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Casa Grande Art Museum New Season Opens October 16th by David Fitzgibbons III

Carl D. Clapp BIO Carl D. Clapp, a third generation Arizonan, lives in Casa Grande, Arizona. For almost 50 years he has farmed land originally belonging to his wife’s family. During those years, in off-time, he has practiced his art. His acrylic paintings, drawings in pen and ink and straightlined drawings in pencil enhance patrons’ walls all over the world. Sales of his prints have brought in monies for the Cotton Women Association and the Calcott scholarships. Magazines like Farm Journal, newspapers like The Casa Grande Dispatch and The Arizona Republic and state television programs have praised his agricultural art. As an artist he paints anything that attracts his attention – from working cowboys to cotton, from portraits to landscapes. The Rex Allen Museum in Clapp’s hometown of Willcox, AZ honors local cowboys. Paintings of thirteen old-timers hanging in the museum demonstrate Clapp’s unique skills as a portrait artist. Pam, Carl’s wife, his sons, Chad and Cade and their families support his art activities like the show at the late Ted DeGrazia’s Little Gallery in Tucson, AZ. In semi-retirement, ag artist Carl has expanded his “rural realism” print sales and donated many prints to auctions for worthy projects like the Humane Society. For more information on Carl Clapp, please call 520-705-1711.



he Casa Grande Art Museum is housed at 319 W. Third Street, on the corner of Maricopa and Third Street in Casa Grande. The house, built in 1929 by Gus Kratzka, is on the National Register of Historic Places. The building has a rusticated concrete exterior and includes several features that made the summer heat more bearable for the retired baker and his wife. The house was purchased and opened as the Casa Grande Art Museum by The Friends of the Arts, Inc., in 1987. The Friends of the Arts have lovingly restored the house to its present condition. The Friends of the Arts, Inc. had its first meeting in October, 1986, when it elected its founding officers of Gary Kehias, Treasurer; Kay Benedict, Secretary; Nancy McEvoy, Vice-President; and Tom Cole, President. After purchasing the Kratzka house, the board went about its principal mission: to provide the citizens of central Arizona with the opportunity to enjoy a diverse selection of quality art in a setting that is conducive to its viewing with educational opportunities for all ages, young and old alike, so that everyone has the opportunity to view and appreciate the arts. Since the first show at the Casa Grande Art Museum, hundreds of exhibits have been held at the Museum over the years, including Carl Clapp, Paul Modlin, Judy Walsh, Mike Chiago and Mark White. In addition, The Friends of the Arts has accumulated its own impressive art collection. This year, to reopen and begin its annual season on October 16, 2015, the Museum will welcome back local favorite Carl Clapp to the Museum for a show. Beginning then, the museum will be open on Wednesdays through Saturdays, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

This year marks the 29th anniversary of the creation of the Casa Grande Art Museum. With the Great Recession, our museum struggled mightily over the last few years. Seven years ago, we lost our major source of funding from the State of Arizona LTAF Grants. That, coupled with shrinking donations from corporations and the private sector, compounded the financial problems at the museum. For the last few years, the museum’s exclusive source of funds to operate came from private memberships, donations and gifts. Despite the financial hardships, the museum board has maintained their policy of not charging fees to visitors so that their art exhibits are available to everyone. The board of directors of the museum seeks to renew, reinvent, restructure and reinvigorate the Casa Grande Art Museum by soliciting funds so it can again be the focal point for culture in our city and county. Anyone interested in volunteering or making a donation to support the arts in Casa Grande and, specifically, the museum, should contact David A. Fitzgibbons III at david@fitzgibbonslaw. com or Dan Mace at; call Regis Sommers at (520) 836-0237; or write to the board at P.O. Box 11543, Casa Grande, AZ 85130.

Since the first show at the Casa Grande Art Museum, hundreds of exhibits have been held at the Museum over the years, including Carl Clapp, Paul Modlin, Judy Walsh, Mike Chiago and Mark White.



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