Tim Cusack (Hunter College) Kelly M. Johnston (Independent Artist) Malini Singh McDonald (Independent Artist) 6:30-8:30

The Archive Pub: Happy Hour Meet and Greet 12 E 36th St., Manhattan, NY


9:00 – 10:30

5414 -- Panel: “Embodiment, Movement, and Institutionality” Gloria Clark (National Chengchi University): “Breaking the Boundary: Exploring the Urban Space in Nienzhen Wu’s Human Conditions and the Artist’s Activism” Stéphanie Goncalves (Université Libre de Bruxelles): “Dancing Inside_Out: Dance Beyond the Institutions in Brussels” Janet Werther (The Graduate Center, CUNY): “Mary Wigman: Expressionist, Theatre Artist, Feminist” 5409 -- Roundtable: “Interruptions: Keeping Experimental Relevant; Moving Towards Theater as a Verb” Moderator: Dhira Rauch (Independent Scholar) Participants: Yanira Castro (Independent Director/ Choreographer) Alyssa Ciccarello (Linklater Instructor- Maggie Flanagan; Fordham; NYU) Andrew Dinwiddie (Artist/ Independent Curator/ Catch Co-organizer) Yelena Gluzman (Scholar and Artist) Ximena Garnica (LEIMAY/the cave) Noemie Lafrance (Sens Production Director/ Choreographer) Esther Neff (Co-founder PPL Laboratory) Ben Spatz (City University of New York)

@citywidE / #citywide

10:45 – 12:15

5414 -- Panel: “Theorizing Urban and Civic Performance” Dominique Ficalora (Indiana University of Pennsylvania): “Beyond Visible Cities: Avant-Garde and Revisions of the 21st-Century Urban Experience” Catalina Florina Florescu (Wagner College): “(I Am) Still Here — Performing Memory Using Mobile Devices” Ozum Hatipoglu (Cornell University): “The Dramatic Calculus” Jules Odendahl-James (Duke University) and Torry Bend (Duke University): “Let Us Say Yes to Who or What Turns Up: Sustainable Civic Performance and the Art of Nano-Connections” 5409 -- Performance Discussion: “Practice Makes Perfect Sense: Scholarship and Artistry Within and Around the Academe (A True Story)” Performers and Participants: Barrie Gelles (The Graduate Center, CUNY) Holly Hepp-Galvan (MFA, Hunter College) Brett Warwick (MA, Hunter College) 12:15 – 1:15


1:45 – 3:00

5414 -- Panel: “The Institution and the Artist” Leanora Lange (Pratt Institute): “Performing the University/Librarian” L. Bailey McDaniel (Oakland University): “F/Binding Truth in Performance: Untangling the Threads of Catharsis and Realism for Drama Undergraduates” Ilinca Todorut (Yale School of Drama): “So we all have MFAs: Institutional Training within and beyond the Institution” Didier Morelli (Simon Fraser University): “Chew, Drink and Spit: A Book Review” 5409 -- Workshop Presentation: “Shifting Weight” Workshop Leader: Jens Reulecke (Independent Artist) 3:15 – 4:45

5414 -- Panel: “Performing and Theorizing Identities” Stefanie Jones (The Graduate Center, CUNY) and Kristin Moriah (The Graduate Center, CUNY): “Theorizing Race in Performance” Nathaniel Nesmith (Columbia University): “Black Dramatists and Their Political Activism During the Civil Rights Movement” Nicolyn Woodcock (Miami University): “Language and Voice in Performing Filipino/-American Identities”

@citywidE / #citywide 5409 -- Roundtable Discussion: “State of the Discipline: A Graduate Roundtable On Doctoral Studies in Theater and Performance in (and around) New York” Moderators: Joseph Cermatori (current PhD candidate in Theater from Columbia, adjunct at The New School) & Christopher Silsby (current PhD candidate in Theater from CUNY-Graduate Center) Participants: Gelsey Bell (current PhD candidate in Performance Studies from NYU) Joshua Bennett (current PhD candidate in English from Princeton) Miriam Felton-Dansky (recent DFA graduate in Dramaturgy from Yale) Jason Fitzgerald (current PhD candidate in Theater from Columbia) Donatella Gallella (current PhD candidate in Theater from CUNY-Graduate Center)

5:00 – 6:00

Keynote Address: Anne Hamburger, En Garde Productions

5414 -- Reception to follow

Citywide was organized collaboratively by graduate students at Brooklyn College, Columbia University, Hunter College, The Graduate Center, CUNY, New York University, Princeton University, & Yale School of Drama with funds from the Doctoral Students’ Council, CUNY and the Graduate Theatre Club of Hunter College

Citywide 2013 Program  

Program for the collaborative, multi-modal conference of Theatre and Performance coordinated by graduate students in and around the New York...

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