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As a former art director in the TV and motion graphics industry, Charlie has collaborated on a wide range of projects. The highlights of his versatile career thus far have included stage visuals for Shakira’s world tour to Pepsi commercials, and also visuals for The Super Bowl halftime show for rock legend, The Who. In recent years, Charlie has turned back to his initial passion: being a photographer and live action director. Through his striking art works, he hopes that each piece will evoke emotions that will resonate long after viewing his art.

Charlie Wan

Charlie Wan is a New York-based director and photographer whose aim is to capture beauty, so it comes as no surprise that he would wind up a photographer for the fashion industry.

Is there a difference in the photography scene between Asia and the US? The main difference is the attitude. The US scene is always trying to push for breaking new ground especially in

New York City—the mecca of fashion photography. There’s a mutual respect among peers. It’s competitive in a “Let’s do this better together” kind of way, as if we are all doing the final art projects in college—the energy, the drive, the community. I am speaking about New York though because LA and Chicago have a totally different vibe. Americans have a lot of original ideas—everything they do sets an example to other continents. In Asia— let’s say Hong Kong—I noticed that the creative projects like to replicate their references. Many times I was in client meetings in Asia, and clients or agencies would request a copy of the style of their visual references. Clients always like to see if others are successful first, before following their footsteps. Unfortunately, that hinders the creative license of any given photographer. But this is my experience with Hong Kong, all cities in Asia are so vastly different. Beijing,

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