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Author : J.R.R. Tolkien Pages : 306 pages Publisher : Del Rey Books Language : en-US ISBN-10 : 0345339681 ISBN-13 : 9780345339 683

The Hobbit Whi ske d aw ay fro m his co mfo rta ble, una mbi tiou s life in his

hob bithol e in Bag End by Ga nda lf the wiz ard and a co mp any of dw arv es, Bilb o Bag gin s find s him self cau ght up in a plot to raid the tre asu re

hoa rd of Sm aug the Ma gnif ice nt, a larg e and ver y dan ger ous dra gon . Alth oug h quit e relu cta nt to tak e par t in this que st, Bilb o sur pris

es eve n him self by his res our cef uln ess and his skill as a bur glar ! Wri tte n for J.R. R. Tol kie n's ow n chil dre n, The Hob bit met wit h inst ant

suc ces s wh en pub lish ed in 193 7. No w, in 199 7, this spe cial ne w edit ion, illus trat ed by Ala n Lee , co mm em ora tes the sixt ieth ann iver sar

y of a gre at clas sic. The Hobbit

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The Hobbit  

The Hobbit