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Horoscopes Aquarius

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This week is going to be rough on you. Keep working hard and try to persevere, even when it seems like a better idea to curl up at home and watch your favorite movie for the umpteenth time. Your quest for knowledge may result in an exceptional victory this week.

Pisces Don’t mope all week. Though you may be hurting from conflict with a love interest, it’s best to try and move past it. A little time with an earth sign, like a Taurus, might make you feel better. Look for the man or woman who never leaves their house.

Aries Your vibrant nature will get you places this week. Keep showing off your strong personality to a teacher or supervisor and it may pay off. Be sure to be kind to your friends as well — they may feel overshadowed by your radiance. Let them share the limelight.

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Taurus As the weather gets colder, it’s tempting to cuddle up with a blanket and good book. Indulge yourself and find that trashy thriller or hilarious comic for a quiet evening of giggles or suspense. You’ve worked hard and an evening at home is well deserved.


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Exploration is your thing. This week, peruse the vast territory of the library, for a bit of studying or knowledge gathering. Take time to look up curse words in your Latin-English dictionary, but make sure to pay attention to your studies, too.

Cancer You love fancy wordplay and puns and you may have been making jokes at your friends’ expense. Cut it out. They don’t like it. Try and moderate your cutting wit in favor of praise and jokes. Your friends will appreciate it and they may stop putting salt in your coffee.

Leo Everyone comes to you for gossip. It might be better to keep a few secrets this week — even if that juicy story is begging to be told. Battle your social nature and instead be loyal to your friend, who may not appreciate you telling the world about their love life.

Virgo A lot of people think of you as a prude. Prove them wrong. Cut loose this week and do things you normally wouldn’t, like staying up too late or wearing that daring sweater. Find a balance between cute and crazy and try something new for once.

Don’t let violent tendencies take hold this week. You have a lot of responsibilities and a black eye could hold you back in the working world. Try to moderate your strong feelings and be calm. Don’t bottle everything in. Take deep breaths and let your feelings out with physical activity.

Scorpio Don’t mope about that bad grade — do something about it. Hit the books this week, and work extrahard in your classes to bring up a poor score. Make sure to leave time for fun and hit the bars or a party when you can. All work and no play makes you kind of annoying.

Sagittarius You’re wild and crazy and you may feel held back when everyone around you turns to studies and work. Convince your friends to cut loose for a bit and make sure to keep yourself grounded. Don’t fall behind on studies or work but don’t work so hard that you can’t let your fun-loving nature be free.

Capricorn You’ve achieved a lot so far but there’s still a ways to go before enjoying winter break and a stellar report card. Break up the monotony with social activities — a Leo may know all the gossip and you might enjoy talking about your group of friends. You could even learn rumors about yourself.

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R Daily (4:50) 7:10 9:30 Sat-Sun (12:20) (2:40) Showtimes in ( ) are at bargain price. Special Attraction — No Passes Showtimes Effective 11/12/10-11/18/10

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on the cover

“SprinTurf in miniature”

The cover photo was taken by University of Idaho alum Marcus Kellis University of Idaho alumnus. He said he strongly identifies as a Vandal. After graduating he moved to central Texas. He took this photo while working at the

Shattuck Amphitheater in July 2008 and applied a faux tilt-shift process afterward, to give the practice field a miniature appearance. He said, in the photo, the typeface and angle of the text contrasted with the out-of-focus borders and draw in the eye. He

said the photo invokes the 121-year history of the university. He said photography has been a hobby since he got his first “decent” camera in 2006. He said shooting is like golf in that he lives for taking that occasional perfect shot.


Go hungry for a cause bethany breeze rawr

The World Health Organization estimates that one-third of the world is well-fed, one-third is under-fed and one-third is starving. On Wednesday night students and community members will be able to experience hunger firsthand. At the Oxfam Hunger Banquet, 50 percent of guests leave hungry. The difference between the guests and most starving people in the world is that they can head straight across the street to Taco Time to fill their stomachs. It is the luck of the draw whether you are one of the privileged few that will dine at the annual event held by Oxfam America nationwide. For a cost of $3, guests could receive a full, three-course meal of grilled garlic-pineapple tarragon chicken, mixed greens with blackberry vinaigrette and lemon torte. The meal is the equivalent of $11 per person. Others will find themselves seated on the floor with a small bowl of rice. The event will be held at 6 p.m. Nov. 17 in the Student Union Building ballroom. “All proceeds are being donated to Oxfam America to support their efforts to create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger and injustice,” said Corrie Ellis, president of the Oxfam Club at University of Idaho. “It’s not just about how much food you get. It’s a powerful way for us to be faced with

