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Cambodia cycling

AWE INSPRING The temples of Angkor remain one of Humanity’s most beautiful buildings and one of the world’s great wonders

Cambodia has  awoken  from  the  nightmare  of  it's  recent  past  to  become  the  hot  4cket  of  Asian  travel   as  people  flock  to  see  the  legendary  temple  city  of  Angkor  Wat.  But  there  is  so  much  more  to  this   vibrant  country  than  it's  temples  and  if  you  explore  further  you  too  will  come  away  raving  about  your   experiences  of  it's  warm  people  and  many  layered  culture.   Cambodia's  appeal  lies  in  it's  simplicity,  here  life  moves  at  a  gentler  pace  and  even  in  the  ci4es  you  'll   find  less  of  the  conges4on  and  traffic  common  to  it's  neighbours.  The  flat  terrain  is  ideally  suited  to   cycle  touring  and  the  enthusias4c  welcome  you  receive  from  local  children  is  something  not  easily   forgoEen.  Discovering  Cambodia's  hidden  secrets  and  charming  countryside  by  bike  is  an  experience   that  will  move  and  delight  you.   “If  you  are  looking  for  a  unique  travel  experience,  go  RAW  You  will  see,  hear  and  smell  the  real  country  you  visit.   Do  yourself  a  favour  and  see  Cambodia  as  it  exists  away  from  the  usual  tourist  haunts  I  could  not  have  made  this   truly  RAW  trip  without  the  assistance  offered  by  Raw  Travel  They  truly  have  got  it  right” Kaye  Smith,  2010      

Cycling Cambodia

ON THE ROAD Road conditions in Cambodia are generally very favourable for biking. There is a lot less traffic than in neighbouring countries and the main roads were all resurfaced and present decent riding conditions. We also venture onto small backroads where potholes mean a mountainbike is best suited. Riders near Kampot

Cycling Cambodia

MYSTERY The incredible city of Angkor is Cambodia’s biggest drawcard and the 800 year old + temples never fail to inspire a sense of awe and mystery ANGKOR WAT ENTRANCE

BUDDHISM IN CAMBODIA Everywhere you  go  in   Cambodia  you  will   see  evidence  that   this  is  a  devoutly   Buddhist  country,   adhering  to  the   Thervada  doctrine   and  saffron  robed   monks  are  a  common   sight  throughout  the   countryside  and   ci4es.    Buddhism  has   existed  in  Cambodia   since  at  least  the  5th   century  CE  and  has   been  the  Cambodian   state  religion  since   the  13th  century  CE   (excep4ng  the  Khmer   Rouge  period),  and  is   currently  es4mated   to  be  the  faith  of  95%   of  the  popula4on.   There  are  numerous   monasteries  or  “wat”   where  males  join   from  an  early  age.     Women  are  not   ordained,  but  older   women,  especially   widows,  can  become   nuns.  They  live  in  wat   and  play  an   important  role  in  the   everyday  life  of  the   temple.  

YOUR LOCAL TEAM You’ll be  in  very  good  hands  when  you  ride  in  Cambodia,  our  local  team  are  all  passionate  bikers,  many   drawn  from  the  ranks  of  Cambodia’s  first  mountain  bike  club.  They  take  pride  in  delivering  excepNonal   service  to  our  travelers  and  really  add  to  your  experience  of  the  country.  Whether  it’s  a  helping  hand   when  your  Nred  or  taking  you  to  meet  their  family  or  favourite  restaurant  they’ll  make  your  Nme  in   Cambodia  a  personal  and  unforgeOable  experience.    We  also  have  resident  western  guides  who  take   some  of  our  bigger  groups  along  with  a  local  team  -­‐  the  best  of  both  worlds!   “These  guys  were  incredible,  again  constantly  looking  at  how  they  could  help  as  at  every  opportunity”. Andrew  Kors “What  can  I  say.  I  shall  never  forget  Buntry  and  Sokhom.  They  were  delighSul  and  a  very  special  part  of  our  trip.     As  well  as  giving  us  a  chance  to  have  a  deeper  insight  into  the  people  of  Cambodia  they  were  lots  of  fun,  yet   responsible  and  seemed  to  be  there  whenever  we  needed  them  and  more”. ChrisNne  Coker   “So  friendly  and  genuine.  Marie,  Sokhoum  and  Bountoun  really  made  the  trip,  also  anNcipaNng  needs  and   catering  to  them.  They  were  absolute  legends.”   Tricia  Lorenzo  

Everest Cycl ing Treks Cambodia

INTERACTION A real part of the magic of cycling in Cambodia is the interaction that you get with local people along the way: the genuine smiles fun and interest you receive HIGH FIVES NEAR KAMPONG CHAM

