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Golden Corridor LIVING Magazine is proud to showcase the young writers or our community as part of our annual essay contest. This year’s submissions came from Boys & Girls Clubs of the Casa Grande Valley and the Casa Grande Library and included youth ages 5-18. From wizards and aliens to dance and bowling, this year’s essay topics offer action, adventure and a whole lot of fun!


by Michael Rodriguez, Age 12 y favorite activity is art because you draw and make stuff. The reason I love art is you can paint, cut and draw 3D shapes. Draw for the class for the logo, have a drawing competition, think what to draw with your friends. Paint someone you know and draw the things in your mind and draw monsters. I like coming to the Boys & Girls Club because you can do amazing things.



by Paul Ries, Age 12 went bowling and, of course, I lost. The reason I like bowling is because you have a competition, but I like to just have fun. I roll the ball without a thumb because it is easier and I can have a better chance of making a strike. My second favorite sport here was soccer because you can juke people and there is a lot of cool tricks. My third favorite thing to do here is play dodgeball because you can get everyone out to win. If you catch the ball, but you already have one in your hand, you’re out. Once your are the last one and everyone is out, you win. I also really like the bumper pool and the walk a-thon. And we got to jump rope and hula hoop.


I LOVE GYM AND I LOVE GAME ROOM by Matthew Monreal, Age 11 ym is my most favorite thing to play here especially when we get to play basketball. I always pick people when we play basketball. The teams are usually Jace, Kmonee, me and sometimes Marky. One of the top people I always pick is Ethane. “Ooooooh,” is everyone’s reaction when I pick them Game room is also my favorite because me and Jace play the Minnie basketball. We have the record for the fastest to reach 100. We would sometimes play kips. We get to play with other people. And see people get mad





by Sara Scots, Age 13 t the Boys & Girls Club we do many things over the summer. I have a particular activity that enjoy while I am here and it is attending dance at The Studio. The Studio is not far away and it only takes a short second to get here and we stay there for an hour. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 we drive to the studio and leave at 11:00. We are practicing to perform in August, so we will have two months to learn our dances. The dances we are learning at the studio are hip hop but there is another group in ballet. So far, I have been only four times and we only have gotten through the introduction on our song. We find many ways to create a learning technique so we can remember our moves. I am the second oldest and have the moves of the song down pretty well and can’t wait to learn more. I love that we were given the opportunity to dance at the Boys & Girls Club and I am always looking forward to going each week. I would like to say thank you to the wonderful stuff at the Boys & Girls Club.



by Francisco Leon, Age 14 y favorite activity at the Boys & Girls Club is gym. The reason why is because we get to play dodgeball. There are a lot of people in my group who all play mat ball in gym 2. This is what I like about gym -- that they play the games I like to play. After gym is really hard for me because I sweat a lot but fym 1 and 2 is my favorite activity here at the Boys & Girls Club. My second favorite activity here at the boy and girls club is art room because we do a lot of activities in there. The one thing that I like to do is make stuff out of glue. And I also like to make paper mask and slime. I mean, art room is good but not that fun you know? Art room is my second favorite activity here at the Boys & Girls Club.



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