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Working practices of business travel agencies

By: Rayna Metodieva


are the world's largest card issuer by purchase volume

process millions of transactions daily as the premium network for highspending card members

are customer loyalty experts with industry-leading rewards programs and platforms

operate the world’s largest travel network serving consumers and businesses

are dedicated to serving customers, 24/7, around the world

are recognized as the most innovative company in this industries

PROCEDURES AND DOCUMENTATIONS FOR SELLING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES The main products they offer their customers are: • Credit cards • Small business credit cards • Corporate cards • Prepaid cards • Savings accounts and CDs • Membership awards - usually earn one • or more points for every dollar of • purchases. The points may be • redeemable for gift cards, electronics, • travel, cash and etc. • Credit reports


GDS or Global Distribution Systems refer to the reservation tool travel agents use when making an air, hotel, car or other travel service booking. And not only do GDSs power the content of ‘traditional’ travel agency platforms, they also provide pricing, availability and reservation functionality to many online travel agencies.

The 500,000 Travel Agencies that use the GDS will have established a contract with one of them, either: SABRE, AMADEUS, AMERICAN EXPRESS or TRAVELPORT (Galileo/Apollo or Worlds pan).


American express set targets that need to be achieved by a deadline and also charge their customers for some of their services, for example;- 2.73% commission per transaction for any non – UK transactions. With the recessionary period, fewer people travelled, which led to the decline in lower fees.

COST SAVINGS TECHNIQUES In addition to our first class service, we also provide the best savings for business travel through negotiated rates and cutting edge tools. Our Web fare Guarantee ensures that travellers always get the lowest logical fare for each trip, which equates to time savings for them and bottom line savings for your business. American Express delivers significant travel savings to clients in two unique ways: Negotiated low rates- Our leveraging power and access to negotiated rates on air, car and hotel bookings can get you better travel rates than any other online travel agency.

Travel Savings tools- Our outstanding cutting edge travel savings tools will get you better deals on airfare, hotel rates, car rentals and billing which help you save even more.


American Express earns about half of its revenue from merchants, charging them a discount rate for each transaction processed. The other major source of revenue is cardholders themselves, who pay annual fees and interest charges on balances. During 2010, American Express posted a net income of $4.1 billion from its total revenues of $27.8 billion.

American Express have many different types of cards to offer their customers and they all include different promotions such as, cashback, card points, reward dollars, etc.

New cardholders can get 5% cashback on all spending for three months, while new AND existing American Express cardholders can sometimes get a cashback bonanza, with short-term deals.


American Express offers premium customer service and 24/7 support for global travel management in more than 140 countries. With consistent back-end processing, global best practices, and quality assurances around the world and around the clock, we are available whenever and wherever you need us.

They offer a few types of service to customers:

Service around you - Simplify your corporate travel bookings with our premium online booking tools and get 24/7 global support.

Account Management - Our Account Management team offers unique solutions to help you manage travel expenses while providing the highest levels of reliable service that you and your business travellers deserve.

Business report - We transform your travel data into actionable information helping you deliver savings, control spending and better manage supplier contract negotiations. Our Management Information (MI) solutions, which can be further customised by you, is complemented by an Advisory Services practice line, offering in-depth analysis of programme information to develop a strategy for meeting client reporting needs


American Express :Keep detail of a companies regular passengers.

This also saves time and errors when making bookings on their behalf as information is on file. In addition, the agency must be aware of the company’s policy on travel so that they make bookings that conform to policy.

For example ,the company might stipulate that employees only travel in economy, or that they stay within a budget for accommodations.


In my opinion from the research I have made American Express offer good customer service although some of their commission levels might be too high. It’s also good because it offers different types of rewards for the consumers. Overall this type of industry is very dynamic and rewarding as it gives you the opportunity to work for different types of organisations dealing with different problems and matters.


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