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One of the many challenges for parents is getting their toddler to go to bed. Many parents find it frustrating having their toddler wake them up several times at night or stay up late playing and refusing to sleep. This can become a difficult challenge for parents when a toddler is tired because they can be both grumpy and irritable. The following few tips may help parents put their toddler to bed: Establish a Routine Establish a consistent routine. This way, your child will know what is expected of him. When children have routines, they can be managed easily. You can plan a routine every night for your toddler such as reading a story before going to bed. Be consistent with your routine and try not to break it. Breaking a routine may make it hard for you to establish again. Wind-down Period Every night before going to bed, have a wind-down period. Avoid doing activities that will increase your toddler's energy level like wrestling or chasing around. Make quiet activities and make this as a chance for quality family time. Watch a television show, read a book or simply just talk. These are some things that you and your family can do together. Reduce Toddler's Fears Fear can sometimes make your child stay up late at night. Common fears in toddlers include lightning, thunder, fear of the dark, monster or just a fear to be alone. Blinds that are closed will take care of the lightning. Having a radio with your toddler's favorite music and a night light may help ease fears. You can also provide your toddler with a flashlight that he can turn on and off at his own will. A favorite blanket, stuffed toy or a doll to sleep with may also reduce his fears. Lying down with him for a few minutes may help but never fall asleep with him or you will find yourself lying down with him before he sleeps every night. This can become a habit that you will find hard to break. Set a Fixed Bed Time When setting a bed time for your toddler, parents must be firm in enforcing it. This way, your toddler will also take it seriously. Put him to bed every night at a consistent time. Tuck him in bed and have his security items with him. Give him a kiss, tell him you love him and will see him in the morning. If he gets up, you can repeat this procedure. Sometimes, your toddler may wake up in the middle of the night. You can correct the problem by offering him a drink if he is thirsty or help him change his pajama and bed sheets if wet, and tuck him back in bed. These are just few and

simple tips but would sure help you get your toddler to sleep through the night.

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Getting Your Toddler to Sleep Through the Night  

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