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Being a Landlord is Hard!



eing a landlord requires more work and effort than just collecting the rent. Here are the Top Ten reasons why hiring a local property manager is a wise decision that can actually save you money in the end!








Marketing: Property managers use a variety of resources to reach out to qualified, prospective tenants including company websites, public websites such as craigslist, area print such as newspapers or magazines, flyers and walk-in traffic. Renters know which property management companies to seek out. Knowledge of availability and pricing: Tenants know if a property is overpriced. Accurate knowledge of local rental rates and inventory is key to a fast rental and cash flow. Vacant homes cost the owner money. Leased homes make money! Tenant Screening: A property manager requires a written application from each adult applicant along with photo ID. The PM reviews criminal history, credit reports and other public records, verifies references, employment and rental history according to set requirements and standards for accepting or declining applicants. Knowledgeable about Laws and Regulations: A property manager maintains compliance with an up-to-date and thorough knowledge of the Arizona/ Landlord Tenants Act, Fair Housing Regulations, the Americans with Disabilities Act and other applicable local, state and federal laws. Lawsuits are costly! Rent Collection & Eviction: Property managers have systems in place to improve collection and on-time payments. Property documentation if payment is not made according to lease terms (and law) is imperative to replacing the tenant as quickly as lawfully possible. Accounting: Property managers provide monthly detailed income and expense reports as well as year-end tax reports for your accountant. Property managers also manage your security deposits in compliance with regulations. Regular Inspections: Property managers regularly

inspect your home for wear & tear, damage and needed maintenance. Typical times for inspection include the time of leasing, 180 days later and at the end of the lease. Some even inspect monthly by scheduling HVAC filter replacement as part of the lease agreement. 8. Emergency Calls: A property management company is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when the tenant calls with an emergency. Some calls are urgent and require immediate attention. Do you want to deal with a broken pipe at 2am? 9. Vendor Network: Property managers have a list of qualified vendors, supplies and contractors available to repair and maintain your property. Many times a property manager is able to negotiate a discount based on volume. 10. Cost of Service vs. How Much Is Your Time Worth? Property management fees vary company by company. By dealing with your tenant and any problems you have invaluable free time making the managements fees very affordable and many times can actually save you money!


WE NEED RENTALS! We have tenants and need more rentals. Do you own investment properties that are taking more and more of your time to manage? Are you tired of dealing with tenant and repair demands? Would you like to have someone watch your home while you are away? Give Coldwell Banker ROX Realty a call for a no 1919 N Trekell Road – Casa Grande obligation consultation. EACH OFFICE IS INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED. 520-423-8250 •

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