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VOL. 2, NO. 4

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LIFEST YLE What to Consider When Buying a Holiday Home Approaches to Investing Sprucing Up your Serveware Collection What Constitutes Beauty in the Landscape? Digestifs End your Evening on a High Note Pearls Cut to the Core Cleaning Services Help you Glide Through Life Orchestrate Flowers to Make your Space Sing Will Personal Style Help or


Hinder the Sale of your Home?

5 Summer Fashion

Tips to Stay Comfortable Develop your Suit Sense Men: Show Who you Are by How you Act

Forest Bathing: A Better Way to Take a Walk


Massage Might be the Answer

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Northern A Z Luxur y L iving VOL. 2, NO. 4

Reasons you Need


Pop With Color & Glitter






Feeling Bloated? Lymphatic

Polish your Body to a Fine Sheen Hormone Pellet Therapy Might be Right for You Collagen Can Fight Skin Aging Microdermabrasion: Fast & Easy Skin Fix Sail into Sleep on Comforting Sounds

a Personal Stylist

for a Summer You Nail Down your Personal Style with Polish

Mesh your Kitchen Appliances


of your Lifestyle


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Modernize your

Build your Home


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ashion and trends are two ways

we attach ourselves to time and each other. They’re a statement about where we are in time, how our desires and needs have changed from the past and what direction we want to head in for the future. At the same time, we need to embrace what works for us. Not everyone loved millennial pink when it ruled the design world, and skinny jeans may not be the most flattering or comfortable fit for you. Green is king today and it's an acquired taste for many, but its association with the 1970s still lingers a half-century later. Our personal style is based on what comforts and excites us when we’re wearing it, using it

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in our home or setting up our workspace. When choosing what you let into your life, you should always be asking yourself: Is this making me feel how I want to? This is how you define your personal style.


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Northern A Z Luxur y L iving VOL. 2, NO. 4

CEO Elaine M. Earle, CPA

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Northern A Z Luxur y L iving VOL. 2, NO. 4

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e t a e r C Special Style YOUR OWN


levating your style isn’t about being on trend particularly, it’s about being you and wearing what syncs with your personality throughout your life. If the latest trend is something you are oohing and ahhing over, it might be for you. But if your first response is “good grief,” that’s just as credible a sign you know yourself pretty well. Go with it. Still, combining trends with changing body shapes, sizes and age can be a challenge. Perhaps it’s time to reexamine how you present yourself and create and

curate your best style — your best you. Here are several principles to use while defining, redefining or refining your look: Learn what you like. Look for inspiration from your friends, family, influencers, films, video games or wherever ideas present themselves. Simply copying someone almost never works, but choosing elements from one or two figures who have caught your eye can give you a great head start. Fill in the blanks with items you already have or did have that always get compliments.

VOL. 2, NO. 4 Northern A Z Luxur y L iving


F E AT U R E Know what looks good on you. If you haven’t settled on the styles and silhouettes that fit and flatter your figure, it’s time to find out! Find and befriend a good tailor who will turn not-quite-perfect pieces into flawless outfits, whether an inch or two tighter or looser. Cover your bases. Do you have staple pieces that fit you perfectly and can be dressed up or down with accessories for whatever occasion might present itself? This can vary seasonally and regionally, but in general you can look for: • Women — Midi dresses, white or off-white shirts, dependable dressy jeans, white sneakers, midsize heels, a black dress (little or long), black boots, blazers, trench coats and a selection of beautiful handbags.

• Men — White T-shirts and dress shirts, white and blue button-down shirts, dark blue jeans, khaki pants, black and brown lace-up shoes, casual and dressy jackets, a charcoal or navy suit. • And don’t forget the most fundamental building block of all — a good selection of well-sewn underwear so you’ll always have something that works with, not against, whatever outfit you wear Put quality first — Once you get started shopping, focus on the quality of the merchandise you’re considering, ahead of designer labels or current trends. Choose substantial fabrics that will still be superior after more than a handful of washes, and shoes that will hold their shape and texture through the beating they will inevitably take. Treat them well — Follow the care instructions for any garments, and don’t allow them to wad up even while they’re in the hamper. Air-dry as many clothes as you can and fold them carefully, keeping clothes that must be hung on wood or padded hangers in the closet.


Northern A Z Luxur y L iving VOL. 2, NO. 4

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s n e d r a G e E xpl ore th

of the World

Claude Monet’s Garden, Giverny, France


Northern A Z Luxur y L iving VOL. 2, NO. 4



rom orderly gardens trimmed precisely and perhaps with dancing topiary animals to wild gardens growing with seemingly no rhyme nor reason, these decorative grounds of nature nourish our imaginations, ease our thoughts, please our eyes and rejuvenate our souls. Beautiful gardens adorn our world. The oldest academic one — Orto Botanico di Padova — was created in 1545. Here science evolved in the study of the relationship between nature and culture. Perhaps better known is the Garden of Versailles in France. A main character in many a historic movie and TV show, development under the guidance of King Louise XIV started in 1661, culminating 40 years later. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison envisioned a national garden in the late 1700s. The U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C., opened in 1850 and is the oldest operating botanical garden in the country. The American Horticultural Society, 100 years old this year, offers garden tours throughout the world from France and Italy to Iceland and New Zealand and ports in between. ( Consider these possibilities in creating your own garden vacation. BUTCHART GARDENS, VICTORIA, BC, CANADA Bursting with color and meandering paved pathways, you may come across tai chi practitioners or a class of stroller aerobics. Started as a sunken garden, grounds include rose, Japanese, Mediterranean and Italian gardens — a current seasonal offering a current seasonal offering is serving of gelato. Don’t miss the Rose carousel with 30 hand-carved wooden animals.

CLAUDE MONET’S GARDEN, GIVERNY, FRANCE Monet painted what he loved, and he loved his gardens — one a flower garden in front of his house and the other a Japanese-inspired water garden across the road. Flowers were planted according to color and allowed to grow freely. KEUKENHOF, LISSE, HOLLAND Next open March 23 to May 14, 2023, yearly more than 7 million — yes million — bulbs of 800 different types of tulips are planted by hand in the fall to flower in the spring. A truly amazing sight. Make your plans now.

VILLA D’ESTE GARDENS, TIVOLI, ITALY This UNESCO World Heritage Site near Rome is an example of a Renaissance garden that inspired others across Europe. It took about 20 years to develop and is known for its hundreds of fountains, some of a suggestive nature. All that water comes from the River Aniene through a nearly 1,970-foot underground channel. FLOATING GARDENS OF XOCHIMILCO, NEAR MEXICO CITY, MEXICO Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, these gardens come from a lake and canal system pre-Spanish arrival that connected settlements in the valley. Artificial islands called chinampas are navigated by boats called trajineras. Let your mind wander to life on the water. activities/mexico-city/ floating-gardens-of-xochimilco

VOL. 2, NO. 4 Northern A Z Luxur y L iving




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4 ,7 2 8 s q f t

F l a g s t a f f, A Z 8 6 0 0 5

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Northern A Z Luxur y L iving VOL. 2, NO. 4



f you want your home to feel more inviting and appealing to you when you come home at night, perhaps the only interior design inspiration you need is your closet. Your current selection of furniture and décor may have been inherited, accumulated over decades or inspired by a trend from a few years back that never truly jibed with your own tastes. To discover what you will find the most welcoming in your home, take a look at your clothes and accessories. It’s a good bet that the style you choose to present yourself in will also be the one you’d like to come home to. CLASSIC, TAILORED, ELEGANT You gravitate to slim silhouettes, crisp whites and blacks with soft tans and browns and gold, silver and pearl jewelry. You’re always looking for novel garments and accessories to bring into your collection without taking you outside of your comfort zone. You probably are a bit of a minimalist and appreciate design schemes emphasizing straight lines, solid colors and strategically placed statement pieces. WHOLESOME, SUNNY, TRADITIONAL You love cozy sweaters, your favorite jeans and wearing your grandparents’ heirlooms, no matter what’s supposed to be trendy. Botanical prints, beachy casuals and natural fabrics are magnetic for you. You’re the person farmhouse style was created for, and the one who’d most benefit from shopping for vintage and antique beauties that aren’t going to get snarled in the supply chain.

BOHEMIAN, ECLECTIC, VIBRANT You love soft, flowy dresses and pants in lots of different hues and prints. Your jewelry, bags and shoes come from all over the world, picked up through your travels and purchased as imports from your favorite funky boutique. Your best home reflects that with bold color, fun juxtapositions of prints with solids and adventurous furnishings that tell a story, either yours or the world’s — or a bit of both. ARTISTIC, EDGY, DARING You have a flair for drama that shows up in your avant-garde choices in fashion and accessories. Your clothes may be more sculptural and less functional, and even your T-shirts stand out from the pack, both in cut and texture. At home you’re not as concerned with basic, everyday pieces and go for objects that stand out, like starburst lamps and chandeliers, kooky ceramic figures and sofas and chairs with geometric patterns. SPORTY, ACTIVE, STRONG You’re an athlete and/or love sporty fashions like spiffy tracksuits, trail runners, tennis shorts and skirts and team logo gear. Your favorite accessories are your fitness tracker and your visor, along with practical jewelry built to survive your hikes, runs and competitive games. You’re likely to appreciate functional furniture with aerodynamic lines and lots of energizing pops of color.

