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Asking a local Hong Konger to describe his cultural identity is often a sensitive topic—there are often mixed responses, such as labelling themselves with a general term like “Chinese”, or deliberately separating themselves from Mainland China by responding “Hong Kongese”. As the first featured photographer in the opening of AO Vertical (Asia One’s art gallery), Liu Heung Shing is a noted photographer who has been exposed to both Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese in equal parts. With a background in journalism, he has captured images across various countries and has been privy to key political events that have shook Mainland China over the past thirty years. RAW learns about China’s recent history through the lense of this prolific photographer.

AO Vertical Art Space official opened on May 17, 2012. It is the first verticalart space in Hong Kong founded by the Asia Communications Group. The unique art space located in Chai Wan spans from 13th floor down to the third floor and look to bring a unique experience to art lovers. “AO Vertical” will bring in new exhibitions every few months.

RAW: Which historical period in China moved you the most? LHS: There are many memorable moments in China’s history—the death of Mao was absolutely the most seminal event in the history of Modern China and I covered the funeral in the beginning of my career. I have also shot photographs for other key political events, such as the democracy war in China and the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989. Among all the events I’ve shot in various countries, I feel more personally connected to the photographs I shot in China.

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