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Foreword My partner, Derek, and I started the concept of Random Art Workshop when we got past Hong Kong’s hard candy shell of hustle and bustle. Many people come here to make their money and leave, but we wanted and still feel that Hong Kong deserves more permanence, especially in the field of art. We also felt that being an accountant, lawyer, and banker, etc. does not preclude you from being an artist, nor make you any less creative. We started RAW to plant a seed that would grow into a community where people could learn about art without the confines or limits that society places on us. RAW Magazine is a natural progression of this emerging community. In this 3rd issue, we explore how artists balance their creative headspace and time between their commercial and fine art work in photography and digital media. We bring to you three Studio Visit features providing different perspectives to the digital media space. This includes a commercial turned fine arts photographer, an independent film maker, and a photography bookstore and exhibition space.



RAW Magazine 03  

RAW Magazine's primary aim is to celebrate art and making our local art world accessible to people that are not art professionals. We believ...

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