VOL. 2, NO. 4 Northern A Z Luxur y L iving


Summer 5 Fashion Tips




by Michelle Beck, Owner, Purple Clover Boutique

ummer is that time of year when we embrace a more relaxed style and can simply wear whatever feels good at the moment! Compared with colder seasons, not needing to plan ahead for cold temperatures and snow is one of the joys of the summer season. Living in Arizona, however, does have its challenges between monsoon season bringing potentially heavy rains and the differences in temperature with air-conditioning, which creates the need to always carry an extra layer when inside. Here are some tips for making the most of this time of year: 1. Always have a lightweight sweater available! While a shortsleeve top or tank top may feel great outside, stepping into a shopping mall or movie theater can create quite a temperature change. A loose-weave cotton sweater is a great option. The ballet style that ties in front is both stylish and comfortable. 2. Consider investing in linen. It is light and breathable and


Northern A Z Luxur y L iving VOL. 2, NO. 4

known for its cooling properties. Modern linen also is less likely to wrinkle. This year has many linen styles in both tops and bottoms with nicely textured weave and comfortable waist bands. 3. Wear lighter colors. If there is one universal truth in the summer, wearing lighter colors is certainly it! If you are able to wear white, now is the time to do it. Darker colors absorb more light and heat, while lighter colors keep you cooler. 4. Slides and sandals are more versatile than ever. Don’t forget about your feet when planning your summer wardrobe. Now is the time to freshen up your look and help to keep you cool. With fashion becoming more casual, summer is the perfect time for some new styles in footwear. 5. Keep your clothes loose. The looser the better! The less fabric you have actually touching your body, the more comfortable you will feel. Now is the time for a beautiful and flowy maxi dress.

(A dress will keep you cooler than shorts and a tight tank top.) Your local boutiques and department stores are full of all these items and offer many choices for summer — especially in Arizona where summer temperatures can extend into September and October. Stop in now while the selection is best.

Exceptional Properties. Exceptional Clients. Exceptional Results.

Let us guide you home! “It’s never been our intention to be the biggest...only

the best”

- Kathleen Yamauchi, Founder of Yamauchi Real Estate

( 9 2 8) 7 7 1 -1 1 1 1

w w w.Y R E p r e s c o t t . c o m 6 0 0 E G U R L E Y S T. , S U I T E A • P R E S C OT T, A Z 8 6 3 0 1




o matter which way the fashion pendulum swings, you always need a good suit. Choosing right one, though, can mean the difference between looking like a million bucks or falling flat. Every leading style figure dons a suit at one time or another. Whether it’s Harry Styles adding pearls to his black suit or Idris Elba in a window-pane check, they each make a statement with their own style along with trends. Let’s look at what you may need to tighten up your wardrobe. GO BIG The oversized suit is back, with a touch of 1980s about it. Think David Byrne’s “Stop Making Sense” suit. And don’t simply size up to get this look, it needs to spill over at the shoulder, drape nicely and stop somewhere mid-thigh. Find a tailor if you want to try this one. CHECKS AND TWEED A traditional checked or tweed suit is trending hard. Scottish tartan to Irish Donegal makes for traditional styling with an impressive profile. Suits with bold or window-pane checks and lots of color are built for making a statement. Toss the rest of the rulebook out the window; skip the socks or wear a neutral tee underneath. MIX AND MATCH Technically, this might not even be a suit, but if you’re looking to get the most mileage out of what’s already in your closet, divide and conquer. Go the traditional route with a collared shirt and tie, or ditch the neckwear and go opencollared. When in doubt, dark on top and light on the bottom is a good move. KEEP IT CLASSIC There are occasions when a bold, checked or mismatched suit just doesn’t cut it. Every man needs at least one classic suit at the ready for


the last-minute wedding, funeral or business gathering. Get the most mileage out of this suit and have it tailored. Pay attention to the fit of the sleeve, cuff and pant length as well as shoulders and chest (buttoned and unbuttoned). And you can’t go wrong with a crisp white shirt, dark tie and sleek black dress shoes for maximum effect. MATERIAL DECISIONS Before choosing a suit’s construction, carefully consider its purpose. The fabric is often closely tied to functionality. Pure wool, one of the most popular fabrics, works well in formal settings, especially during the colder months. Linen is lightweight and perfect for summer, but compared to wool it may be more casual and wrinkles easily. CHOOSE YOUR HUE When you will be wearing this suit? While neutrals like gray, navy and black are more conventional; they also offer the most versatility. Of course, if you have a more tolerant dress code, you can experiment with colors and a suit that goes from office to club to wedding. Colors, prints and patterns allow your personality to shine through. And judging from the catwalks, it seems brown is back, but in warm, dark shades. Pulling off a brown suit takes planning; make sure you throw in light but complimentary colors like a chambray shirt, baby blue polo or a charcoal tee. Suits are not only for weddings and funerals so you need more than one in your repertoire. Find what fits your style and play with trends to make them your own.

VOL. 2, NO. 4 Northern A Z Luxur y L iving



w o h S



f you want to derail a business deal, a burgeoning romance or be considered a jerk, ignore the power of etiquette. From ancient Greece when a handshake was a sign of equality and mutual respect (and proof that the parties came unarmed) to Emily Post’s thoughts that good manners reveal “a consideration of others and respect for self,” practicing proper etiquette sets the tone. Let’s begin with dating:


3. Offer your date the best view or whichever seat she wants. 4. Put your phone away. 5. If in a restaurant, treat the wait staff respectfully. (Rudeness on your part is not a show of manliness but rather arrogance).

• Don’t complain about co-workers. If you have a concern, ask for a meetings or coffee to talk.

6. Message the day after a date or sooner — even a disastrous one.

• Never throw someone under the bus during meetings or out in the field.

If you’re in an office: 1. If the date was your idea, pay. If it was a more mutual undertaking, offer to pay but don’t insist. If she wants to go 50-50, so be it. 2. Take the initiative and organize the first date; don’t leave it up in the air.


Northern A Z Luxur y L iving VOL. 2, NO. 4

• Don’t refer to anyone as “dude,” “pal,” “buddy.” Your co-workers and business associates have names.

• Never bring stinky food to the office.

• Return phone calls/emails. • Stand up when introducing yourself or being introduced. • Shake hands firmly — not too crushing, not too weak.

In everyday life, hold the door for women, other men, children, dogs, anybody and anything just behind you who would be inconvenienced or possibly hurt if a door hit them. Don’t speak loudly on your phone when out in public on the street or in a coffee shop. In the gym don’t hog machines, wipe down equipment after using it, put away those barbells and don’t loudly grunt while lifting weights. And men, getting down to the nitty-gritty, when wearing a suit jacket leave the bottom button unbuttoned. This practice originated at the turn of the 20th century with King Edward VII when he unbuttoned his jacket after a large meal, and it stands today as a fashion must that leads to comfort. And, always remember, good table manners never let you down.


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Securities offered through Registered Representatives of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., a broker-dealer member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Cambridge and Schott Financial Management are not affiliated.

s n o s R ea



Northern A Z Luxur y L iving VOL. 2, NO. 4




by Valerie Demetros

nce considered an indulgence of the wealthy, hiring a personal stylist is becoming more commonplace. The time and money you invest in a personal stylist is an investment in your day-to-day life just like a hairstyle, mani-pedi or personal trainer. Hiring a personal stylist can help you project the image you want or even help find your style. We’ve all heard the phrase, “You only have one chance to make a first impression.” And unfortunately, people form an opinion based on what you are wearing and how you carry yourself. In an instant, your image conveys elements of your success, character, personality and style. A personal stylist can help you blend your “inner” image with your “outer” image. Which leads to the most important part of styling; what to wear. Just about everyone has stood in front of a closet with absolutely “nothing to wear.” Although most people have plenty of clothes, a huge portion of them are outdated, don’t fit, are the wrong color or size or just don’t go with anything else. Sound familiar? The first thing a good personal stylist will do is sort and arrange your wardrobe, determine what should be donated or tailored and then create a list to complete your wardrobe. Your stylist should assess your body shape, personal and professional image and lifestyle to build a wardrobe fit for all your needs. One of the best things about having a stylist is not having to try on several sizes each time you shop.

When your stylist helps you build your wardrobe, you will get the right size, the right cuts and right silhouettes each time without the frustration. Imagine shopping without wasting your time trying on items that don’t fit or regretting those impulse buys (remember that neon tank top?). By not buying what you don’t need or avoiding fashion mistakes, a stylist can save you time and money. Have you ever wanted a specific piece, like a good pair of black pants or a sweater for an upcoming ski trip? There’s no need to spend the day hitting multiple stores and wasting an afternoon or even spending all day online. A good personal stylist will have relationships with stores, designers and tailors and will know where to get the best deals, quickly and with less hassle. And not only will they help you find the perfect black trousers, but you’ll be able to pull many different looks together quickly with your personal lookbook, which is a book of complete outfits styled with existing pieces in your closet and photographed. It’s a simple tool you can use any time. Going shopping? Check the book for what you need. Pulling together an outfit for a dinner party? Check the book and grab a look you know will turn heads. You can stay updated on what’s in fashion and new items, thanks to your stylist. It’s time to be the best version of yourself with less stress. Your newfound confidence will be your reward.