reality together – the fact that the world is actually like this. We are the privileged few.” “It’s gonna be a blast,” said Paige McDonald, a member of the Oxfam Club at UI. “Afterward, we’re going to get to discuss the issue of hunger and inequality. People will get the chance to share their feelings, and we’re going to give a presentation about what is being done to help, and what we can do to help of course.” The club and the International Affairs Club have planned the event for months now. ASUI and the Dean of Students have contributed finances toward the event and Sodexo will provide food services. Before the banquet a onecredit workshop titled “Global Poverty” will explore issues such as indigenous rights, natural resource allocation, gender and development and the concept of privilege. “The problems are massive,” Samuel Torphey, member of the club, said. “But we’re trying to do our bit, make a difference as much as we can.” Following the workshop, the goal of the Hunger Banquet is to give a real representation of the worldwide income tiers, Ellis said. “Often living in Moscow we can forget this reality,” McDonald said. “We have so much here.” According to Oxfam America’s website, “Few experiences bring to life the inequalities in our world more powerfully than an Oxfam America Hunger Banquet event.”

We ain’t B.S.’n U.

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file photo by ilya pinchuk | rawr A young girl representing the poor population of the world waits patiently as she is served rice at the Oxford World Eats program in fall 2009. The program represents the world's population split into low-income, middle, and upper class. The upper class was served a fancy dinner but the majority of the participants were served rice and beans.





Indie-folk on the Palouse

press photos by adam ward | courtesy

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There’s a barn five miles south of Moscow surrounded by rolling hills and livestock — complete with a tractor out front. Inside the barn, one of the most buzzed-about bands on the Palouse recorded their debut album last weekend. Yarn Owl has played music since 2007. The band, comprised of Washington State University students, plays indie rock influenced by folk music. Javier Suarez, front man of the band, said the musical style of the Pacific Northwest has influenced the band’s music. “If we were the same group of four people in Slovakia, we wouldn’t be making the same music,” Suarez said. Suarez is originally from Argentina, and moved to the Pacific Northwest at 2-years-old. The rest of the band grew up in Washington. Tim Meinig, bassist for Yarn Owl, formerly played with successful indie rock band Band of Horses. Suarez said Meinig’s experience with Band of Horses has some influence on Yarn Owl’s sound. “There’s this idea that he knows what’s successful in music,” Suarez said. “I guess in a sonic way it affects us.”

Meinig was not present for the interview. Tyler Armour said working at the WSU student radio station, KZUU, helped keep the band current with new sounds. “We always had access to new music,” he said. Armour is a viticulture major at WSU. He is leaving for Australia to make wine when he graduates in December. Suarez said he would like to make music a career but has a backup plan. “It takes a long time to get to that point,” he said. Suarez plans to do freelance Spanish translation, which he said would be easy to work around his music schedule. Armour said the album is new material that hasn’t been recorded previously. Suarez said the album will have between 10 and 13 songs and will be released on cassette as well as CD and digital format. “It’s going to sound a little crisper than our other stuff,” he said. The album will come out in early January and will be released by Leftist Nautical Antiques. Larson Hicks manages the band. Hicks runs Stereopathic, which started out booking concerts in local venues and has developed into a larger agency.



“If we were the same group of four people in Slovakia, we wouldn’t be making the same music.” Javier Suarez, Front man of Yarn Owl

“The initial thing was me figuring out what I wanted to do when I grow up,” Hicks said. Hicks used to work in sales and said he used the knowledge he acquired in that line of work to work with musicians as a concert promoter. Since Stereopathic’s beginnings in 2008, Hicks has hired interns to help with the heavy workload. “It’s really freed up a lot of my time and lowered the stress,” he said. In the spring, Stereopathic put on the Birds on a Wire Festival, which brought folk artists to Pullman to play over a weekend. Hicks said he is trying to expand Stereopathic’s concerts beyond bands in the Pacific Northwest.

