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Une journĂŠe avec A day with Riki Adi Setiawan

Text and photographs by M Raydi K Cham

I have known Riki since in primary school, we went to the same school together, sharing the exciting childhood times. We lost contact right about after I left Indonesia to continue my studies overseas. After almost 4 years without any news, we met again in highschool. Sharing the same hobbies made us explore the same world. Highschool times was a blast, after we graduate from highschool I choose to study overseas. Right on the day of my enrollment at my campus, he called me and said that he will be going to the same country that

most of the time. He finished his primary and middle school in Bogor. Riki then continue his study in one of the best highschool in bogor. Having almost spending his entire life in bogor, made him very familiar with the language and the culture and in highshool was where he met with photography. His unique habit and hobby made his photography interesting and different from others. He took social class in highschool. He spend his highschool time with offroading, socializing and experimenting with his photography skill.

For him cooking is like art, where he took the quote from a famous chef Robert Burton “Cookery has become a noble art, a noble science; cooks are gentlemen”.


im studying in but at a different campus. Having someone that come from your hometown in someone else country made a big difference in your college life. Here is a little story on how my good friend, Riki Adi Setiawan live as a young chef. Riki adi setiawan was born in January 18 1992 at the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. being raised as the smallest children from his 2 other sibling made him the special one. He filled his childhood time playing outdoor and drawing action figure

Riki Adi Setiawan finished his highschool in 2010, he took the test for hospitality education in Bandung. He didn’t pass the test and later on managed to enroll in one of the private university in Malaysia, majoring Diploma in Culinary Arts. Not knowing that he will be taking Diploma in Culinary Arts made a big turning point in his life. Living on his own in a new environment, meeting new people with multi culture made him eager to learn.

2 1.Riki Adi Setiawan is now used to the hectic, tight schedule that his University gave. Waking up early in the morning is a regular thing for him to do. 2.As he walk back to his apartment carrying full bags of groceries, today special : Chicken Teriyaki and Sauté Pak Choy with Oyster Sauce as the side dishes.

As the sun rise, Riki prepared him self for his test today on wine tasting and entrepeurnaship. After a long day in campus, he spend time to buy some food supplies at the supermarket near to his house. Riki loves to practice his cooking on his free time. For him cooking is like art, where he took the quote from a famous chef Robert Burton “Cookery has become a noble art, a noble science; cooks are gentlemen”. He prepared chicken teriyaki and sauté pak choy with oyster sauce as the side dishes.


It is almost more than one year for Riki to study in Malaysia where he learned new skill everyday. He started by taking English course, basic cutting, food nutrition, to wine tasting and baking.



“Choosing and cutting the ingredients in a proper way is also one of the key for any perfect cuisine”

For Riki Adi Setiawan cooking is like a challenge and full of curiosity. He likes to make different kind of pastry where he followed one of the most famous chef clarie clark cooking style. rendang (curry) made of meat with coconut milk, chili and various spices is one of his favorite food. Beside practicing his cooking in his free time, he also like to play computer games, and spending time riding his mountain bike at bukit kiara. His passion with photography still developing.

3.Cutting all the fats and skin is one of the key for a healthy meal. 4.Riki used olive oil for most of his cooking. Where it is not making the meal more healthy also make them taste and smell better. The right amount of the olive oil is important. 5.Showing one of his moves on how to stir the chicken in order to get the perfect cook

He is now in his last week for his third semester, where the next semester he will have a new task where he have to handle the campus cafeteria in the pasty section for the whole semester, with a quite high selling target. He also have a study trip to imi university in luzern Switzerland in the early January next year. Riki plan on to transfer his education to IMI University majoring in European culinary



management for his degree. As the end of the year is coming he prepare for his coming holiday in Sulawesi where he will be cycling long distance.

6.Prepare himself for a final examination on wine tasting and entrepeurnaship. 7.He never stop looking for a new recipe that he might try to improve himself in cooking. He loves outdoor as much as cooking and photography, mountain biking and travelling is one of his hobby.

“Good painting is like good cooking; it can be tasted, but not explained.” Maurice de Vlaminck, (1876 – 1958) French Painter

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