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r e tt i l G & C ol or FOR A SUMMER YOU

coral or even an orange shade to switch things up. Just another way to add that pop of color for this season’s go-to look.

t’s time to swap out heavy foundations for a fresher look and switch out those smokey eyes for bright colorful eyes, face jewels and glossy bold lips. Fresh-looking skin helps to balance playful eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush or lips. So grab your colorful eyeshadows and face jewels, and let’s get started on what’s new. FRESH FACE Trade your full-coverage foundations for lighter tones, tinted moisturizer or a light, creamy foundation (for more coverage) that looks invisible. Get the natural look with a foundation that contain glow-boosting ingredients for a true “your skin but better” finish. POPS OF COLOR You may not be interested in supercolorful eye shadow creations, but there are many ways to add pops of color to brighten your look. Colorful eye pencils, liners and dabbing a pop of color on your lips with an otherwise bare face is the perfect way to feel pulled together when you’re short on time.


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SPARKLE Glittering hair and skin virtually oozed off the fashion runways. Body glitter resurfaces from long-lost beauty trends, spreading to eyes and even ears. Start slowly by placing one or two crystals on your eyelids or outer corners. Try it if you dare … NATURAL BROWS Now here’s a makeup trend we can get on board with. Brow grooming is high-maintenance and shaping, plucking and styling brows can be time consuming. The good news is, we don’t have to anymore. Brows have taken more of a natural stance, finally. Your end result should be brushed-up and groomed with minimal product to give a youthful, clean finish that frames the face naturally. DEEP RED LIPS Red lips never go out of style, but their popularity comes in waves and it’s high tide right now. This season, instead of going for your neutral lip, try a bright red,

Just like your business conveys a modern and professional image, so should your marketing materials.

Digital Presence Management A POSITIVE BRAND IMAGE CAN INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE Ensure accurate information is reaching the public across the web with our Digital Presence Management Services. Monitor, manage and enhance your digital reputation. Track and respond to all your reviews from one place. Ensure your business appears wherever customers are searching.

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o you have a go-to nail polish color you rarely stray from? According to some of the principles of color psychology, your choice could be rooted in personality traits you’re known for and embrace, such as confidence or a calm demeanor. Or if you like to hop around the color wheel it could have lots to do with the mood you’re in or want to project to everyone you see. There are more shades than ever to choose from, so the message can be as tailored as you want it to be! ORANGE You’re likely to be an extrovert, thriving off energy from and interactions with others. People turn to you to be the “life of the party.” RED You’re confident in your needs and wants and aren’t afraid to go after them, whether it comes to your leadership qualities at work or flirtations in your social gatherings. YELLOW This is a cheerful color that radiates positive energy and helps to promote creative yet practical ideas. It inspires optimism in those who see it and is embraced for the clarity it brings to thought processes.

WHITE White reflects purity, innocence and new beginnings. You may have or want to create a calming vibe for yourself and others. BLUE If you’re drawn to this color you may well be responsible and trustworthy, seeking order through organization. You sincerely care about others and living up to your promises. GREEN You’re a lover of nature and are practical and down to earth. You strive for balance in your life and are good at performing under pressure. GOLD If you’re drawn to gold you’re likely embracing life to the fullest and are an active participant in everything you do. You’re outgoing and enjoy sharing your wisdom with others. SILVER You tend to be introspective and have great insight on what is happening, likely drawing on a spiritual side. You readily embrace change and innovation.

PINK This is the color representing nurturing and unconditional love. It usually inspires insight and thoughtfulness, along with hopefulness and comfort.

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What to Consider WHEN BUYING A

y a d i l o H H ome D

eciding to invest in a holiday home is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you are thinking about it, you’re not alone. In 2020, vacation home sales rose 16.4%, according to the National Association of Realtors 2021 Vacation Home Counties Report. But before you get out your checkbook, there are a few things you should consider first.

WHAT ARE YOUR NEEDS? It’s nice to think of a place in Florida or upstate New York for a change of scenery, but don’t forget that traveling there will take time. It’s not a quick two- or three-day vacation if it’s that far away. According to the National Association of Realtors, more than 80% of vacationhome buyers choose locations within driving distance of where they live.

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You may want to consider someplace closer, unless getting far away is your objective. Which leads to our next question. HOW OFTEN YOU WILL USE IT? Consider how many times you would like to get away. Is this primarily for the family to gather during the holidays, or is it for personal getaways to unwind and relax? Take into account how long you would stay each time. Some people plan a few months every year while others may travel five to 10 short trips. WILL YOU BE RENTING IT OUT? If you plan only a few trips or just holidays with family, you may want to consider renting. Offsetting your costs could be attractive. Just make sure the community allows short-term rentals; more and more communities are banning these. And plan for additional expenses


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like a management company, damages and repairs and periods without renters. If your second home is in a ski resort for instance, and you want to ski, you won’t get peak rental rates. HAVE YOU CALCULATED THE EXTRA CARRYING COSTS OF A SECOND HOME? Yes, you may be able to work a second mortgage into your cash flow, but consider additional expenses like HOA fees, property taxes, insurance, unexpected repairs, yard and home maintenance or cleaning costs. These expenditures can add up quickly. DOES THIS HOME WORK INTO YOUR LONG-TERM GOALS? Can you continue to save for retirement, college, a wedding or other expenses in the long-term? There’s nothing wrong with shifting plans for a new priority, just think it through thoroughly first.

You may want to consult with your financial planner before making an offer. While vacation homes can gain value over time, short-term speculation on residential real estate is risky, and most buyers settle on a property they’ll enjoy for many years to come, according to the National Association of Realtors. Planning for long-term enjoyment can mean buying a place that’s big enough for a growing family or choosing an area with a range of recreational opportunities to accommodate evolving interests. Regardless of where you choose your home, make sure you do your research. The most common mistake with second-home buyers is not considering how often they’ll be using the home. A holiday home can be a fantastic getaway, and with the right research and consideration, one that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

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Approaches to Investing


by Steve Schott, Financial Advisor, Schott Financial Management

eople often ask when the best time is to purchase stocks, get in the market or sell. Trying to time the market is not possible. There are a few items to consider when purchasing stocks — most of which hold true for mutual funds. 1. PROFITS — Does the stock you are interested in make a profit? Clients often get excited about the newest thing (usually a technology company) and want to get in from the very beginning. This is way too much risk for an average investor — something better left to venture capital firms. After the company starts making a profit, there still can be considerable price appreciation with much less risk. 2. PE RATIO — The price divided by a company's earnings provides the PE Ratio. This computation can be performed on individual stocks or the market. Generally, a person wants a low PE ratio but if the ratio is too low, then there will not be profits. Another good comparison is like to like companies as different sectors have different expectations. Growth companies in general have higher PE ratios.


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3. DIVIDENDS — are a very important part of total return for portfolios especially when looking for yield in a rising interest rate environment. High quality stocks generally have dividends with a history of rising dividends over time. 4. 52 WEEK HIGH/LOW — This is a simple strategy that takes the average of the high and low prices for the last year and buying under that average. This does not

work for all stocks as those in strong growth phases rarely trade below the average, but the strategy works for most purchases. These are four ideas to help individual investors. Timing the market is not possible but being disciplined with a few simple strategies can add value to your portfolio. If you would like to further discuss these and other strategies, please give us a call at 928-776-1031, or visit our website at

Securities offered through Registered Representatives of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., a broker-dealer member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Cambridge and Schott Financial Management are not affiliated.


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p U g n i c u r p S your Serveware COLLECTION 44

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he ultimate hostess makes entertaining look easy, and with an eye for detail she can make her guests feel she spent hours preparing. But even the simplest last-minute hors d’oeuvres like sliced fruit, chips and dip or charcuterie of aged cheeses and meats are impressive when served on beautiful serveware. As a matter of fact, a study conducted at City University of NY found that people waste more food when eating with disposable plates and actually eat more when offered permanent plates. This means that having the right serveware handy is an important component to any soirée. Step one to building your serveware collection is to find out what you need. Unusual pieces that can be used for different functions are always a good idea. Platters can be used for many purposes and even gravy boats can be used to pour chocolate sauce or hollandaise. Olive boats can serve as a lovely way to serve nuts or fruit. Shop for antique, vintage or mid-century modern pieces online or consignment shops or visit a museum for unique ideas. Get creative. Here are a few things you might need: CHEESE/CHARCUTERIE BOARD Whether it’s marble, stone or wood, these make an elegant way to serve appetizers or main events. Spread meat, cheese, fruit, nuts and more and it looks like you’ve worked all day.

PITCHER Use a fluted or colorful pitcher for iced tea, punch, margaritas or even filtered water to take it up a notch. It also doubles nicely as a flower vase when not in use. DUTCH OVEN OR CASSEROLE DISH Not only do they make life easier by serving as both cookware and serveware, but these can make a beautiful accent on the table in bright orange or peacock blue. CAKE STAND OR PIE PLATE Add a bit of flair by using a cake stand instead of a plate. And don’t forget that doughnuts, cookies, bars and cupcakes look equally elegant atop a lovely cake stand. For pies, ditch the usual baking dish for a sturdy colorful ceramic version. Consider small additions that make a big impact. There’s no need to go overboard and buy everything; even minor touches can turn the event into something special. Think about an unusual butter keeper on the table, a ceramic or metal taco stand, a bamboo sushi tray or multitiered serving trays. Guests will feel pampered by the pour-over coffee stand rather than your standard coffee machine. Whatever you choose, make it your own.

