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Should you use a REALTOR ® to purchase new construction?


ou bet! There are several reasons why you

A REALTOR® can help you pick the builder that best

would be wise to employ an experienced new

meets your needs. Once you have chosen a builder,

construction REALTOR® to represent you with

your REALTOR® can advise on lot selection, upgrades

your purchase of a home to be built or a newly-con-

and design choices. Another important role of your

structed home. The No. 1 reason is the pleasant

REALTOR® is making sure you understand the contract

woman or nice man greeting you at the model home

you are entering into and all disclosures you would be

or building site solely represents the builder. They may

required to sign. Your REALTOR® can also assist you

offer you advice, but they do not act on your behalf.

along the way with the building process and help if any issues arise.

Using a REALTOR® allows you to have your own representation. REALTORS® aren’t just agents. They are

Many builders will have their own mortgage lenders.

professional members of the National Association of

Surprisingly, this is not all bad. In most cases you

REALTORS®, and subscribe to its strict code of ethics.

would receive added incentives and upgrades on your new home by using their lender. However, your REAL-

As a buyer, you would not be paying additional money

TOR® can help you weigh the value of these incentives

for a REALTOR® to represent you. This would be paid

and ensure you receive all available incentives.

by the seller/builder. And you would not receive a discount without the layer of protection a REALTOR®

— Sarah Campbell, REALTOR®

would provide. 17

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Holiday 2017

Golden Corridor LIVING Magazine  

Holiday 2017