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Shanghai, Tokyo and Singapore are all quite mind blowing, so it’s hard to completely generalize the comparison between America and Asia—the regions are just too big and there are too many different ways to do things. Who do you hope photograph in your future projects? There are many models that I would love to work with, such as Coco Rocha, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Lindsey Wixon, Freja, Lara and so on…but no one can trump Marion Cotillard. I have to do a double take every time I see her in photos. She just transcends feminine sensuality like no one else. How does photography and fil m differ as means of creative expression? Visually they appear identical, but they are two different mediums in

terms of creative expression. Photography captures a frame to encapsulate the mood and story, as a picture is worth a thousand words after all. Film is 24 frames per second (or more if we get into the technical side of video formats), which requires a lot of different skills to tell a story, such as storyboarding, directing, editing, sound and music—all of these elements go hand-in-hand to tell a story. Film is a more powerful medium emotionally, as it makes you laugh or cry. I still find it so amazing when a TV commercial can affect your emotions in a short time. For example, when you are eating snacks on your couch and a director can suddenly bring you to tears within 30 seconds (well, 27 seconds when you take out the logo). In comparison, photography may not have such power to evoke such strong emotions.

on the future of photography trends? Due to the availability of DSLR or high resolution video camera, it’s almost a must to be able to do both still photography and videos for clients. Most of the time, a director could be a strong photographer, but a photographer might not be a good director. We see a lot of visual eye candy out there, but I highly encourage photographers to learn better storytelling techniques. We don’t need to see another video of a pretty girl walking up and down an alley aimlessly. Written by Joyce Yung Photo courtesy of Charlie Wan

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