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ART HK 2012 Set over the course of one memorable weekend, Art HK was held again at the convention centre, where 266 galleries participated from over 38 countries. Bought out by Art Basel, the world’s largest art festival organizer in the world, Art HK is the only art fair which features equal Asian and Western artists. This year, Art HK invited Yuko Hasegawa, chief curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, to curate the Art HK Projects section. The Projects section involves artists producing 10 large-scale installation projects placed throughout the Art Fair. Set out to explore how people meet art and how people consider art these installation pieces, enabled visitors to not only experience works on a wall, but also interact with threedimensional objects in public spaces. Set out to explore how people interact and consider art in communal spaces, these installations enabled visitors to consider art beyond the walls of a gallery space. While painting remained the main focus of many exhibiting galleries, it was encouraging to see more photography, mixed media, and installations, as well as sculptures on display. Aside from the exhibitions, art enthusiasts got the chance to hear from industry experts through the latest series of Back Room Conversations presented by Asia Art Archive.

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