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so I can’t have a dead simple plot that everyone with a teeny bit of financial knowledge can see right through. There were lots of bankers who happily read my script and gave loads of constructive comments as to what was feasible and what was just down right silly. I did a lot of reading on my own, including books like the Ugly Americans: The True Story of the Ivy League Cowboys who raided the Asian Markets for Millions, Hedge Hunters: Hedge Fund Masters on the Rewards, the Risk, and the Reckoning, as well as Hedgehogging. I don’t believe that you have to be in the industry to be able to write about the industry—everyone is capable of doing anything as long as they put their minds to it. RAW: So is the banking industry as dirty as they say? DT: The news and mass media don’t always do the bankers justice. Honestly, the stuff they [bankers] do is necessary for the society, and if any recent graduates want to join the banking industry,

it should be because they are genuinely interested and passionate about the work, rather than simply for the money or the lifestyle. They must realize that, as a banker, their every action will have serious consequences. My favourite type of movie is actually super hero movies rather than financial ones like “Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps”. I reckon that having lots of money is like possessing super hero powers—you have to use it with good intentions, because with great power comes great responsibility. RAW: What is it like working with big blockbuster names? Any juicy behind-the-scenes you wou ld like to share? DT: It was certainly very exciting to work with celebrated actors from Hong Kong and America like Linus Roache, Michael Park, Richard Ng, and Kenneth Tsang. It honestly surprised me how, though they are globally renowned, they are still willing to read their roles and are genuinely down to earth people who are just really passionate about acting. We also had Darren E Scott, Eugene Kang, and Viet-



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