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ne of the best ways to champion for your community is by getting involved. Every community has numerous ways to help make the area around you a better place. Volunteering for a local nonprofit, participating in an Adopt-AStreet program or donating your resources are among a few ways you can get involved. Joining your local Chamber of Commerce is another great way to connect with your community and those who live and work around you. When you read “join your local Chamber of Commerce” did you think more about the ways the Chamber is designed to support you and your business? While yes, the Chamber is meant to be a convener for leaders and influencers and a catalyst for business growth, we are also here to champion for our communities, which we couldn’t do without the help of our members! Aside from being able to connect you with some very worthy causes in the community, chambers also offer the opportunity to volunteer with them directly. Joining your local Chamber of Commerce is ideal for strengthening your footprint in the community. Getting involved with programs



you care about connects you to the information and people that will enhance the value of your membership. The Glendale Chamber offers members a range of opportunities to share their expertise and enthusiasm with the community. Below is a list of volunteer committees available through the Glendale Chamber: • Ambassador Committee: The Ambassadors are the welcoming “arm” of the Chamber. The Ambassador Committee was created to help strengthen relationships with existing members and to assist businesses just starting up in the region. Their goal is to cultivate members, especially new and inactive ones, provide responses to the Chamber team regarding needs and issues of concerned members, and work to reinforce the benefits of Chamber membership to assist with member retention. • Board of Directors: The Board of Directors is the policy body of the Glendale Chamber. Its members represent a cross-section of the business and professional leadership in the community. It has always been considered an honor to serve on the board. Genuine and unselfish interest in the Chamber and its objective is the first requirement for board members. The board performs the legislative function for the organization, that is, it makes all policy decisions for the Chamber. • Marketing Committee: The Glendale Chamber thrives on gaining new members, engaging existing members and creating learning opportunities for the business community. The Marketing

Committee is designed to increase the Glendale Chamber’s brand awareness through marketing strategies that align with organizational membership growth and engagement activities. They work to add value to the Glendale Chamber by providing marketing workshops and programs designed to help Chamber-member businesses. • Military & Veterans Affairs Committee (MVAC): The MVAC provides recognition and assistance to our local military community, which is comprised of active duty personnel, reserve personnel, veterans and their respective spouses and families; helps members of the Glendale Chamber of Commerce conduct more business with Luke Air Force Base; and encourages businesses to hire veterans. • Political Action Committee (PAC): The PAC works to educate individuals about candidates who recognize the power and impact they have on local businesses and communities so that voters can make an informed decision. • Public Policy Council: The Public Policy Council provides unique opportunities for business leaders to influence civic, social and business initiatives that support community growth. As the voice of the business community, the Chamber offers leadership on issues that transform our community. We invite you to get involved with us. Build your business relationships as we work together to help our community prosper. For more information visit


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Glendale LIVING Magazine Summer 2019