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All day long our busy little toddler amuses us, delights us, and even baffles us with their naïve semantics. The world through the mind of a toddler is a great place to be and it seems like for them the fun never ends....that is except at bedtime. As much as we love our toddlers bedtime for many of us signifies a time where we can either wind down or complete some last minute chores. However for toddlers it can mean war! The battle to stay up and play is not one they take likely and for us mommies the battle can be brutal! Who taught them such scare tactics?! Like screaming uncontrollably until you come running to retrieve them, surely the neighbors will cry abuse...or the manipulative drink of water/bathroom technique, very clever my little Einstein. Do we really stand a chance against such a worthy opponent? Despair not fellow mommies, those cute little faces might be quite a distraction, but stand fast help is on the way! Here is what one mommy from Chicago, IL had to say when questioned on how to get her toddler to sleep. She stated that she did not have a problem with her toddler crying but that her little girl just refused to stay in her bed. She recalled the following incident: Susan discussed how she carefully planned her daughter Samantha's first night in her own bed. They had discussed it and made a big deal of it all day. She prepared the room carefully with Samantha, by putting her favorite cartoon sheets on the bed and putting two night lights in place. Samantha and her favorite doll peaches, even got a new pair of pajamas for the occasion. Samantha seemed very excited and agreed with mommy that she would sleep in her bed until morning like a big girl. That night Susan read Samantha and Peaches a story, tucked them both in to bed and kissed them goodnight. She was pleasantly surprised, but proud at what a big girl Samantha seemed to be. She kissed her mommy back and said "good night mommy" Samantha said enthusiastically (almost as if she couldn't wait for her mommy to leave). "Goodnight baby, mommy will see you in the morning" Susan replied. She walked room with her chest stuck out, what a wonderful little girl she was raising! Seconds later her Mommy radar went off. She tiptoed quietly back to Samantha's bedroom and saw only her little bottom sticking up, as her head was in the toy box. When she called Samantha's name, she looked up, smiled, and replied innocently "Good morning Mommy!" Unfortunately it was months before she could actually get her to stay in her bed and go to sleep, but hey the thought was nice while it lasted. Here are some important tips when trying to get your toddler to sleep in their own bed. 1. Discuss regularly with your child that big/boys and girls sleep in their own bed. Although they may not completely understand at first, believe me our little innocent bystanders are quicker to catch on then we think.

2. Make the room a comfortable, yet fun place for your child to sleep. Allow him/her to help choose bedding(maybe their favorite cartoon character)also purchase a nightlight or two, this way they experience the calmness of darkness needed to sleep, but will not be overwhelmed by it at the same time. 3. Provide a small plastic container of water by the bedside (juice may increase chances of cavities) for the mommy I'm thirsty trick-we're one step ahead of you bud! 4. Be sure to make a big deal of potty time before bed and discuss that mommy is making sure you use the potty now so you wont need to go during bedtime. If your child does need to go, do not make a big deal take him/her to the potty and immediately back to be. You will soon figure out when the need to go to the bathroom is simply a tactic. 5. Make sure your child's room is childproof in case your private eye does venture out of the bed for some midnight investigation work he needs to catch up on. So much to do so little time! (a monitor is always a good idea as well.) 6. Be consistent. Each time your little adventurer gets out of bed you should put them right back in. It is best to save the cuddling for another time. Be firm as well as brief with each encounter. Be careful! these little ones are very good at what they do. Entering into too much conversation could be just the in they need to access your bedroom and before you know it you've had another sleepless night. Hold on! Turn a blind eye to those little tears, contrary to what they want us to believe no child has ever been harmed because the were not allowed to sleep with mommy and daddy. Don't give in. Note: Be sure to carefully assess your child before putting them to bed. Rule out illness, hunger, thirst and potty. Once ruling these things out and making sure child is safe, do not be distressed by your crying toddler. Remember it is considered healthy for a child to learn how to be alone and to discover that you do not always need to be there for him/her to be safe. Learning to be alone will build traits of inner security and self-confidence. Hang in there learning is a gradual process!

Written by Yvonne Kimmons, co-owner of Your Upscale Resale for Little Ladies and Gents! For more fun articles and advice on toddler issues please visit the Toddler Times section of our website and view our blog.

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