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"Discover The Easy Way To Launch Your Online Business As A Clickbank Affiliate... And Scale It To $10,000/Month" By: Raplato Author:


Clickbank Affiliate Marketing It Doesn't take a genius to make $10,000/month as a super Clickbank affiliate marketer.. It just takes knowing what to do.

THE SUPER CLICKBANK AFFILIATE So you've started your online business, built your website and have found a nice niche you’re sure has plenty of profit potential. Time for the money to start puring in... right? What's that you say? You're not making as much as you expected? The pressure of coming up with products, products that sell is getting to be too much for you? Don't worry. I have some great tips to help your business grow its profits quickly. Or, if you don’t have a business already, you’ll get to avoid all the usual start up headaches (and set backs) and be profitable faster than you ever thought possible. You could soon start seeing the kind of money you've always dreamed of when you first thought of starting your online business. That's why today, we'll be talking about promoting affiliate products through


Simply put, Clickbank is an online retail site where affiliate marketers go to promote to find new digital products that they can market and sell online.

Here's an interesting figure; in the past 14 years, Clickbank's clients (affiliates) have made over $2 billion. You read that right, $2 BILLION... and there's no reason why you can't get your share of all that money.

In a few easy steps, I'm going to show you how to register and find exciting new products for you to promote and profit from as your own. And soon you'll start selling and making money like never before.

Even if you found your niche and want to simply add new products to the mix to offer your customers, Clickbank makes it easy. There are no boundaries or sales quotas with Clickbank. You can sell as much or as little as you'd like. It all adds up to more profit streams for you.


There is no catch! Being an clickbank affiliate costs you nothing. There are no fees or epenses. You register, find products in the Clickbank Marketplace that you're interested in selling, and start marketing.

Clickbank only gets paid when you get paid. They deduct a tiny percentage per transaction. But there are so many sales on Clickbank each day, they wind up making a fortune from their affiliate's efforts.

You, as an affiliate, don’t have to worry about customer service, refunds or product fulfillment. You simply offer the product for sale through affiliate links on your own website, blog and sales pages. You get paid a substantial commission every time somebody buys something.

Clickbank's product vendors offer very healthy commissions... typically 50% 75% per sale. That's much better than most affiliate networks you'll find. It's perfect for any online business; big or small, new or established. Along with those big commissions, virtually all their vendors have a sales funnel with "upsells" and "downsell" items that you get paid on just for bringing in the client.

For any affiliate program to work it must have a built-in sales funnel Clickbank tracks everything and makes sure that all sales are paid to the affiliate and in the correct amounts. So are you ready to get started??


There are actually two ways you can put Clickbank to work and create an outstanding revenue source.

1st: If you have your own, is to use it to sell your own digital products. You create a Clickbank account, submit your product for approval, pay a small fee, and begin offering it to Clickbank affiliates. As the vendor you are responsible for handling any customer refunds and continually marketing the sales funnel.

But for our purposes, we're going to focus on the easiest way for you to use Clickbank to boost your revenue.

2nd: Is by becoming an affiliate marketer with Clickbank. It's absolutely Free and can be very enjoyable (and profitable).


To become an affiliate marketer with Clickbank, first you would go to their website and create a user profile. Like I said before, registering is completely Free to join.. It's very easy also.

Once your account is set up, it's time to browse the Clickbank Marketplace and find a digital product(s) you would like to promote. There are tens of thousands of digital products to choose from.

What I mean by digital products is that they are "instant downloads." And buyers love these. This simply means that the buyer receives instant delivery of whatever product they buy the minute they buy it.

Everything from field guides for bird-watchers how-to manuals, sports instructions to bone-chilling murder mysteries, in many different languages! "Improve your golf swing in 8 easy steps"!!??

A major bonus is that almost all vendors provide sales copy, affiliate tools, email swipes, banner ads and professional sales letters to do all the selling for you. Your only job is to bring in the customers and they close the sale handling all the back-end sales for you.

Still, I recommend picking a product covering a market you already know about or are interested in. It's always best to familiarize yourself with the product you're selling before jumping in and starting to market it. It's just Sales 101.

Remember, the more you know about what you're trying to sell, the more confident you'll come across. This equals more sales for you and more money in your pocket. You don't have to be an expert, though... you only have to appear to be one!


Clickbank uses many different types of filters. The menu on the left of the page, you can narrow your search results in many various ways such as language and billing type, commission amount and gravity (how many affiliates are selling a particular product) just to name a few. Say you want to market to Spanish speaking customers... after choosing your category, scroll down and select the language button for Spanish. All the search results will now contain Spanish language products only.