SAFETY ON THE GROUND Safety has  always  been  our  top  priority  with  our  groups  and  we  have  an  excellent  track  record.  Local   road  rules  (or  perhaps  the  lack  of  them!)  are  one  big  difference  between  a  western  country  and  Asia.   Before  your  trip  you’ll  receive  informaNon  from  us  to  prepare  you  for  your  trip  and  you’ll  receive  a   thorough  safety  briefing  from  your  leader  at  the  start  of  your  trip. We  operate  a  sweep  system  on  our  group  trips  where  you’ll  have  a  cycling  leader  at  the  front  and  rear   of  the  group  ,  plus  a  support  vehicle  following  you.  This  minimizes  the  chances  of  anyone  going  astray   and  ensures  that  mechanical  help  is  always  close  at  hand  if  you  need  it.   In  the  event  of  any  accidents  our  leader  s  are  also  first  aid  trained  and  carry  basic  first  aid  supplies.   Cambodia  has  a  number  of  good  western  standard  clinics  in  the  major  centres  should  they  be  needed   but  we  believe  prevenNon  is  always  beOer  than  cure  and  we  ensure  our  riders  enjoy  a  wonderful  and   safe  ride!   Finally  -­‐  modern  Cambodia  is  a  safe  place  to  visit  and  land  mines  are  not  an  issue  for  any  visitors!  

Cycling Cambodia

Angkor Wat

Beng Melea


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WHERE TO GO? Cambodia offers  a  number  of  opportuniNes  for  excellent  riding,  all  of  it  relaNvely  traffic  free.  RAW  has   specialized  in  taking  people  off  the  highways  and  onto  a  network  of  country  roads  that  offer  delighSul   cycling  experiences.  SomeNmes  the  route  will  be  determined  by  the  season,  as  roads  that  can  be  great   in  the  dry  season  may  become  impassable  in  the  wet.  Some  of  the  main  routes  that  we  offer  include: • Siem  Reap  to  Sihanoukville  via  Phnom  Penh • Siem  Reap  to  Ho  Chi  Minh(  Saigon)  Vietnam   • Siem  Reap  to  Hoi  An,  Vietnam   • Pakse,  Laos  to  Phnom  Penh • Siem  Reap  to  Phnom  Penh  via  BaEambang   We  have  enormous  experience  in  pu\ng  together  trips  in  the  region,  venturing  to  some  of  the   lesser  visited  areas  such  as  Mondulkiri  and  the  Cardamom  mountains,  so  if  you’d  like  to  run  a  private   group  then  please    talk  to  us.  

Cycling Cambodia

Guided or Self guided? Most of  our  cyclists  tend  to  take  a  guided  tour  as  the  experience  of  having  a  Khmer  speaking  guide  can   be  invaluable  when  you  are  in  the  countryside.  As  well  as  providing  employment  in  a  country  where  it’s   desperately  needed. But  we  also  cater  to  adventurous  travellers  who  like  to  travel  under  their  own  steam  as  well.  Our   Phnom  Penh  office  can  arrange  self  guided  trips  where  you  are  provided  with  everything  you  need  to   pedal  your  way  across  Cambodia  under  your  own  steam. We  arrange  to  have  your  luggage  moved  from  one  loca4on  to  the  next,  so  you  just  ride  with  what  you   need  for  the  day.  We  supply  panniers,  racks  and  route  direc4ons  and  even  a  mobile  phone  -­‐  in  case  you   go  astray! Then  you  have  the  freedom  of  the  open  road,  knowing  that  your  accommoda4on  is  sorted,  your   luggage  is  wai4ng  for  you  and  peace  of  mind  that  help  is  only  a  phone  call  away  in  the  case  of  a  serious   breakdown.

Everest Cycling Treks Cambodia

OUR BIKES AND OPERATION RAW has  it’s  own  bike  opera4on  based  in  Phnom  Penh  and  Siem  Reap.  We  use  Trek  4400  mountain   bikes  in  Cambodia,  occasionally  supplemented  by  Merida  mountain  bikes  at  busy  periods.  We  take   pride  in  the  quality  of  our  bikes  and  opera4ons  and  make  sure  the  bikes  are  kept  in  excellent  condi4on   and  parts  replaced  as  needed.   Our  bikes  are  well  maintained  and  receive  regular  overhauls  during  your  trip,  some4mes  at  the  end  of   every  day  when  condi4ons  demand  it.  Our  group  trips  all  have  a  mechanic  accompany  the  group  and   we  use  support  vehicles  on  all  trips  allowing  you  to  decide  how  far  to  cycle  each  day.  You  can  choose  to   customize  your  bike  and  add  your  own  pedals,  bar  ends  or  saddle  to  your  own  preferences.   “The bikes you provided were brilliant and the local team worked hard to keep them running each day in difficult conditions. It was like getting a new bike each day”. Pete Johnson

Cycling Cambodia

WHEN TO GO? RAW travel  operates  it’s  cycling  trips  from  September  through  to  March  and  also  during  June,  July.  The   period  from  November  to  February  is  the  cool  dry  season  and  the  most  favoured,  but  cycling  during  the   wet  season  months  of  May  -­‐  July  can  also  be  very  rewarding  as  the  country  is  much  greener  and  fewer   crowds  at  popular  sites  like  Angkor  Wat.  

Cycling Cambodia

Cycling Cambodi a littera gothica 2009 Notare quam


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