SERVING UTENSILS Oversized forks are helpful when serving meat, while large spoons work well for most sides. Think about colorful tongs for salad or pasta or a ladle for soups and stews.

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What Constitutes Beauty in the Landscape?

by Alana Winston, Marketing Manager, ZebraScapes Landscaping


he beauty of your outdoor living space is the product of your creative mind. It also is the design in which you can relax and enjoy a peace of mind. Beauty in the landscape is about creating unified, ecological landscape designs personalized to your property and aspirations, together with a professional designer. Maintaining your landscape so that it’s continuously thriving is the goal. Landscaping professionals can facilitate customizable and essential services to fit your specific landscape, lifestyle and needs. Landscape structures provide function and beauty to any outdoor space. IDEAS TO CONTEMPLATE There are so many wonderful times to plant throughout the year. If living in or near the native areas around Prescott, be mindful of the wildlife. Some are gracious enough to visit your property consuming your potted beauties. Evergreen trees and shrubs require minimal maintenance yet provide greenery to any landscape. Low-growing, waterwise perennials, scarcely or rapidlygrowing annuals, wildflowers and grasses are other essential beauty elements used in landscaping.


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Colorful touches can include achilleas. These plants are known as yarrow and are fine-leaved with large sections of small flowers in white, yellow, and occasionally, various reddish and pinkish hues. Russian sage adds modest pops of purple while Moonshine Snake Plant contains a gray foliage. Autumn sage contains beautiful shades of red, purple, pink and violet. These plants appear from

late summer to fall attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. Pampas grass enhances fullness with a flower that blooms from the top, which enhances the plant’s beauty. Another water-wise implementation is the Butterfly Bush/shrub. This is one of Prescott gardens’ most colorful pieces. There are an abundance of ways to bring in more natural beauty to any outdoor oasis!

What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs.


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End your Evening ON A HIGH NOTE by Blake Herzog



igestifs, or after-dinner drinks, were traditionally believed to aid digestion after a big meal with their herbal content and complex flavors. Science hasn’t been able to prove a connection, but the warm, convivial mood they add to the end of a multicourse meal or dinner party keep their devotees coming back for more. Characterized by their smooth, often sweet flavors and high alcohol content, sipping a scant few ounces of these robust liquids after a large meal is a nice indulgence more commonly enjoyed in Europe and more than worth exploring anywhere else, especially in places as dreamy as Northern Arizona. Here’s just a sliver of the variety of tastes to be explored. AMARO This herbal liqueur offers earthy, bittersweet flavors from herbs, florals, bark and other botanical elements. Many of these Italian-made or inspired products bring citrusy or piney notes, while others have a smoky vibe that gives way to sweeter flavors like caramel or cinnamon. Its alcohol by volume (ABV) usually sits between 16% to 35%, and it’s best served at room temperature or over ice. AQUAVIT Adored by Scandinavians and fermented from potatoes and grains, it’s usually clear like vodka but brings together unusual caraway (considered a digestive aid), dill and anise flavors that have drawn comparisons with rye bread. It’s usually found as an import, but U.S. distillers have been experimenting with it as well. It can be chilled or served at room temperature, and its ABV averages around 40%.

BRANDY This mainstay is unusual among digestifs for the absence of such ingredients as herbs or spices intended to relax the digestive system. Its focus is rather on relaxing the drinker’s overall system, and by extension their stomach and intestines. Distilled from fruit, it retains the sweetness of the apples, grapes or cherries that birthed it along with the wood of the barrel it was aged in. It’s best served at room temperature, and an ABV from 30% to 60% provides a warmth appreciated any time of year. CHARTREUSE Its hypnotic green or yellow color comes from some 130 botanical ingredients in a secret recipe used and protected by the monks of the Grand Chartreuse monastery in the French town of the same name. The green variety tends to be more pungent with hints of mint to go with its higher ABV of 55%, while the yellow is mellower but can have spicy as well as floral tones, with its alcohol content hovering at 40%. Both are best served over ice or slightly chilled. SHERRY This favored fortified wine for cooking also is known for a rich flavor that can evolve with each sip. Real Spanish sherry is made from white grapes in the province of Jerez and aged within a unique solera system at room temperature from which bottles are periodically drawn. Many consider sherry to be sweet, but it originated as a dry wine and can also be savory. Best served chilled, the ABV is a milder 16% to 20%.

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s l r a e P





earls are what they are. Their smooth, iridescent surfaces hide nothing. People try to project their own images of them as fussy, outdated or existing only to be clutched, but their quiet strength has endured across the centuries to become more powerful than ever. “Pearlcore” is the latest of the “core-”driven aesthetics to enter the vocabulary, and while it doesn’t sound as allencompassing as cottagecore or gorpcore, it can go just as far to define your style. They and their faux stand-ins are literally everywhere — in jewelry and accessories, on sweaters, jeans and boots, even jogging pants. You can use them to define your look whether you’re going dressy or casual. They’re even sneaking back into the male fashion arena. STRANDS OF WISDOM While necklaces and bracelets are the most traditional places to put your pearls, they’re much more versatile than you may have thought. They elevate more


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relaxed outfits without leaving them behind and ground your higherend ensembles with an earthy yet polished appeal. Huge crosses, crescents, brooches and every other shape are in demand. Pearl earrings are emerging onto everyone’s lobes, and pearl watches add an elegant vibe to any occasion. SHEENY GLORY More pearls than ever are adding a flourish to collars, shoulders, sleeves and full shirts and dresses, not to mention the denim jackets and jeans they’ve always synced so well with. The pearl accents on boots and loafers are just getting bigger and better, and they’re even giving an even more glamorous spin for manicures. They’ve always adorned clutches and bags, and finding one encrusted with them is getting easier and easier.

PEARLS FOR HIM We knew pearlcore was a thing once searches for “pearls for men” began to trend. ASAP Rocky and Harry Styles have been nudging pearl strands and chains to the front of the trendline over the past couple of years, and their quiet power makes them a perfect match for most dudes. Classic pearl strands are stunning, but they’re also seen in masculine clasps and industrial designs. Menswear hasn’t succumbed to pearlcore yet, but stay tuned!

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Cleaning Services Help You


GLIDE THROUGH LIFE he struggle to keep your home clean is real. Whenever you have gotten it back to sparkling, life comes back in its wondrous messiness and sweeps through with dirt, dust and grime from outside and within. Every spill, spot, smudge and speck of dust sends you reeling, and your allergies won’t let you stop sneezing or snorting either. You’ve probably pondered hiring a professional cleaning service for years, but the unknowns have held you back, not the least of which is: What exactly do they do? How much support do they really supply for this never-ending battle? The answer depends on how frequently you bring one into your home and the level of service requested, but they can make a huge difference. GENERAL CLEANING Most cleaning services offer scheduled cleanings on a regular basis, such as every one or two weeks. These can tackle as many of the essential chores as you request but usually start with dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning the toilet, shower and bathroom counters, as well as kitchen appliances, counters and other surfaces. Toys and other clutter can be put back in their place and dishes washed and put away. Windows aren’t usually included in each visit but can be scheduled on a less-frequent basis.

DEEP CLEANING More intensive cleaning is generally done less frequently but can be done on a schedule, too, such as every three or six months. The target here is the grime that builds up in corners and behind appliances and furniture that isn’t noticed daily but can build up and affect your quality of life over the long term. Deep cleaners get to the coils under or behind your refrigerator, scrape all the caked-on grease on your stove and oven, thoroughly dust all corners along the ceilings and floor, clean under the sinks and on both sides of all windows. NOT INCLUDED Most services will not wash or fold laundry, but some companies may provide housekeepers who will visit several times a week to offer more extensive services including laundry, cooking, errands and child, elder or pet care.

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Orchestrate Flowers



lower arranging is an art form that nearly anyone can pick up as part of their home design repertoire to make every day and occasion feel fresh and unexpected. The elements of a successful arrangement are more or less universal, but there’s so much room to play within those parameters! THE VESSEL The foundation of your arrangement will guide your other decisions, or else let your floral choices determine the container you use.

Cylinder-shaped or bouquet vases work best for large, longstemmed blooms like roses or sunflowers, while bowl-shaped vases are perfect for shorter stems bearing vivid flowers such as carnations. Wider bowls will require floral frogs, wire or clay to provide more structure, but also open up many more possibilities for playing with shape and space. GREENERY Branches of eucalyptus, ivy, myrtle, pine, lemon leaf, ferns and others create a good base for your arrangement to grow

from, linking the flowers to their origin in the earth and providing contrast for their striking colors. All things green have been moving to the center of our color consciousness, and it’s entirely possible to create a botanical arrangement sans blooms, though they tend to be more soothing than eye-catching. FILLER BLOOMS Don’t let the term deceive you — these are an essential component of your arrangement and shouldn’t be randomly selected for inclusion. They typically occupy about one-third of the total inventory and provide volume, color consistency and support the power of your statement blooms. They often contain multiple flowers on a single stem, as do baby’s breath, delphinium, spray roses and stock. Most come in pastel shades that pair with most anything. STATEMENT BLOOMS These are the flowers that will provide the visual focus and stability to the design, displayed near the center of the arrangement or drooping slightly over the edge. They’re generally the largest blooms or have eyecatching colors and detail. Popular choices include roses, dahlias, hydrangeas, lilies, ranunculus, protea and anemones, but your choice of focal points can be as individual as you are.