“We’re getting at a point where we have enough shows that we need to dig deeper,” he said. Hicks said Yarn Owl’s sound is typical of Pacific Northwest bands, and believes the band’s musical style will remain popular. “The indie-folk thing is going to keep going strong,” he said.

yarn owl yummies Yarn Owl website Stereopathic website

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Underappreciated artists Somewhere between Katy Brandi Carlile Perry telling you how mindFans of KT Tunstall or othblowingly hot California girls er folk bands like Indigo Girls are and Beyoncé’s longing for should give Brandi a listen. male genitalia, make time for Her song, “The Story,” was artists who take more than featured on “Grey’s an hour to produce Anatomy” and gave a song. her attention for Not that there’s awhile, but she has anything wrong with since come out with enjoying pop music another album just now and then — it as worthy of praise. has its place in the Her music is music world and it’s stripped down to hard not to dance the bare essentials, along with the leaving only Carlile’s beat in the car or raw vocals and guithe club. But those cie kel tars. She has been searching for more moseley classified as altersubstantive, quality rawr native country but music can find it in don’t think of her one iTunes search. as a Faith Hill knockoff. CarFlorence + The Machine lile has her own prescribed sound and attitude far Don’t be turned off by the above the current country fact that she has a song on music world. the “Eclipse” soundtrack for the Twilight series — this Brit- Kate Havnevik ish artist has serious talent. Another “Grey’s Anatomy” The song on the soundtrack, starlet, Norway’s Kate Havn“Heavy in Your Arms,” is a evik occupies a genre all her thumping, haunting track own. Her music is infused with layered harmonies and with electronic influences deeply emotional lyrics. and a minimal pop feel. What The rest of her album, is special about Havnevik Lungs, is in the same style. is the sweet, high tone of Her unique voice matches her voice and the sweeping the qualities of her music, instruments that back her up. creating a packaged deal that is addictive and impressive. see artists, page 11 Prepare to be entranced.

illustration by loren morris | rawr

Sputnik, Sonny and Sinatra Modern people can sit at newfangled computers with bags of empty calories and cans of carbonated regret to watch people on an island exercise poor judgment. In the old days, folks watched similar island-goers on livingroom televisions with home-cooked meals. The boob tube is as much an American staple as democracy matt and cheeseburgers. Here are some symbols from an era when “bandwidth” meant the size of Dad’s belt. Crank up some Floyd or Sinatra and get on this “Love Boat.”

In broadband retrospect If you’ve ever wondered how Hogan first operated his heroes, give Retro-Café a look. The site was started in 2005 and boasts 149 pilot episodes from the ‘60s and ‘70s. All the greats are represented. Instantly stream “Johnny Quest,” “Hawaii Five-O” and “The Andy Griffith Show.” Fall

back in love with Barbara Eden’s magical nose-wiggle in “I Dream of Jeannie.” Go extraterrestrial with “Mork and Mindy” or “My Favorite Martian.” Blow off steam with Archie Bunker’s sarcasm or watch the Incredible Hulk bash in some faces. The site has Saturday morning cartoons, “Schoolhouse Rock!” maw and old TV commerrawr cials. The site doesn’t appear to be professionally done but its database is impressive. Also find the Retro-Café Facebook profile on the nearest Space Age Internet machine. It’s dyn-o-mite.

Don’t sit too close Vintage TV shows should be watched on vintage televisions. Telstar Electronics sells 1950s-style Predicta televisions online. The sets have classic and customized designs.

Try the “Holiday” model for a truly authentic LeaveIt-to-Beaver experience. The “Corona” model provides some colorful Latin flair. The “Meteor” sits on a pedestal with struts like a spaceship. The TV’s display color and have all the modern hookups. Watch “Three’s Company” in more vivid detail than John Ritter’s fantasies.

Nuclear family Any “retro” family TV night includes good food. Check out UncommonGoods to turn the tie-clock back a few decades. Relive the Atomic Age with some rocket-shaped salt and pepper shakers. Set the mood with Americana lampshades that depict water-skiing, canoeing and desert cacti. Fight the Red Menace after dinner with a peg-and-die baseball tin game. These products will guarantee an evening to make McCarthy proud.



