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November 2015


Betties at the Elkford Newbie Ride

Since 2009, The BETTIES have been in constant forward momentum and not only making a difference in women’s involvement in snowmobiling, but in organized, motorized recreation overall. Lately we’ve been making changes to put us in a stronger position for growth so we can continue making the right kind of tracks. We have been hard at work setting up a new

this month we start using for our

system that, in a nutshell, enables us to work

project and team management. The Network

more efficiently and accomplish more. With this

Team profiles will be posted on our website soon,

new system for the Network Team, we have

and if you’ve sent in a role request and you’re not

created Volunteer Roles that reflect actual

listed here, don’t worry we won’t let you get away

positions in the profit and non profit sectors that

and we’ll get you added soon! 2015/16 Network

gives our members the opportunity to decide

Team: Communications - Sara Gillis, Lindsay

how they want to be involved and the time they

Plamondon, Lisa Block, Darian Campbell, Dee-

want to contribute. Volunteers can use existing

Ann Mackay, Megan Looke, Kelly Bannerman.

skills or these positions can provide them the

Brand Ambassadors - Jackie Gross, Richelle

opportunity to gain new ones. Volunteer positions

Maser, Tamara Osborne, Andrea Hand, Megan

are a great addition to any resume and this is

Looke. Alberta Area Reps - Heather White,

especially helpful when motivating and engaging

Crystal Tracey, Lisa Block, Jackie Gross, Mel

youth and finding special talents within your

Tonsi, Sara Gillis, Megan Looke. BC Area Reps-

membership. We have had excellent response

Gisele d’Auteuil, Andrea Hand, Richelle Maser,

and many positions are filled, however, we do

Tamara Osborne. Member Relations; Mel Tonsi.

have some Rep areas open and we always

Partner Relations, Andrea Hand. Sponsor

accept members on the Communications Team

Relations, Crystal Tracey. Events Coordinator,

and as Brand Ambassadors. If you’d like to fill a

Jackie Gross. Special Projects, Richelle Maser.

role this season visit our website for available

Club Administrator/Fundraising, Megan Looke.

positions. The Network Team also acts as the

Club Manager, Tamara Osborne. Find out more

advisory team for the Club and plans and

or join the Network Team on our website

interacts via a group Facebook page, in addition,


Bettie Reppin’ Post a pic on our Betties Club Facebook page of you or a fellow Bettie spreading the Bettie Love and it will be entered in our ‘BETTIE Repper’ of the Month draw to win featured donated prizes or sweet Betties merchandise.

Wrapping it all up


This past season the wraps were provided by The Decal Den in Prince George, BC. A selection of colors is chosen and each Bettie receives a discounted wrap in a color that suits their style. Below, Lara givces Nicole some light for her first ever wrap installation. Meg, left, had a surprise at 3am when her boyfriend claimed hers was done, so off to the garage she went in her PJ’s.

T&T Power Sports. Giving so many Betties the opportunity of a lifetime. Terry Coulombe of T&T Power Sports in Bonnyville, Alberta together with Arctic Cat’s Alberta/Northern Sask. District Sales Manager, Kory Poliakiwski have been offering a one-of-a-kind demo program to the Betties that has now given 19 riders of all calibre the opportunity to be a brand ambassador and to ride a new Arctic Cat for the season. This program allows riders the opportunity to learn the ropes on new technology and to purchase a new snowmobile at a special Bettie discount once they test it out for the season. This program is not an individual sponsorship but a marketing program that provides support for our organization to engage the female demographic and encourage them to be more involved in snowmobile growth and promotion. This season we are proud to have four demos sleds to be used within our organization to promote T&T Power Sports, Arctic Cat and The Betties. The expectations were high this year as Arctic Cat representatives were looking for members who have gone above and beyond within our Club and who have contributed to the advancement of our group on an ongoing basis. They looked for riders they felt would give them the exposure Arctic Cat requires from this program at local rides, bigger events and on social media. They looked at past activity and for members they felt exemplified what the Betties is about and that could take advantage of this incredible opportunity to the fullest and give the maximum exposure to their brand. The decision was for three demo riders and one Betties Club sled. While

we have many great candidates for demo sleds in our organization, the decision this season was also based on marketing ability of each sled and getting the most exposure from them as possible. This includes utilizing the Betties special pricing that is offered to the riders each year as incentive for them to purchase their Arctic Cat sled and become a new customer of T&T Power Sports and an ongoing representative of the Arctic Cat brand. Congratulations to the Betties chosen as the recipients for 2016 Arctic Cat M8000 for the season and thank you to everyone who showed such passion for the Betties and eagerness to represent these brands. Melanie Tonsi, Barrhead, Alberta. Mel has continually grown within our organization since 2013 when she was signed up by her husband, Dale. She has shown leadership planning weekend ladies rides with her local club, participating and representing Betties at multiple events and rides, attending filming opportunities, leading Betties club initiatives, and traveling to work at many events and shows. Mel is the Area Rep for AB#6&8 and Member Relations on our Betties Network Team. She is very active on social media and provided great exposure representing the Betties Club and her local club, Northern Lights Snowmobile Club, last season. Mel and Sara are hosting a multi-day ride this year, The Center of Alberta Ride, from Barrhead to Swan Hills. Watch the Betties website for more information on this ride and other rides and events. Con’t next page.