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QUALITY | INTEGrity | EFFICIENCY | TEAMWORK | RELATIONSHIPS ZebraScapes Landscaping is a family owned and operated business here in the quad city area and have been in business for 13 years. It is a great time to access your tree and landscaping needs. Whether is it structural pruning, crown restoration, or tree removal and stump grinding, WE CAN DO IT! We are an ISA certified business with a licensed arborist on staff. We can handle all your tree care needs, including fertilizations and treatment options for insect pests or fungal issues affecting your trees and landscape. We strongly believe in a holistic approach for your outdoor needs. It’s all black and white at ZebraScapes. We would like to give a very warm welcome to JB, our Board-Certified Arborist. JB has 25 years’ experience in the Tree Care Industry and is a certified applicator. He resides in the Quad city area and has been committed to helping his community for 11 years. JB strives to do his best every day and maintains his dedication by providing 20+ more years to the community.

“We earn our stripes every day”

Call today to set up a consultation with JB to discuss your tree’s needs.

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Help orHinder T Will Personal Style THE SALE OF YOUR HOME?

by Gwen Holloway and Elena Sanwick, REALTORS®, LUXE Real Estate Group – Luxury Prescott

he benefits of home ownership are numerous, but one of the most desirable advantages is the ability to integrate one’s own personal style into each aspect of the home’s environment. Color choices, landscaping selections, interior fixtures, finishes and décor all give the owners an opportunity to showcase their own personalities and preferences. These style choices are personal and wonderful until it’s time to sell. Then the sellers must ask themselves: “Will my personal style help or hinder the sale of my home?” Three style choices that require rethinking/removing before the home is listed: COLLECTIONS With affluence comes the ability to collect. Local luxury homes have featured collections of antique cameras, model fighter planes, miniature motorcycles, vintage gas pumps, Irish memorabilia, antique dolls, penguins — the list goes on. While a room dedicated to a collection or a small number of items displayed throughout the home is interesting to potential buyers, collections that spill over into each room and dominate the décor can be a huge distraction. Less is most definitely more.


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PAINT COLORS Personal style is often expressed through paint colors, but chances are good that the potential buyers might not share the owner’s love of the primary palette for accent walls, for instance. An interior painted in a soft neutral tone throughout will be pleasing to most buyers and present them with limitless possibilities so that they can easily inject their own tastes after closing. Repainting the interior is perhaps the simplest and most cost-effective update, often bringing tens of thousands of dollars to the sale’s bottom line. ARTWORK Works of art can be personal

and often have very special meaning or significance. However, just in case potential buyers are sidetracked by monkeys in business suits or Victorian nudes, it’s best to remove even slightly controversial artwork, as it only takes away from the star of the show — the home itself! Neutralizing one’s style before listing a home can be painful. It requires a shift in perspective from the “home” to cherish to the “house” to sell. It may make it easier to think of the home itself as a canvas on which others may come to create their own environment. The blanker the canvas, the more potential for different types of style, i.e. buyers!


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“I think that I cannot preserve my health and spirits, unless I spend four hours a day at least, and it is commonly more than that, sauntering through the woods and over the hills and fields, absolutely free from all worldly engagements.” —Henry David Thoreau, Walking essay


F orest Bathing: A BETTER WAY TO


Take a Walk

hen you hear the term forest bathing, you may think swimming in a lake surrounded by trees. Although it does take place in a forest, there is no water involved. Rather, the aim of forest bathing is to slow down and become immersed in the natural environment. Take the time to focus on your surroundings by using all your senses.

Now, this may sound just like a hike, but it’s not. The emphasis is on taking in your surroundings like touching the bark of a tree, taking in the colors of the leaves or the sounds of the crickets and birds. While hiking you may miss these trying to cover more ground. While forest bathing, you may cover very little ground.

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WELLNESS The term shinrin-yoku, which translates roughly to forest bathing, was coined in the early 1990s in Japan. The practice traditionally takes people into the forest for a few hours up to a few days, while integrating activities to develop greater mindfulness and presence. Benefits of forest bathing, or nature therapy, include stress reduction, mental relaxation, boosts to the immune system and improved heart health, sleep, concentration and memory. A 2011 study compared the effects of forest bathing and walking in the city and although both activities required equal amounts of physical activity, researchers concluded that the forest environment led to more significant reductions in blood pressure and stress hormones. Of course, spending time in nature for your health is not new. But more and more these days, people spend more time indoors tethered to electronic devices. Which means now is a good time to turn everything off, don your walking shoes and slowly stroll around the beautiful Northern Arizona country.

BEST PLACES TO FOREST BATHE IN NORTHERN ARIZONA • White Spar Campground. Beautiful Arizona forest full of ponderosa pine, manzanita, oak, shrubs and grasses. • Locket Meadow. Known for brilliant fall colors and gorgeous landscape. • Sterling Pass Trail. The trail leads from Oak Creek Canyon into the scenic Sterling Canyon of the Red RockSecret Mountain Wilderness. • Flagstaff Urban Trails System (FUTS). A variety of terrain and easy walkways make this perfect for a bit of shinrinyoku.


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Cold & Flu Prevention


Health & Wellness Nutrients


WHISKEY ROW PREP Prevent Hangovers



Athletic Endurance

HAPPY DAZE Migraine Relief

MYERS’ COCKTAIL Improve Conditions



There are new "cocktails" in town and you are going to love these! They aren't your average cocktails, per se, but natural injectable vitamin and mineral infusions meant for your self care and preventative wellness routine! ABOOST WELLNESS has several different IV drips that can help you feel your best!


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ou eat a balanced diet, exercise routinely and yet you still retain water, feel bloated and fight cellulite. Perhaps you’re not doing anything wrong, and what you need is some lymphatic drainage massage. Although that may sound scary, a professional lymphatic massage combines manual lymphatic drainage and massage techniques to help reduce swelling and water retention and work to decrease the appearance of cellulite. And if you ask many experts, you can actually do this at home by dry brushing and using a smooth wooden body tool shaped like a paddle. First, the lymphatic system is an organ system that’s part of the immune system. Made up of a network of lymphatic vessels, nodes, organs and tissues, these vessels carry the clear lymph fluid back toward the heart for recirculation. But, unlike our cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system doesn’t have its own pump. That’s why dry brushing, massage and even holding your legs up the wall are important. It’s through these methods that we keep the lymph fluid moving. Dry brushing coaxes these fluids toward the heart and lymph nodes in a simple method of brushing toward the heart just before showering, which can be invigorating and a great way to exfoliate. Then post-shower, a quick use of the body tool gets the fluids flowing even more. To try this at home, you’ll need a dry brush and a body tool. There are a few different varieties of brushes online from soft or firm, long handles


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to handheld and boar bristles or fibers. Step one: Starting at the ankles, gently, but vigorously, stroke upward toward the hip, stroking about three to five times in each spot. Make sure to hit all areas of the legs up and including your derriere. Remember, this is pushing the fluids up and releasing a bit of cellulite so hit those spots. Step two: Use the same gentle upward strokes all over the arms from wrist to shoulder, making sure to hit each spot three to five times briskly. Step three: Brush downward on your torso from under the breasts to just above the pubic bone. You may notice a feeling of energy or see a pink flush due to increased blood flow. That’s expected. Step four: After your shower, slather your body with your favorite body oil to create some slip for the body tool to slide over your skin. Step five: Finally, glide the body tool over your skin, just as you used the brush, the leg, buttocks, arms and torso. Remember, you are coaxing the fluid toward the heart. Use gentle but firm pressure, making sure not to bruise yourself. You can expect reduced swelling, water retention and the appearance of cellulite. It may not be noticeable at first but practice three to five times a week to see results. Those who routinely dry brush report benefits to digestive issues, stress and a more tightened body. You may even notice the urge to pee more often, but that’s a good thing. Remember to stay hydrated to get the most out of your massage.

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lish Sheen P oFine YOUR BODY TO A


ne of the most luscious skin treatments available, body polishes exfoliate the top layer of dead cells while infusing you with nourishing, moisturizing ingredients. The invigorating sensation of the natural abrasives used in the process also spur the growth of new cells. And it all feels really good. This can be a standalone process or a precursor for additional treatments, including mud or seaweed wraps, because they unclog your pores and open them to receive other nourishing ingredients. Their high oil content distinguishes them from body scrubs, for which the main purpose is cleansing the skin rather than moisturizing it. Body polishes can be done at the spa, with the benefit of being pampered by those with expertise in the field, or at home, where you take an active role in your self-care and customize the ingredients to what you know works for you. The steps are essentially the same. STEAM Your treatment will begin with the therapist using a steamer on different sections of your skin to open up your pores. At home you will take a lukewarm shower.