‘FOREVER 27’ would have Death is inevitable and finds some turned 43 this musicians early in life. The “27 Club,” year. also referred to as “The Forever 27 When rock music was all about Club,” is a term coined for the high long hair, make-up and leather jackets, percentage of musicians who have died Cobain sported short hair and wore at 27. To some, this claim is nothing flannel clothes. Some say Nirvana more than strange coincidence but the became an overnight sucshocking number – 41­– seems cess but, in reality, the band too high to be happenstance. worked a long time before Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jimi they took Michael Jackson off Hendrix and Jim Morrison were the No. 1 slot on the Billboard the “founding members” of the Music Charts with “Smells club from 1969 through 1971. Like Teen Spirit.” These artists might be the Through this hit, grunge most famous members but music was born to mainmany other artists don this list. stream audiences and flooded Robert Johnson, a guitarist radio waves throughout the rumored to have sold his soul anthony early ‘90s. to the devil, is the unofficial In ’93, Nirvana performed founder of the “27 Club,” folsaia lowed by lesser-known artists rawr an acoustic set on MTV. Nirvana never released another Dave Alexander of the Stooges, studio album. It is estimated Cobain D. Boon of the Minutemen and Mia Zapassed away April 5, 1994. pata, contemporary of Kurt Cobain and Cobain is the most recent addivocalist of Seattle band, The Gits. tion to the “27 Club” but there are many others. Kurt Cobain Cobain, vocalist for Nirvana, once penned the words of Neil Young, “It’s better to burn out than fade away.” After this he shot himself. This quote can be found scrawled in the closing lines of this alleged suicide note. Cobain

Brian Jones Jones was a founding member of the British invasion band, The Rolling Stones. The story went that while on the

phone with a venue owner to get a gig, Jones came up with the name “Rolling Stones” by reading “Rollin’ Stones” off of an album cover. When The Stones started out, their music consisted of rhythm and blues covers. When Andrew Loog Oldham joined the band it started focusing on original material. It is speculated, by some, that this transition reduced Jones’ role in the band which accelerated his drug habit and alcohol abuse. This alienated him from other members in the band. One month after his departure from the band, Jones was found face down in his swimming pool on July 3, 1969. Like Cobain, some speculated that Jones was murdered. This has not been confirmed.

Janis Joplin Joplin ­– known for her drug usage and soulful pipes, belongs to this club as well. Joplin’s big break came in 1969 when she became lead vocalist for the psychedelic rock band, Big Brother and The Holding Company. She was known for powerful vocals during a male-dominated rock era. Joplin performed at Woodstock during the 1969 festival. Some said she took several shots of heroin and was

inebriated during the performance. In an attempt to get clean, Joplin traveled to Brazil. She remained sober until her return to the United States where drug habits resurfaced and overtook her. In October of 1970 Joplin passed away from an apparent heroin overdose, although her lip was bloodied and her nose was thought to be broken when she was found. Joplin may be best known for her post-humous release of “Me and Bobby McGee,” a song originally written by Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster.

Jim Morrison Eight months after the death of Joplin, death knocked on Morrison’s door. Morrison was a poet, writer, filmmaker and lead singer of the Los Angeles rock band, The Doors. The Doors were a prolific rock band but were surrounded by controversy due to their front man’s antics. “The Lizard King” and the band were asked to perform on the Ed Sullivan show but Sullivan requested that the band modify the lyric “Girl, we couldn’t get much higher,” in an effort to censor the song for audiences. When the band played, Morrison

see forever, page 11

Bored to tears?

rawr events can help




moscowrade autumn st. amand | rawr

Models walk the runway in preparation for MoscowRade Wednesday during a dress rehearsal. MoscowRade is from 6 p.m. to midnight Saturday at the Moose Lodge. Event attendees will see fashions designed in various categories including, red carpet formal, art costume, ready to wear and recycled or handmade garments. Tickets are $7 each or $12 per couple.


