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New Ways to Use Renewable Energy Sources Commentators often focus on the use of renewable energy sources in developed countries. Market penetration of alternative fuels is usually a result of strictly enforced environmental regulations. Fossil fuel driven facilities have been marked as sources of greenhouse gases. While the debate about clean coal technology rages on, many individuals are solely focused on other sources of power.

So many people have focused on the public policy aspects of renewable energy sources that they seldom talk about the economic ones. Once power facilities are installed, they may not feature any additional purchase price. Tidal power, for instance, essentially captures the gravitational force of the moon. Power plants that utilize tidal power are drawing on a free source of energy. After all, no one could ever put a price on the tides. The gravitational pull of the moon does not come with a price tag.

Most arguments are still focused on the grid. Developing countries have actually looked at these sources of energy for remote locations. Rather than increase drain on the national power grid by connecting rural areas, clean power facilities can be built right next door. This has the added advantage of avoiding the mess that comes with massive infrastructure improvements. While few people would focus on basic infrastructure as a source of greenhouse gas emissions, construction equipment is not exactly the cleanest thing around.

Moreover, other uses of power have largely been forgotten about. Electricity is usually the most convenient form of power, so many discussions focus solely on it. Most private citizens understand electricity better than other ways of distributing energy. However, renewable resources can be converted into mechanical or thermal energy as well. This might be more useful than electricity in some situations. An electric motor would not be necessary if a waterwheel could do the job for it.