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OIL You or your therapist will massage a warm oil all over your body, typically olive or coconut to drench your body in smooth hydration. POLISH This is the main event; rub the exfoliant cream in circular motions over sections of your skin with a loofah until all has been treated. The body polish typically consists of either coconut, olive or jojoba oil and a finely ground natural substance such as sugar or oatmeal (best for sensitive skin), salt (better for dry or

flaky skin), nut or fruit shells, coffee grounds or baking soda (particularly effective for acne). RINSE This can be done in a warm bath or shower or sometimes on the massage table in a spa. Do not use soap now or for about a day afterward. MOISTURIZE Your body is slathered with hydrating lotion to seal in moisture and extend the results of the polish. These treatments usually are done monthly, though gentler exfoliants can be used more often.

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R ight for You


by Aymee Wilson, Owner & Founder, Wilson Aesthetics

ioidentical hormone replacement pellet therapy is an effective treatment being used by many older women and men. WHAT ARE BIOIDENTICAL HORMONE REPLACEMENT PELLETS? These pellets are tiny, rice-sized pellets positioned beneath the surface of the skin to perform the task of releasing a specific number of hormones over several days. Pellet therapy is the only recommended long-term testosterone or estrogen hormone replacement therapy considered to be impactful for many months. Bioidentical hormones are designed chemically to be matching the natural body hormones. The pellet therapy is unique from synthetic hormones, which are largely employed in the oral and injectable treatment and come with undesirable side effects. WHAT IS HORMONE PELLET THERAPY? This therapy employs hormones taken out from natural plants to imitate the natural hormone levels in the body. Placing these tiny pellets just under the skin will cause a gradual release of controlled doses of hormones into the body,

preserving the natural levels. Pellets will remain for three to six months relying on weight, gender, metabolism levels and the hormone variations in the individual. Pellets are unique because: • Hormones will be absorbed directly into the bloodstream without entering the liver and gastrointestinal system. • There will be a constant flow of essential hormones. • The body will naturally control the release of the inserted hormone. • There will be no requirement of applying any extra gel or cream.

Benefits may include: • Control of emotions • Improved sexual function, bone density and mental relaxation. • Fading anxiety and depression • Fewer headaches • Enhanced concentration and memory • Reduced urinary frequency issues, incontinence • Enhanced muscle strength, bone density • May ward off Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

THE PROCEDURE Insertion of the pellet is by a doctor starting with application of a local anesthetic. A tiny cut will be made in the upper hip area and the pellet — which is somewhat the size of a grain of rice — will be inserted. Stitches are not required. Some individuals will see improvement in a month but the full effect may be gradually seen over six months. VOL. 2, NO. 4 Northern A Z Luxur y L iving


n e g a l l o C CAN FIGHT



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ollagen is the most commonly found protein in the human body and helps to build and rebuild our teeth, bones, muscles, tendons and joints, but its importance in the structure of our skin is what’s most studied in the dermatology and beauty world. Collagen is the glue that holds together the dermis, the skin’s widest layer, sitting just below the epidermis with hair and sweat glands, nerve endings and capillaries. It’s also found in the lowest subcutaneous layer, along with fat and fibroblasts. Our bodies make the most collagen while they are still growing, and production starts to drop by about 1% each year once we reach our 30s. There’s no way to stop this process, but avoiding smoking and sun damage while eating a healthy diet rich in protein and vitamin C can slow it down. Collagen loss in the dermis thins and dehydrates it, creating folds, or wrinkles, in the epidermis as well as a loss of plumpness and elasticity. There are several types of treatments that either attempt to add more collagen to the body or stimulate its production within the body: COLLAGEN CREAMS Creams containing collagen from bovine or other animal sources can be applied to the skin to replenish the body’s supply; they can improve appearance but don’t spur additional collagen production in healthy skin because the molecules are too large to be absorbed by it. Creams can be more beneficial for skin that is healing, such as after a cut or a microneedling session.

COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENTS These mostly come in the form of capsules of collagen powder created from animal or human sources. Supplements are the preferred treatment for boosting the body’s collagen content and in some studies have proven to be effective, though other experts believe it may be completely broken down during the digestive process and not absorbed into the bloodstream. COLLAGEN INJECTIONS Injections can improve the appearance of wrinkles around the forehead, eyes and nose and also add plumpness to the lips, generally with longer-lasting results than other types of fillers. In some cases they can trigger additional collagen production within the body. However, many patients have an allergic reaction to bovine collagen, so it is important to be tested for this beforehand. RADIO FREQUENCY TREATMENTS Thermalift and other forms of this therapy use low-energy radiation from radiofrequency waves to heat the dermis to 122 to 167 degrees for up to three minutes at a time, which has been shown to trigger release of heatshock proteins that in turn activate production of new collagen fibers. This approach tightens skin, reduces wrinkles and can reduce the effects of sun damage, and results can last anywhere from six months to two to four years if you maintain a consistent weight.

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icrodermabrasion is the kinder, gentler approach to fixing facial skin concerns. Where dermabrasion uses a rotating device to literally sand layers of skin to improve acne scars pox marks and scars from accidents or disease, microdermabrasion is about freshening your look. While dermabrasion offers help to fair-skinned people, microdermabrasion works on all types of skin and skin colors as a fine tuner of exfoliation and rejuvenation leading to softer, brighter, younger looking skin. No numbing or anesthetic medication is required for this nonsurgical treatment, and skin may only be temporarily pink for less than 24 hours. At most, avoid sun exposure for a few days.


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Warning though, skin older than 70 may have a slightly higher risk of bruising ad skin abrasion. Microdermabrasion is a painless, noninvasive, skinrejuvenation procedure using a combination of a fine abrasive tip or crystals and vacuum suction. There are no needles involved. While dermabrasion creates a feeling of a brush-burn for a few days, microdermabrasion is more like the licks of your cat’s slightly rough tongue. The crystal microdermabrasion system uses a pump, a connecting tube, a handpiece and a vacuum to scrap the skin and suck up the crystals to exfoliate skin cells. A diamond microdermabrasion machine is considered safer around the eyes and lips, experts

say, because it does not produce particles from crystals that could be inhaled or blown into the eyes. To break it down a bit, the crystals are applied to the skin and the vacuum part of microdermabrasion gently pulls and lifts a small section of skin stimulating blood circulation and creating a mild swelling to collect the crystals and dead skin. The handpiece is moved over the skin in smooth passes — usually two to four per area work. With one treatment, your skin may look smoother and be better able to absorb moisturizers. Costs usually run from $100 to $250. Treatments may be repeated every three to four weeks for best results. Sessions can last five minutes to an hour. Home-kits are available ranging in price from $40 to $195.


We are located in the heart of Sedona, Arizona near Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill. Our address is 900 West State Route 89A, Sedona, Arizona 86336. If you have found Adobe Jack Trailhead, you will also find the entrance to Ambiente, since the property also owns this amazing trailhead access to some of the most premier hiking and mountain biking in Sedona.



S a il into S lee p ON COMFORTING SOUNDS


leep isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. Given how many Americans report getting inadequate sleep, the search for sleep aids has been far and wide. One method that has garnered continued interest is the use of certain kinds of sound to mask environmental noise and create a soothing background for those who are easing their way into slumber at night. Many types of noise have been tried and researched for their efficacy at promoting sleep. These are the most commonly used “colors,” or categories, of sound and can be easily experimented with by using sound machines or finding examples on YouTube or various smartphone apps. WHITE NOISE Its name has become a blanket term for the sleep-inducing sound industry, but actually applies to a specific type of sound. It incorporates sound levels from across the audible spectrum in equal amounts, without any emphasis on higher or lower frequencies or pitches. Some of the noises generally categorized as white include humming air conditioners, fans, radiators or refrigerators, as well as TV static and vacuums. Many sleepers find this distribution of noise excels at blocking louder incidental noises.

PINK NOISE Here the lower frequencies are dialed up in intensity for a lower, deeper tone. Numerous sounds from natural sources apply here such as ocean waves, heartbeats, rustling leaves, rain showers, waterfalls and wind. Many people who find white noise too high and distracting are more relaxed when hearing these types of noises. Preliminary research has suggested pink noise can lower frequency of brain waves and improve memory and recall the following day. BROWN NOISE These sounds are tilted toward deeper pitches still and include thunder, strong river currents and high winds. Some users find this still more relaxing, and some studies indicate it might improve concentration and work performance. BLACK NOISE This would be silence or close to it, with very little action on any part of the sound frequency spectrum. If you already have a very quiet sleep environment and don’t have to contend with tinnitus, you likely don’t need any kind of sleep-enhancing noise.

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Flagstaff, Arizona Flagstaff is a four season hub of activity where an eclectic mix of small-town charm and endless outdoor adventure beckons. It is the highest point on the entirety of Route 66. It's also the place where Pluto was discoverd and astronauts trained before first visiting the moon. Drop your bags off at Little America, a prime location close to great restaurants, hiking, skiing and only 90 minutes away from the Grand Canyon. Email or call 928.350.8006 for more information.