"`iÃÌʏœÜiÀÊ-…œ«Êˆ˜ÊœÃVœÜt 509 S. Main Street (near the Breakfast Club) (208) 882 2547 (800) 453 6547

susa ayne w d n a rt Betty dly suppo prou Vandals! the email:

Become a traveling minimalist Three shirts, two pairs of pants, one pair of bringing everything they might need while travshoes, a coat, a handful of toiletries, a lapeling and realize mid-way through the trip that top, a small amount of homework which will half of what they have is unneeded. probably not get done and a copy of By days eight and nine of my trip, Dante’s Inferno. I will smell and look funky and will These are the only possessions I will have worn the same clothes two or carry during a 10-day, five-country excurthree times since the trip began, but it sion around Europe. All of it fit into my is worth it for the convenience of only average-sized backpack with little room having one bag to carry around. to spare for souvenirs. When you get older there will be It is fall break in Morocco and the plenty of time to travel in luxury, with aim of the trip is an opportunity to planned itineraries and fancy hotels explore Europe. and restaurants. One of the joys of beThe plane tickets from Morocco to ing young is this guerilla style of travel. Madrid were only $12. The cost of travelTraveling during college years cheyenne should ing from Moscow to Spokane by bus be about seeing as many amazis nearly double that. Traveling around ing places for as cheap possible. When hollis rawr reflecting upon travels, you will rarely Europe and North Africa may be cheaper than in the states but sacrifices must be regret not bringing an extra pair of made to ensure things go smoothly. slacks but often rue what you could not do The most important of these is to pack because of extra luggage. light. Nothing is more annoying than lugging a It is not just luggage that should be kept to a massive bag on trains, planes and busses when minimum — emotional baggage should be left at trying to navigate travels. home. There is no point in traveling if one is too Being prepared is an overused mantra in focused on what is going on back in the states. America because it always leads to people While in Marrakech, I ran into two other being over prepared. Being able to have four Americans exploring Morocco. They had just different styles of shoes is nice but unnecessary arrived in the country so I offered to help them when abroad. In spite of this, too many people insist on see traveling, page 11



Evening wear and recycled fashion autumn st. amand rawr

Students and community members will strut the runway on Saturday during the MoscowRade fashion show in handmade clothes and creative designs. “A couple girls wanted to experiment with plastic bags for clothing … one girl wanted to use tools,” Kirsten Currie, a contestant specializing in knitwear, said. “People are trying to make it really fun.” Models and designers will compete in five categories during MoscowRade: Red carpet formal, a design intended for a night at the Oscars, art costume which is theatrical and masquerade wear and art to wear which is anything handpainted or made from scratch. The up-cycled category includes modified existing garments or the use of non-traditional and innovative materials, and the ready to wear category includes casual styles. Erika Iiams, professor of Family and Consumer Sciences, said this is a great time to show the community

tanya eddins rawr

Some female vocalists will forever be revered, in my book, as the best lyricists of all time. Women have the ability to tap into reserves of intuition and this is reflected in their work. Women have an unparalleled sense of emotional connectivity to their environment. The following is one reflection of dedicated women and their words. 1. “Out of Range” – Ani DiFranco DiFranco’s lyrics have caused many men to cringe. She is outspoken and in-yourface. She oozes feminism. In concert videos, DiFranco raises arms high to expose hairy armpits. This is what makes her wonderful. Many of DiFranco’s songs make strong political statements, such as, “If you’re not

that Moscow can be fun and exciting. Iiams teaches clothing, textiles and design courses at the University of Idaho and many of her students are participating in the event. “We thought it’d be a fun thing to do in November, because there aren’t a lot of other events happening and we thought it’d be a great time for everyone to dress up crazy and have a good time,” Iiams said. “Like a big city thing, but in Moscow.” The fashion show will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. and the ball will continue until midnight. “The Moose Lodge donated the venue. So we decided the charity ball (would go) to their afterschool program,” Iiams said. Iiams said she is pleased so many students and community members have donated time, products and money for the event. “Everybody has come out of the woodwork to say ‘I’ll do this part, I’ll do that part’ like ‘Chef Sole’ doing the menu for the show,” she said. Relene Johnson, co-producer of MoscowRade, said four companies

angry, then you’re just stupid or you don’t care. How else can you react when you know something’s so unfair? When the men of the hour can kill half the world in war, make them slaves to a superpower and let them die poor.” 2. “The Long List of Girls” – The Blow The Blow is Khaela Maricich, self-proclaimed pop musician and performing artist. In the early 2000s she collaborated with Jonah Bechtolt, of YACHT. Bechtolt provided rapid-fire electronic drumrolls and unique sound experimentation to perfectly combine with her musings as a modern woman. Maricich’s lyrics are cute, sassy and realistic. With lyrics such as, “I guess I’m on the long list of girls that love the shit out of you, we know what not to expect, it’s about what we’ll get out of you,” what is not to love? 3. “’81” – Joanna Newsom Newsom is all whimsy. You cannot resist the tender urge brought on by her fast finger