FINDING THE BESTSELLERS Again, choose the category of your choice. Then, have the results sorted by “Popularity� from the drop-down menu near the top of the page. All the results will be sorted from most popular to least. I like to look out for the top seller for a given category and then browse around to see if I can find a product by the same company or author that isn't selling as well. It's already proven that the company can create marketable products... and I may be able to find a real gem that only needs the right marketing approach to make it a bestseller, too.


Now that you've chosen a digital product you think you can sell and you have done a little bit of market research, you're ready to begin promotion. You request your affiliate link (your personalized link for that specific product) that Clickbank provides. This will keep track of all your referrals and lets Clickbank know how much money you making.

You can easily refer to your stats but Clickbank does all the tracking of sales for you.

Through the use of "cookies" Clickbank is able to track every person you send to any vendor indefinitely. This means if you refer a customer to a product using your personal affiliate link, that customer is linked to you.

Many times someone who's interested in a product does not make an immediate purchase, but may return at a later time and buy it.

With Clickbank's advanced "cookie" system that customer is linked to you and you will receive your commission regardless of when the purchase. If you are using the vendors landing page, the vendor will continue to contact the potential customer to close the sale. When that happens, you get paid your commission.

Using the vendor's "landing page" (sometimes referred to a a squeeze page) is always a good idea.


Here are a few tips for online marketing that will have you making money in no time. These come in handy if you don’t have an online presence or experience yet.


Starting a blog is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve the web-presence for just about anyone. But because you're marketing digital products, creating and building a blog makes much more sense.

It's almost always better to start operating on a small budget... less cost, less risk.

I recommend using or WordPress. Both are completely Free and come with many beautiful and customizable templates for you to choose from. My personal preference is WordPress. It has the best features and flexibility.

On your blog or website, you can write short articles on the product(s) you're marketing, add pictures, create short promo videos or slides, even put other Clickbank ads on the same page and create a second revenue stream!

Although both and WordPress (both are owned and operated by Google) are free, it is highly recommended that you get your own hosting and private domain name. Using a site such as (see below for details) you can get your website up and running for as little a $9.00 for the first year. There aren't too many web hosting deals better than this one.

A friend of mine recently started his own blog about do training tips. This has been a longtime passion of his, so he recently started reviewing different training methods for certain breeds of dogs. By keying into specific products that dog owners would be interested in and adding them to his blog, he started making $500 monthly by placing small ads on his blog's homepage.

When I told him about Clickbank, he signed up and found a number of different digital products related to dog training. picked a few, wrote an article review and is now making almost $1,500 from those reviews alone.


Another great way to market online is to write and send out an email newsletter. These can be short and to the point, and like a blog, they're fun and very easy to do.

You offer some free information, place your affiliate link in the article, and watch the sales ramp up. Email newsletters can be a very personal and powerful way to engage with your customers.

Learn 5 Ways To Make More Money Online With Newsletter Marketing


The Internet brings people together. No matter what you're interested in, you can be sure that there is already at least one forum dedicated to that very subject. A simple Google search will let you find them, and once you've registered as a user, you can then start posting there.

You can post small messages, comments and so on. After a few weeks, you'll have gained that forum's trust and can post reviews of the products you're marketing. Don't forget to incude your affiliate link (you've got to get paid), of course, and you'll have a targeted audience reading it!

Another great thing about Clickbank is its reach. As the leading online marketer, Clickbank offers you a global reach. You'll be selling proven digital products to folks around the world.

That $2 billion market I mentioned before? Well it's growing every day. The potential for you to earn money is staggering.


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P.S. I've just outlined the ways you can make really big money as an affiliate marketer using Clickbank. Here are a few important resources to help you along.

Resource Box Clickbank Marketplace - browse for bestselling affiliate products to promote. WordPress - A free solution to create your own blog or website. Affiliate Content Profits - Make Money Online by Simply Sharing Free Content On Facebook and Social Media Sites. BLOOM Instant Content Software - Create 100% unique content in 60 seconds. Covert Commission Income is 100% "managed" affiliate marketing system.. It's Free to join.. Covert Income is a Completely Automated System. Just Plugin & go.. you'll be in business today and earning commissions by the end of this week. - lowest cost web hosting and Domain name.

How To Make $10,000/Month As A Super Clickbank Affiliate  

How To Make $10,000/Month As A Super Clickbank Affiliate

How To Make $10,000/Month As A Super Clickbank Affiliate  

How To Make $10,000/Month As A Super Clickbank Affiliate