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your Kitchen Appliances WITH FUNCTION & AESTHETICS


esigning a kitchen, whether for the first time or a remodel, requires a lot of planning. Choosing the right appliances for your aesthetics, whether bold, modern or traditional can make heads turn and everyone feel right at home. And let’s not forget that the right appliances are an investment. After all, it is probably the room your family spends the most time in, where you eat breakfast, prepare dinner, share family stories and entertain family and friends.

Based on their functionality and appearance, it’s a smart idea to choose the highest-quality appliances you can afford. These should last for years, and it’s vital that they work with your aesthetic and design. The color, size and style can define the entire room. Of course, deciding on the best appliances can be overwhelming. To make the process as smooth as possible, here are a few tips.

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1. It’s best to create a design plan and do your research before shopping. This can make the process easier and ensure you end up with a stylish and functional kitchen that meets your needs. 2. Your kitchen layout will determine your appliance choice. Consider flow and traffic patterns, along with architectural and structural restraints. 3. Your budget also influences your choices, so be realistic. But also remember some can be investments and splurging here and saving in other areas may be a wise choice. 4. Consider your family's lifestyle, how often you entertain and how your family uses the kitchen daily. Think about your current kitchen: what do you love and what would you


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change? Will you be using this kitchen differently? If you will be entertaining more, consider adding a wine fridge, second oven or warming drawers. 5. Now it’s time for the important style decisions. Built-in appliances give a sleek finished look that can be customized for your design aesthetic. One new trend is the glass-door refrigerator, which gives a contemporary look. Models by True and Sub Zero look sleek and modern. For a more flexible approach, look at freestanding appliances. Although they stand out rather than blend in, they can be a defining focal point. They also tend to be less expensive and easier to move. Consider using a copper, circular or hand-painted hood over the stove to give a personal design element that is unique.

6. Color choice is sometimes the most difficult decision. Bold colors, traditional or neutral shades change the look dramatically. Whether you want what’s on trend, like pastels or bright primary colors, or appliances that disappear behind a panel, these decisions will define your aesthetic. Consider perhaps one appliance that becomes a central design element, like the hand-painted stove hood or a baby-blue dishwasher. The perfect kitchen design for your personal style is out there. And with so many options, the best solution is to define your needs and style up front. The appliances you choose and how you install them will make all the difference. Take your time, and consider working with a design-build professional who can educate you about options and help you meet your functional and aesthetic needs.

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by Linda Hughes, Owner, SugarPine & Lantana Design Studio

hen it came time to start developing and planning my new boutique SugarPine last year, I considered what exactly the concept was going to be. Knowing that my obsession was for design and home furnishings, I couldn’t let go of the idea that I wanted to include the little things that make life enjoyable. Surrounding yourself with the little things that bring you joy can change an ordinary day to one that seems as if all is right with “your world.” What makes “your world” joyful is varied and unique. Your lifestyle may include sports, involvement with local clubs, gardening, travel or charitable groups. Whatever it is will be incorporated into your daily routine. How you make the most of your day can always be improved upon by taking the time to know what works for you and acting on it. These things no doubt are different for everyone. With so many variables to consider, I went with my personal life experience. I included the following: Fragrances — A wide selection of all natural and unique fragrances, candles and body products, handmade by a small firm in a neighboring state. Jewelry — A line found on


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vacation featuring beautiful hammered, matte gold designs. Parfum — The loveliest of scents made in small batches. Loungewear — Soft and cozy and found nowhere else in the county.

Warm weather footwear — All-time favorite that no one else carries surprisingly. The feeling that “This is perfect, this is me!” needed to be included.

Invest in the beauty and comfort of home this holiday season with Hunter Douglas shades

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e z i n r e d o M your Outdoor Kitchen


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e’ve been basking in the sun for months now and many of us have regularly moved our meals outside to take advantage. In the process you might have found out the old, reliable grill isn’t so reliable anymore, or it’s finally time to make life easier by beefing up your backyard food prep and storage options. Because you want your new outdoor kitchen to be effective for years, you should include the newest, highest-end technology you can. Here are some of the freshest appliances and concepts to include in your al fresco chef ’s domain! WI-FI/BLUETOOTH GRILLS You may think this is a case of an appliance that doesn’t really need to be “smart,” but Wi-Fi-enabled gas and pellet grills can be monitored from inside the house or elsewhere in the yard for internal and external temperature, cooking speed and even give you a window into a closed smoker. They “know” when the weather is cooler and add extra juice to heat the grill quickly and, if they’re gasfueled, how much is left in the tank. The apps include recipes, step-by-step instructions and even tell you when it’s time to flip a burger — if you’re looking for that level of instruction. PIZZA OVENS These are much more versatile than their name implies, but they truly excel at baking this all-around favorite meal in minutes. Just make sure it’s big enough to accommodate the largestsized pizza you’ll want to make. Gas-fueled ovens are more predictable and easy to control, but many people considering a pizza oven purchase won’t settle for anything less than the full wood-fired experience with logs or pellets. Meat and veggie dishes, flatbreads, casseroles, desserts and more also are fantastic out of these whether they’re brick, adobe or portable.


REFRIGERATORS When these are used outdoors they must have the insulation and power needed to deal with unpredictable ambient conditions, so make sure it’s UL-certified for outside use. Some are now being made that can work either inside or out, something to consider if you think you might need this versatility. A beverage or wine cooler may be all you really need out there, but remember most aren’t food-safe since they don’t get down to 40 degrees or below. True refrigerators come in undercounter and full-size versions, and you’ll need to determine whether a freezer is worth the extra cost and energy. BIOCLIMATIC PERGOLAS If your cooking area won’t already be protected by a patio roof, these structures will give you the ultimate balance between protection and freedom with open sides and a roof that reacts to the weather via sensors to provide the sun and water protection you need — no more and no less. Any rain or snow that accumulates there is conveniently drained via pipes along the columns to avoid any sudden showers. Conservatories made of iron and glass provide more protection and lend a more classical look, but should be shaded to prevent overheating in the summer.

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BuildFloor yourPlan Home Up W



by Gillian Haley, Vice President & Co-Owner, Haley Construction Company

hen you’re having the home of your dreams built, sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. It often hinges on where your vision is focused — the architecture, the landscaping, the views or how you want the kitchen or living room to look. But when it’s time to start drawing the plans, it’s important to find a floor plan that works for you and your family, taking into account your needs for privacy versus openness, indoor versus outdoor living and so on. You want to get this part of it right, and you don’t have to be constrained by what everyone else tends to do. Here are some steps you can take to draw up a plan perfect for you.

WRITE DOWN EVERYBODY’S NEEDS Give everyone you expect to be living in the new home a chance to talk about what they want and expect from it now and in the future, no matter how young or old they are. You can craft this vision during family meetings, in a shared document or whatever process works best for your situation. CONSIDER THE LOCATION AND LAYOUT OF THE PROPERTY It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg question; should we have a floor plan before we choose the land or vice versa? If you already know where you’ll build, you can take

advantage of that to maximize its vistas, natural lighting and energy efficiency — aspects you’re already starting to plan around. If not, you can decide how your floor space can best flow for you and then find a lot where viewsheds and other natural amenities can be accessible to everyone. GET IDEAS FROM OTHER HOMES Start with homes you’ve visited and enjoyed, then consider how they would work for your lifestyle. Then look at such websites as www., www.floorplans. com and www.monsterhouseplans. com; look at experimental home designs; go on home tours; talk to architects; and dream!

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s t c e j o r P d r a y Ba c k CAN ELEVATE YOUR

Outdoor Space 86

Northern A Z Luxur y L iving VOL. 2, NO. 4


iving in this part of the country allows ample time to head outside and lounge in the outside spaces, enjoying the fresh air and comfortable temperatures the rest of the country can only envy. Why not make the most of the space? Aside from adding value to your home, upgrading your outdoor space can set the stage for alfresco parties and luxurious alone time. CONSIDER AN OUTDOOR THEATER If you are planning to bring friends and family over for a truly special movie night — what about turning your outdoor space into a spectacular outdoor theater by adding an oversized projection screen? Add seating, including sofas, lounge chairs and a fire pit. Soften the space with planters, an outdoor rug and space heaters and everyone will stay for the second feature. OUTDOOR ART IS NOT JUST FOR RESORTS Resorts often include artwork and sculptures, giving properties luxurious style. Accent your patio and garden areas with unique art to give it an elegant appearance that stands out from the typical garden. Consider metal art and sculptures to give your space a truly one-of-a-kind look. Many artists can create pieces specifically for your space, making it a truly unique experience. OUTDOOR FINE DINING Outdoor dining areas create the perfect place to entertain friends and family. By adding a stylish outdoor dining set you can create the resort experience in your own backyard. Not a picnic bench or typical outdoor table, consider a large wood table with a cushioned bench and chairs under a pergola that includes outdoor lights and a chandelier. Take the next elegant dinner party outside and impress everyone.