see women, page 12

donated about $100 each to provide prizes of cash and merchandise. Johnson said Maven, Twisters Hair Studio, Tye Dye Everything and Antiques by Russ have donated prizes. Allegra Print and Imaging donated printed flyers for the event. Bare Wires, a local blues/rock band, will perform live during the ball, Johnson said. “I consider the fashion show a bonus because it’s a fun thing,” Currie said. Currie designed her first knit top and said she plans to use it in the show. “I’ve never designed a knit, I’ve always gone by patterns,” Currie said. “That was really exciting because it didn’t really stick exactly with my original design, but it turned out really cute in the end.” Students get the chance to create a design and show it to an audience outside of class. “I think it would just be fun, the experience, to make these projects last minute,” Currie said. “Having to think of everything, the models, hair

and makeup, being in charge of all of that and having to put it all together yourself … you get to see all aspects of it.” Currie said many of the designs aren’t things someone would wear every day but are fun and look cool. “It’s just a chance to get dressed up in your fanciest or craziest outfit,” Iiams said. “Don’t show up in jeans, show up in something remarkable that you made or that you put together … or a prom dress.”

more information MoscowRade will be held from 6 p.m. to midnight Saturday, Nov. 13 at the Moose Lodge. Tickets are $7 or $12 per couple and can be reserved by calling (208) 882-2912 or by visiting Russ Wheelhouse, co-producer of MoscowRade, at Antiques by Russ, located at 212 S. Main St.




matt dolkas | rawr

Max Pengilly is a University of Idaho student that works at Einstein Bros. Bagels. He also works as an intern at The Martin Institute and said he enjoys Ultimate Frisbee.

Hot ovens and high ambitions bethany breeze rawr

Max Pengilly makes bagels. For two and a half years he has made coffee and served students, first at the University of Idaho Common Grounds and now at Einstein Bros. Bagels. As Pengilly sat on one of the couches and the between-class bustle died down, the call of “hot oven” rang out from his co-workers. “They’re so fun. We always joke around back there and try and make it a fun time for everyone, the employees and the customers,” he said. As far as the “hot oven” is concerned, Pengilly said it’s a policy of Einstein’s. “The idea is that we’re all supposed to yell it every time the oven is opened,” he said. He said the hot oven “thing” is without fail the most common thing people ask about when he tells them he works at Einstein’s. Pengilly said it has become second nature to him to shout

out “hot oven.” “Once, I opened the microwave and accidentally yelled it. Everyone responded of course. I’ve even done it at home before,” he said. And then there is the “hot fresh bagels” announcement that can be heard shouted by employees at Einstein’s. “We say that to let customers know that we get fresh bagels all the time, they’re not just sitting there hours on end. They are all cooked first floor in kitchen in commons — so they really are hot fresh bagels,” he said. Pengilly said he works 20 hours a week and is taking 15 credits but is still able to manage his time. He did not mention, at first, that he works in the Martin Institute as an intern, double majors in International Studies and Spanish, studied abroad in Spain, is teaching himself French and is on the Ultimate Frisbee team. “Oh, and I’m also pre-med,” Pengilly said, “I usually just don’t

mention that.” After graduating in 2012, Pengilly said he wants to go on to medical school at the University of Washington. “I want to go into humanitarian health – probably (with) the World Health Organization or Doctors Without Borders,” he said, “for my first year and half after med school, I’m going to work in Spain to teach English. After that, I’ll probably head to Africa to do medical work. But we’ll see, it’s still far away.” With high ambitions, Pengilly said his experience working at Einstein’s will stay with him wherever he goes. In Africa, he said, “I’ll know how to yell hot oven.” “Seriously though, Einstein’s is centered around the team — working together towards the goal of customer satisfaction. I’ve learned to rely on others while also having a great time,” he said. “I suppose sandwichmaking also comes in handy… I

