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namese star Kathy Uyen on our team. I must say that our whole cast just came as if by godsend. Usually filmmakers would think of who they want and who they can get first before everything else, but in our case it was more about finding the right person who fits the characters in our script. Almost everyone we have in our cast are friends of friends whom we just met and after a few casual chats, we decided they fit the bill. Unfortunately I don’t have much behindthe-scenes gossip to share because I always was in control of the set and dealing with nitty gritty issues—I reckon that I had less fun than everybody else! Working with acting coach Jeanne Hartman helped me with a lot of things ahead of our filming schedule, especially on interpreting the darker side of Connor Lee (Supercapitalist’s leading character) who is totally unlike me. I am more like Connor before his transformation, a bit innocent and not too attached to the luxuries in life, so acting that part out is practically like being myself. After his arrival in Hong Kong, however, required a significant amount of work. Being Asian,


acting for me is almost like studying for a test—I work very, very hard to capture what we wanted. RAW: Where do you see yourself going next? DT: We are super excited to see Supercapitalist landing an American distribution deal and due to be released in cinemas around the country this summer, so we will be busy touring the States. Afterwards, the movie will hold its premiere in Hong Kong and other Asian countries in the coming fall, so watch out for that! The reason I wrote the script and produced it from start to finish is because I wanted a chance to act. I went through the risk of producing a movie because I desperately sought out an opportunity to act with well-respected actors, to learn from their experience and grow as an actor. Life for me is about taking the right risks and seeing the results exceed my expectations. After the Supercapitalist tour ends, I will continue to pursue my career in acting and look for my next big break.

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