ADD A WELLNESS COMPONENT It’s time to focus on self-care. When adding a backyard project, consider adding a quiet, soothing space for yoga and/or meditation with pillows and soft rugs or a sauna, hot tub or cold plunge to wake up your senses and even an outdoor shower. Your outside space can become a place of peace and calm for not just you, but friends and family. CREATE YOUR OWN VACATION SPOT After staying at home for the past two years, the trend now is to bring the vacation vibe home, specifically in the backyard. Include a year-round, built-in fire pit or a covered space for entertaining. Add overhead infrared and gas heaters for warmth and lighting for ambiance. Installing these can be lowcost, high-reward additions that create a resort feel without leaving home. ADD AN OUTDOOR KITCHEN Blend indoor and outdoor living by adding an outdoor kitchen on your patio or deck. Make it a built-in kitchen with all the essentials including a grill, beverage fridge and plenty of counter space to prepare those meals. If you include an outdoor finedining area, you are sure to get the resort feel and impress your guests.

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ery a Nu&rsYou DesignBaby W FOR

hen you’re bringing a new baby home, you should put them in a room where the lighting and temperature can be easily controlled and the decor easily customized when your child’s own personality and preferences emerge. It should harmonize with the rest of your home but have a fresh, uncluttered perspective. And above all it should be a safe haven, free from dangerous furniture, harmful substances and incorporating natural elements to begin fostering a love for the environment. Nurseries serve three main functions and should be organized

into “zones” that support each activity — plus some little luxuries you can enjoy together.

SLEEPING You may think all cribs are rectangular platforms bounded by wooden slats, but they come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Some are even done with acrylic slats or sides for 100% visibility. A few even have builtin monitors and sensors that can rock your baby back to sleep. But you may choose to start with a cradle and bassinet for a snugger and more portable environment,

and they lend themselves even more to luxurious styles and materials, though a marble bassinet might be a bit impractical. Put whimsical wallpaper or stickers on the ceiling to entertain a baby who will be spending a lot of time face-up.

FEEDING A rocker may be the most timehonored type of seating for this vital, time-consuming task, but glider chairs provide a gentler ride for both of you. Many are recliners as well, and they come in every design aesthetic you can imagine, ready to be integrated into another room later on. Look for ones with pushbutton controls and USB charging ports to make this time more effortless and multifunctional. CHANGING There are ways to make this part of the day more fun for everyone, starting with ultraplush table toppers that can be safely attached to the top of an heirloom dresser to draw some family history into the mix. A purpose-built changing table can me more convenient, and some can be converted into child-size furniture once the diapering days are “behind” you.


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When it’s your time to make your dream come true, turn to the builder who takes it personally and makes it happen. There’s something luxurious about a custom home. Every detail is purposeful, every room a reflection of you and your unique taste and lifestyle. It’s designed to be your comfort zone, a place where you and your family can enjoy the best part of your lives. Prescott’s Hometown Builder for more than 30 years.

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ensors, apps and voice commands have been making our home lives more comfortable and streamlined for more than a decade, and most luxury homes incorporate some combination of security, climate, lighting, watering and entertainment controls to make living even more effortless. Take a look at these upgrades that will elevate your existence into the stratosphere of ease.

available sunlight or to commands sent via Wi-Fi, has been available for commercial and institutional (school, museum, etc.) structures and some multifamily projects. More options are available for single-family homes as well, including adhesive films that can be attached to existing windows as well as glass for new builds and remodels.

SMART WINDOWS Automated blinds and shades work so well, but still get in between you and the stunning Northern Arizona vistas you moved here for. Electrochromic glass, which adjusts its tint to the amount of

SMART RANGES AND OVENS While smart refrigerators purportedly assist you with notifications of whether you need to buy more milk, veggies or meat, these features mostly still live in the future. But smart ranges

Northern A Z Luxur y L iving VOL. 2, NO. 4

and ovens really can make your cooking life much easier through remote and timed preheating via apps, power burners, air fry trays, built-in temperature probes, cinematic lighting, recipe databases and more. Smart range hoods that can be monitored from everywhere and adapt to the level of particulates, grease and other impurities are just coming onto the market. INTEGRATION AT LAST? One of the biggest issues with home tech is the number of devices coming out from different companies that are the best in their class but may not be the best at communication with devices from other manufacturers. The complexity of working out these bugs has slowed adoption of smart home tech and triggered countless headaches for homeowners. The long-awaited Matter interoperability standard that more than 200 companies including Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon have been developing currently is expected to debut in fall 2022. Security cameras and alarm systems are the largest category that won’t be integrated until Matter 2.0 (at least).


Architecture Styles

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10501 E, AZ-89A, Prescott Valley, AZ

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The first 600 fans in LIVE HORSE RACING attendance on opening (Saturday, Monday, & Tuesday in August)

day will receive an JUNE 25-SEPTEMBER exclusive 5 pair of Caesars Every Saturday and Monday Sportsbook glasses

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The first 600 fans in attendance on opening day will receive an exclusive pair of Caesars Sportsbook glasses. Gates Open: 10:00AM

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FREE ADMISSION - Monday and Tuesday

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$100K Average Daily Purse Our Caesars Sportsbook oficially opens with the live races.

Clubhouse tables available for reservation Now you can bet on sports Our Caesars Sportsbook officially opens with the live races. Now you can bet on sports like a Caesar year round at Arizona Downs!

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L ayer



Versatile Window Coverings


by Robin and Tom Binkley, Owners, Prescott Window Coverings

rapes, blinds and other window coverings serve multiple purposes — they need to both allow and block sunlight, plus enhance your interior decor. Serving all these masters most easily is done by layering your treatments to suit your needs. BOTTOM LAYER Any solid window coverings such as blinds and shutters are hung closest to the glass. These do an excellent job of controlling the light levels within the room while maintaining a solid, polished look. Softer light-blocking treatments like shades can create a mellower, calm atmosphere, and gauzy curtains filter sunlight while letting most through. Cellular shades are particularly useful for older windows or in more extreme climates, such as in Phoenix or Flagstaff. They’re great for insulation and blocking drafts and have a contemporary look that complements many design styles, or they can be paired with more traditional fabrics. Roman shades combine softness and elegance as their layers gradually fold under each other, while roller shades lend a somewhat sleeker look. Both look

amazing with a cornice installed on top to conceal the fabric when they’re completely raised. TOP LAYER This is where the fun comes in with draperies in solids and colorful prints that can augment your home decor and, in the case of blackout curtains, block out all light for an environment conducive to a good night’s sleep and complete privacy, when needed. The most classic look is heavier drapes surrounding translucent gauze curtains or shades for an airy, dreamy vibe. They also

can provide backup for opaque rollup or cellular shades while softening the look of the interior. It’s usually best to pair one with a print with another of neutral or complementary color, but sometimes you can choose one bolder print and combine it with a more delicate pattern for an arresting look. White can blend in with the walls and soften a room. Draperies over solid window treatments such as blinds or shutters are the best of both worlds, pairing lighting control with luxurious style.

VOL. 2, NO. 4 Northern A Z Luxur y L iving


Targeting your luxury consumers in NORTHERN ARIZONA

Prescott • Prescott Valley • Payson • Wickenburg • Cottonwood • Sedona • Flagstaff • Verde Valley


1120 W State Rte. 89A, Ste. A1 Sedona, AZ 86336

Blackmarr's Furniture 109 State Rte. 179 Sedona, AZ 86336

L'Auberge de Sedona

Red Agave Resort

Sedona Real Hotel

Layla's Bakery-Cafe

Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty

Sky Ranch Lodge

Sedona Activity Center

1200 W. State Rte. 89A Sedona, AZ 86336

301 L'Auberge Ln. Sedona, AZ 86336

3190 W State Rte. 89A, Ste. 200 Sedona, AZ 86336

Medically Yours

Enchantment Resort

525 Boynton Canyon Rd. Sedona, AZ 86336

3190 W State Rte. 89A, Ste. 150A Sedona, AZ 86336

Guidance Aviation

Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona

120 Canyon Cir Dr. Sedona, AZ 86351

Sky Rock Sedona

2015 W. State Rte. 89A Sedona, AZ 86336

Sedona Airport

336 State Rte. 179, Ste. A201 Sedona, AZ 86336

235 Air Terminal Dr. Sedona, AZ 86336

Jaliza’s Beauty Lounge


Sedona Golf Resort

2530 W State Rte. 89A, Ste. B2 Sedona, AZ 86336

60 Tortilla Dr. Sedona, AZ 86336

35 Ridge Trail Dr. Sedona, AZ 86336

Junipine Resort

Poco Diablo Resort

Sedona Home & Design Center

1752 State Rte. 179 Sedona, AZ 86336

115 Airport Rd. Sedona, AZ 86336

20 Roadrunner Dr., Ste. A Sedona, AZ 86336

1200 Airport Rd. Sedona, AZ 86336

8351 State Rte. 89A Sedona, AZ 86336

95 Arroyo Pinon Dr. Sedona, AZ 86336

The Wilde Resort & Spa 2250 W. State Rte. 89A Sedona, AZ 86336

The Wood Joint

2035 Contractors Rd., Ste. 10 Sedona, AZ 86336

55 Shelby Dr., Ste. A-14 Sedona, AZ 86336

Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village 336 State Rte. 179 Sedona, AZ 86336

Sedona, Arizona From hiking and fine dining to art galleries to wineries, resorts and spas, Sedona has so much to do for even the most discerning visitors. You’ve heard about the natural beauty and energy vortexes of Sedona. Now is the time to experience everything firsthand. Seeing the iconic red rocks of Sedona will simply take your breath away. Email or call 928.350.8006 for more information.


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