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Crystal Tracey, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. Crystal has been a Bettie since 2011 and is always quick to volunteer, round up donations and participate in any fundraising initiatives for the Club. Crystal was a recipient of a T&T demo in 2013 and has remained consistent in her involvement and representation of the brands after that season. You’ll see Crystal in the movie each year, always making the effort to travel and attend at least one filming ride each season. Crystal is filling the position of Sponsor Relations and an Area Rep for AB Area #11 with Heather White, and also AB Area #1, where she’ll be taking a new member under her wing and working with Lisa Block from Lethbridge. Crystal is a member of the CrowSnow Riders Club as the webmaster and will be connecting with the Club in Fort Mac to increase Betties presence and support for the local club. Crystal spends her time between Fort McMurray and Crowsnest Pass which allows her to represent in the target demographic for T&T and Arctic Cat and have access to lots of mountain riding when she’s home for providing the required exposure and social media activity.

Gisele d’Auteuil, Elkford, BC. Gisele has been a Bettie since 2012 and is the Area Rep for BC Area #1. She’s been active in her area hosting Betties movie nights, representing our Club at local events like the Elkford Wildcat Days Parade and charity golf tourney, co-hosting the annual Newbie/Ladies ride and representing Betties at various out of town events. Gisele is a director in her local club, the Elkford Snowmobile Club, acting as Club Secretary. Living in a popular mountain riding area allows Gisele to get lots of riding in each season, which allows for her to get quality photographs and participate in local filming opportunities. Gisele is active on social media and can deliver the required exposure as a brand representative of Arctic Cat, T&T Power Sports and The Betties. The Betties Club Sled. This sled is for all Betties to come out for a ride or take for a weekend. It can be used for special rides and events and may be available for filming rides in Radium, BC. It will reside with Tamara (Raw Mettle Films) for the season, who will also ride it and show it off. This sled is available to show Arctic Cat that you have what it takes to represent on your own Demo!

*Barrhead(to(Swan(Hills(( *2(or(3(day(trip(( *More(information(to(follow(updates(on(“The(Betties( Club”(group(on(Facebook( *ASA(Trail(passes(mandatory(( *Day(passes(available(( *For(contact(Melanie(Tonsi,(Sara(Gillis(on(Facebook(or((


Center of Alberta Ladies Ride., barrhead to Swan Hills. More info coming soon!

Watch for Hangfire Training Days coming soon!


Events Posters and Calendar Visit our Events Page for upcoming Bettie or partner events. Registraiion for events is available online. Registration is open for LaNina Clinics in Prince George and Golden, deposit required at registration. Submit your event to our calendar on our website.



THE BETTIES ADVENTURES, GROWING NEW PROJECTS The Bettie Adventures Movie is a compilation of

are on the search for even more. Wanna join?

submitted footage from female riders in Western or

Canada filmed by friends, family and sometimes

Watch for new exciting projects from the Betties

even the pros if we can get ahold of them. This

this season!

project is for the promotion of snowmobiling to

Raw Mettle Film and Media is interested in

women at the recreational level but is open to all

opportunities to bring more community involved

levels of riders and we would love to have some

projects to the motorized recreation market. By

submissions from the local pro riders with their

working together, combining talents and

friends, on their adventures. The Bettie’s movie

sourcing skills within our sector, we have the

features rides and riders doing what they love,

potential to bring a stronger marketing presence

and how better to have it represented than by

to motorized recreation. This, in turn, can have a

having them film it or by someone going on their

positive effect on how we are viewed as a sector

adventures as one of our Media Partners.

and the results we see regarding land use

The Betties are seeking new relationships with

conflicts, Government funding and unified users

Media Partners, both amateurs and pros, to

in the backcountry and on the trails. If you have

assist us in providing a new, improved and

the same interest in opportunities like this and

amped up Bettie’s Adventures this season. We

some media related skills, email us at

have had many offers from photographers and Let’s see what we can

videographers to help us in our quest and we

do together.

Lindsay Plamondon loving life in Revelstoke

Spreadin’ the Love Top photo, Brianne and duaghter Brooklyn, lots of Bettie Love in this pic. Middle pic, Mel sporting her BETTIES jersey at the Mountain Mania event in Valemount, BC last January. Bottom pic, Betties at the Whitecourt Snowmobile Invasion 2015. NEWSLETTER COPYRIGHT RAW METTLE MEDIA



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