see ovens, page 11


Where’s the beef? And, by beef, I mean free wi-fi then promptly went out of We all remember the Wenbusiness. The hardware was dy’s hamburger commercial never replicated by another from a few years ago where company, leaving the six-yearthe old lady asks the age-old old routers sitting on top of question, “Where’s the beef?” buildings to die. Fast forward to today, What was the city’s answer where nobody cares about to fixing the problem? That’s beef (since everyone is pretty right — they don’t much a vegan now have one. anyway) but about the But let’s take the lack of free wi-fi. In focus off Spokane an iWorld where we and onto Moscow, expect to be instantly which could easily connected to the Interadd free-wifi to its net, there are still too downtown area. many local businesses, By adding high airports, schools and strength routers to downtown cores that buildings, believe Internet access madison existing Friendship Square, should be a menu item mccord the Moscow Farmers for us to purchase. rawr Market and the Bagel The worst part isn’t Shop could be transthe places that charge formed into work centers. for wi-fi use but those that In playing devils advocate don’t offer it. Being born and raised in Spokane means I have though, one problem that will eventually arise is the fact no problem using them as the that running a citywide wi-fi model to avoid. system is costly. For those who hail from Solution: Get the businesses big cities like Seattle or Portto chip in. land, the ability to bring your By giving customers access MacBook downtown, open it to the web for free, what up and surf Facebook seems would stop students from donormal and for a few years, ing their homework at La Casa people in Spokane had the Lopez or BookPeople, and then opportunity to feel like their buying dinner or a new read? west-side friends. But like all good dreams, the If someone stays in a business for long enough, they will buy Spokane wi-fi experiment suda product. Free wi-fi is one way denly started to die, begging to get people in your door. the question — who’s gonna It is time for everyone to fix it? realize the year is 2010 and The system, Spokane Hotthough we are still missing Zone, was started in 2004 by flying cars, jet packs and food a company called Vivato. The pills, the lack of free wi-fi is company donated the equipinexcusable. ment to run the system, and


from page 10 make sandwiches at home.” Pengilly said next semester he plans to continue at Einstein’s and with his internship, but take 20 credits. With so much going on,

Pengilly said Ultimate Frisbee keeps him sane. “It’s my passion. We practice four hours a week and go to tournaments, I love it. I do have a busy schedule so it’s nice to be able to go and run around for couple of hours,” he said.




her voice and the sweeping instruments that back her up. Think of a more ethnic Imogen Heap with a heightened use of electronic influences. “Unlike Me,” “So:Lo” and “Kaleidoscope” are some of Havnevik’s current high-achieving songs and a second album is expected from her personally owned label early next year.

song with the original wording. The Doors flourished in the late ‘60s but Morrison began to spiral out of control. He was seen drugged or drunk in public several times and would show up late and loaded for live performances. In 1971 Morrison moved to Paris which became his final resting place. He was found dead in his apartment but the circumstances regarding his death are still unclear because an autopsy was never performed.

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The Weepies Strange name? Well, yes. But it’s an appropriate name. Not that its music is depressing, but it is a mellow folk. The Weepies are a married couple who don’t just harmonize well romantically. Their sound is relaxed and easy, and the female vocalist’s voice is one that won’t easily be forgotten. “The World Spins Madly On” has been featured on several television shows, particularly for scenes of tragedy and sadness, but I promise The Weepies won’t make you want to drink yourself to death. It is simply low key, “folk-pop” that you’ll find yourself humming all day.

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Jimi Hendrix Nothing about Jimi Hendrix was ordinary. From his extravagant outfits to his lefthanded guitar or use of amp overdrive, Hendrix is arguably one of the best guitarists of all time.

After being turned down by The Rolling Stones, Hendrix was introduced to Chas Chandler, bassist for The Animals, via Linda Keith, Keith Richards’ girlfriend at the time. Hendrix and Chandler formed The Jimi Hendrix Experience, a rock band that transformed the genre forever. In 1969, Hendrix headlined Woodstock. According to the book “Hendrix: The Final Days,” by Tony Brown, one year after performing at Woodstock, Hendrix was found dead in London after “drowning” in his own vomit. Events leading to these artist’s deaths are unusual. It is interesting to think about where the artists would be had they lived through their rise to fame without crashing and burning. Would the state of rock ‘n’ roll music be the same as it is now? We may never know.

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get adjusted to the Moroccan way of life. One bloke was really interesting and had the right traveling mindset. The other chap was a complete buzz kill. He was in a new and exotic country but all he cared about were the problems he had back home. I cannot deny the unfortunate nature of the issues he was going through but his refusal to put those issues off to one side only served to upset himself and those around him. Those traveling are best served when they leave their baggage – physical or emotional, at home. You will only be burdened by the weight if you insist on carrying this during your travels.

