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The RAW Magazine TEAM Joyce Yung Joyce founded Random Art Workshop in 2009 to expand upon her passion for photography, art and to build a community of like-minded individuals that can come together to share their creative insights. The past several years have seen her involve her career in professional photography and championing everyday arts. With an affinity for discovering new avenues to give the rest of Hong Kong their dose of the unexpected and imaginative, RAW Magazine is her brainchild. She finds inspiration in traveling, loves the water, and is particularly fond of all things spiral.

Derek Ting Co-founder of Random Art Workshop, Derek has always been an ardent supporter of the arts. He caught the acting bug while studying in New York and subsequently, his interests have led him into the art of acting and further producing for CNN and other well received short-films. With a Producer’s role for a feature film under his belt, Derek continues to tirelessly pursue his passions. He enjoys quick witted conversations and running. He hopes RAW will help others find their callings.

Matina Cheung Matina is RAW’s resident design and graphics wizard. Responsible for RAW Magazine’s innovative and distinct aesthetic identity, she celebrates her passion for design along with art mediums such as photography and sculpture. An upcoming visual artist, Matina’s art involves itself with the concept of intimacy and perception. She is also a yoga afficcionado with an intense love for aliens and gremlins.

Contributing Writers: Text Edited by Bev Cheng

Yoav Horesh

Bev is an editor for a popular English magazine and spends her free time on the lookout for French pastries, creative hubs and undiscovered gems around the city she now calls home—Hong Kong.

Yoav Horesh is a photography professor at SCAD Hong Kong. He has exhibited his work in galleries throughout the world and with Amnesty International. Prior to joining SCAD, Horesh taught at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, The New England School of Photography, Queens College and Columbia University.

Gillian Chu Gillian Chu is a Hong Kong based Canadian lifestyle blogger who enjoys sharing her tips and secrets on the city that she calls home. Find out more at

Aurora Van Kerckhove Aurora is the writing intern for RAW. Her interests and passions lay in music, art and writing.


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