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Fathead & Otis by Empress Urquides


tis became my puppy on Christmas. My dog ran away and I needed a companion. I bought him for myself as a Christmas present. Otis is a pug. He can give me his paw, and sit, and stay. He takes walks with me while I ride my bike. At first Otis was very shy and he would squirm at every sudden move I made. He appeared to have been abused as scared as he was of me. Little by little, I got him used to me and he even gained weight while under my care. I had Otis for approximately two months when I was given a Pitbull-mix named Fathead. I was not sure if he would be a good dog for me since I was scared of Pitbulls and I didn’t know he would get along with a pug. Fathead and Otis have become best buddies. They play together, and even sleep together. Fathead finds whatever he can around the yard and carries it to Otis, since he is usually tied up. They play tugof-war with whatever Fathead finds. They make a big mess for me to clean up. The way I see it, all three of us needed one another. Now we’ve all become good friends.



Fathead looks scary so he keeps us safe, and Otis is very playful which brings us excitement. I think I made a good decision of keeping them both.

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