Party starts at 2! Friday Special gameday menu. Party continues all weekend with brunch starting at 9:00 am Saturday Drink specials and give-aways all night Saturday night Come down to watch the game with your friendson one ofour big screen TVs




Visual dream world ing up to it. “N” gives the listener a moment to breathe and enjoy a more complex song driven Iamamiwhoami’s To Whom equally by the instruments and it May Concern EP is a magical piece of work. I don’t use that vocals, which hasn’t happened since “O.” word often but after watch“T” takes a bit of the darking the videos singer Joanna ness of “U-2” and sets a more Lee produced for each song atmospheric and dark wave on the album, I feel impacted dance track. The minor bass and close to the essence of progression and Lee’s reverbedthe project. out banshee singing burst Every song on the record from the verse to the chorus is different — its weakest and like watching a sunrise on a strongest trait. The weak point cold morning after staying up is that the record does not all night drinking. Hyperbole flow well from start to finish, aside, it is the best track on but listened to in combination the album. with the videos, all of which “Y” is the most indicative, can be found on YouTube, the lyrically speaking, in regards songs have a narrative and to what the album might be cohesive feel. about. Lee speaks about a little The first track on the alhope and a little voice and bum, “B,” has a Massive Attack the video accompanying the feel with stereotypical pentasong has a little boy tonic electro flutes standing in front of playing seductive Lee while she sings to melodies. One might him. The song goes expect to hear the from mid-tempo and melodies of Iamamisweet to a triumphant whoami in the court bridge that leads into of a Sultan or on a another refrain of the David Bowie record. The second track, iamamiwhoami chorus with a desperate and doubtful feel. “O,” establishes a To whom it dance vibe for the may concern EP The track is accompanied by Lee possibly album, grooving and singing about giving plinking along with birth. wet arpeggios. Lee’s Watch the video, which vocals and the music are balchronicles a whitey-tightyanced and she vies for listener wearing king in a cardboard attention in this track. Her castle who is losing his kingvoice lends an ethereal and dom of cardboard and tin foil cotton-like touch to these two to an invader woman. songs. Imagine the Knife withOne enjoyable thing about out the weird pronunciations Iamamiwhoami is that they of English words. saw a vision of direct refer“U-1” pauses and lets Lee’s ences between their lyrics and voice take care of everything. visual representation of their The track sets a somber and music. Instead of being shockmelancholic mood before “U-2” ing or random and using visual punches through it with its non-sequitor to sensationalize choppy four-on-the-floor drum their music, they used abstract beat and filthy bass line. The lyrical content to create a dazfilth is as matched with groove and melody as every song lead- zling dream world. ian corrigan rawr


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work on the harp. Her style seems to invite you to lounge all day in a lush garden. With her last release, Have One On Me, Newsom became a woman. Rather than singing about whimsical fancies her topics have matured into pure, raw beauty. Every part of her performance shows development, but particularly in vocals and lyrics. She handles difficult topics on this release with graceful elegance. “The wandering eye that I have caught is as hot as a wandering sun, but I will want for

12 nothing more, in the garden; start again, in my hardening to every heart but one.” 4. “Northern Lad” – Tori Amos Amos represents the ‘90s with perfection. When you follow her into the 2000s, you realize she may have lost the touch. She often has elaborate stories to accompany her albums and once said Songs from the Choirgirl Hotel represented “a traveling group of wanting women.” This track is an ode to what every woman has experienced at least once — the deepest heartache. “’You change like sugar cane,’ says my northern lad,

I guess you go too far when pianos try to be guitars.” 5. “Roll On” – Dntel featuring Jenny Lewis Lewis is an indie rock/folk musician and best known for her work with Rilo Kiley in the late ‘90s. She released her first solo album in 2006, Rabbit Fur Coat, with back-up vocals provided by the Watson Twins. This is where Lewis began to shine, lyrically speaking. Lewis wrote the lyrics to this track, loaded to the hilt with perfectly-timed percussive electronic blips by Dntel. “But it’s just no fun, when your heart belongs to a son of a gun. A shooting rifle, a firing range, I’m pistol-whipped, I’ll never be the same.”

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