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Acronis SCS Government Relations Manager, Lynndy Smith, and members of the Mesa Industry and Defense Council after a discussion with General McGuire about military workforce recruitment and development.

Acronis SCS is creating jobs for veterans and strengthening our nation’s cyber workforce


cronis SCS has been a trusted partner for the U.S. public sector for 15 years. Acronis SCS opened its doors in Scottsdale at the beginning of April 2019. Previously operating under Acronis, Inc., Acronis SCS is now an independent, small-but-fast-growing tech company that provides data security and cyber protection products to the U.S. government. If you’re not sure what that means, here’s a quick break down: 1. Data security – Everything you touch turns to data. It’s part of how you do business, check your email and track your steps on your watch or phone. The federal government has loads of data too, and that data is constantly traveling from an office to a mobile device or out to the battlefield. Keeping that data safe is a constant battle. There are many sophisticated attackers capable of taking down essential operations or causing disastrous data losses. Acronis SCS strives to improve government security through innovative products that protect data regardless of its location. 2. Cyber protection – Unlike the commercial industry, which tends to ad-

vance quickly in the race to a digitized world, government agencies tend to have more legacy technology. The government operates on massive interconnected systems that are often over 15 years old, making it extremely difficult to not only manage but to monitor and protect. Recovering from a cyber attack can take days, weeks or even months and can cost millions of dollars. That is why Acronis SCS creates specific tools for agencies to easily and cost effectively maintain a secure IT infrastructure while enabling organizations to slowly but surely upgrade to next generation tools and processes. Acronis SCS is being used to ensure mission success across every branch of the U.S. military. At its core, Acronis SCS is committed to the security of our country and to the men and women who serve it. Acronis SCS is a proud participant in SkillBridge, a program designed for veterans transitioning from active duty to civilian careers. By participating in this internship program for veterans, Acronis SCS can continue serving our men and women in uniform, while also building up critical cyber talent within our nation’s workforce.


CEO of Acronis SCS, John Zanni, with Senator Martha McSally at an Arizona State Society event in Washington, D.C.

When asked why he chose Arizona for headquarters, CEO John Zanni says, “I’ve traveled the world many times and I like Arizona. With a great standard of living, low costs and access to university talent, Arizona has the opportunity to be a hotbed for technology. It’s also a state with strong ties to our military and support for veterans,” which he says is a core part of how Acronis SCS runs its business. By the end of 2019, Acronis SCS is projected to employ a staff comprised of 20% veterans. Acronis SCS has already begun putting down roots by connecting with business leaders, local government and technology organizations in the greater Phoenix community. Acronis SCS looks forward to bolstering the economy, attracting new businesses and cultivating cyber talent. To learn more about Acronis SCS, its technology and its career opportunities, visit



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