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Dear Reader, We have now managed to make it through the Winter season which was undisputedly the weakest Winter either of us had ever witnessed. We pushed on through two light snowfalls and were instantly ready to kick-off a season of non-stop activities ranging from sporting events, museum tours, hosting a university alumni gathering and sight-seeing quests. Back in the office of LCI trends had changed. Our super supervisor Lea no longer worked with us which was a crushing blow to our daily enjoyment. Crazy Cathy had now taken a liking to Mark which Ryan was extremely grateful for but he none the less felt bad when Mark was sexually assaulted by her. The new staff members Shiny and Jenny were settling into their positions and the boys made a new friend, Little On Yoo who brightened up their days when she came to visit. While Mark and Ryan were trying their best to save money for their jet-ski dreams it became hard when drinks came to face. Although they managed to save some coin by cutting each others hair, staying in some weekends and walking to school rather than taking the cab. By passing the halfway mark of their Korean adventure, sights were set on the plans ahead. Would they travel across India on a train, rent a flat in Australia, tour American music festivals? Check in with the boys regularly by sending some love and save your money because these plans ahead might just include you! Join us and experience the turbo golden lifestyle.


Mark Frank


Ryan Oxner

Anyang Halla Hockey game February 26th 2012

KGC (Korean Gingsing Corporation) Basketball Game March 1st 2012

Seoul Museum of Art February 29th 2012

Lotte World with Ryan, Mark, Todd and Seuyon April 14th 2012

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April 28

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South Korea Acadia Alumni Gathering, Itaewon, Seoul, Rocky Mountain Tavern April 28th

Although this image will be the only single image to warrent an entire page to itself. I feel that it is the only one worthy of such an honor. I cound not justify shriking this down any smaller in fear that it would limit the hlirious nature of this photo. Ryan, tuckered out after his boxing match and epic night of being an adventurer has chosen the best bed for his weary head. The bike rack on a line 4 Subway bound for home. Little did Ryan know that this subway ride would not be the standard 1h45m but in fact he would be stuck on this ride for a mind shattering 5h30m as he would repeaditly fail to wake up from his peaceful slumber, inadvertinly missing his stop countless times.

The War Mamorial of Korea, Seoul, May 5th 2012

Field Trip May 19th, 2012, to Korean Pottery Class and the King’s Tomb

South Korea Journal Vol 3