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Foundation and Development Report Your support in action



Foundation and Development Report (Jan 2014 to Jan 2018) Thank you from the Chairman of Trustees I am delighted to introduce this Report which seeks to provide an update on the work of the Marlborough College Foundation and highlight the achievements and ambitions of both the Development team and the College in pursuit of our development plans. Over the past four years we have undertaken a significant programme of ‘friend-raising’ and this enabled us to complete the successful campaign in support of the renovation of the Memorial Hall. It is very important that we keep all of our friends and supporters informed and involved as we seek to build up our endowment for bursaries as well as finalise plans for a new Science facility through the restoration and development of the Newton Building. As trustees, our role is to act as custodian of all funds raised; to ensure that they are invested in an appropriate fashion and that any income or capital is spent according to the wishes of the individual donor. In the pages of this report I hope you will see that these aims are being met. On behalf of my fellow trustees and the whole Development team I thank you for your continued support.

Steven Bishop (PR 1973-77) Chairman of the Foundation Trustees



Introductions 2 Financial Overview


Bursaries Appeal


Memorial Hall Appeal


Legacy Giving


College Expenditure


College Development Plan


Thanking Our Supporters


How You Can Help Us




Chairman of Council Our social impact today and in the future

I am proud to be able to thank you for your loyal and generous support of Marlborough’s ambition to offer a first-class boarding education both inside and outside the classroom. We continue to offer top-quality teaching, sports and living facilities through successful fundraising for our capital programmes. The restoration of the Memorial Hall, for example, will provide a first-class performance venue for the benefit of both future Marlburians and the local community. Our bursary programme requires us to build a significant endowment to widen access to the school and ensure we attract a diverse pupil body to take full advantage of the academic and other opportunities we offer. Even though the College continues to attract enviable numbers of applications and enjoys a stellar reputation, schools like Marlborough must demonstrate their social impact. We do this in our partnerships with other Wiltshire schools and at our campus in Malaysia. So your investment in us is crucial to our future and we are dependent on your generosity, not to protect some past privilege, but to enable us to have a social impact today and in the future. On behalf of us all, thank you.

Lord Malloch-Brown KCMG PC Chairman of Council



The Master Being a Marlburian and giving back I am pleased to report that during the last four years we have made great progress in connecting our community around the world. From Hong Kong, China, New York, Singapore, San Francisco, Toronto and Kenya, to name but a few, as well as working hard to reach existing and past parents. Also, as the first Old Marlburians leave Marlborough College Malaysia so our global span increases. Equally, the growth of our partnership with Swindon Academy has been considerable. The cultivation of friends and the openness about the need to raise endowment to improve access for a much wider cross-section of society to benefit from a Marlburian education, is as important now as it was in the early days of our foundation in 1843. Looking ahead over the next decade, the twin requirements of accessibility and affordability re-emphasise the necessity to strengthen the sinews of our community through appealing to philanthropic instincts.The vision of an institution, which has always extolled the responsibility to pass on the best of what it means to have had a Marlborough education where values are shared, is still our fundamental belief. Over the last three years, the generosity of many people has resulted in finding the funds to support the fabulous refurbishment of the Memorial Hall. All of this restates our determination as a College to be relevant and to enhance the best of opportunities. In doing this, we welcome the huge support of Marlburians, past and present, so that an aspirational future is the result. Marlburian spirit, as described by Professor Howard from Nova Scotia in writing about the First World War poet, C H Sorley, is an “ethical and creative determination, never to shirk perhaps the most basic human duty of all, the duty to always question one’s duty”. In that statement, there is an ambivalent questioning but also an undeniable affection for an openminded approach as the College moves forward to the next generation.

Master Jonathan Leigh (CR 2012-)


Financial Overview

Financial Overview Giving to the Marlborough Foundation The Marlborough College Foundation is a registered charity established to provide long-term financial support for the College by providing extra funds to improve its academic, cultural and sporting provision and to enhance bursary endowments.

Total raised


Funds raised Jan 2014 – Jan 2018 ● £2.3m towards our Bursary Programme ● £3.5m to fund a refurbishment and upgrade of the Memorial Hall ● £1.8m towards the future of Science at Marlborough ● £0.30m into our Greatest Needs Fund ● £0.05m to Other Funds

Total raised each year


2017 – £2,778,747

2016 – £2,824,968

2015 – £1,185,518

2014 – £1,284,870

Financial Overview

Funds raised in 2017 During the last twelve months (ending 1st January 2018) a total of £2,778,747 has been raised in charitable donations, mostly to support the Memorial Hall Appeal but also towards Bursaries and Science.

Total raised in 2017


Who are our Donors? We are indebted to the many donors from our Marlborough College community of OMs, parents, friends and charitable organisations who, at all levels, have helped us. Below you can see the breakdown of giving amongst these groups and the value of their gifts in the period 2014-17.


Gift breakdown by donor group 5%



Amount raised per fund in 2017 Memorial Hall Science


Greatest Needs Other Funds

£348,074 £1,580,666 £787,628 £61,757 £622



■ Charitable Organisation ■ Current Parent ■ Old Marlburian ■ OM/Parents ■ Past Parent ■ Friend

Total raised by donor group


20% 31% 24% 9%

■ Charitable Organisation ■ Current Parent ■ Old Marlburian ■ OM/Parents ■ Past Parent ■ Friend

3% 7

Telephone Campaign

Telephone Campaign Thank you to all those who participated in our 2016 telephone campaign to support the Memorial Hall restoration and our Bursary Programme. It was a great success, and we raised £140,000.

A team of young OMs ran the call centre and as well as gaining valuable work experience, they heard some very interesting stories in the process.

I thoroughly enjoyed working for the Telephone Campaign and it gave me invaluable skills to take through to university and the world of work. There were lots of fun perks and it was genuinely interesting to hear about the Old Marlburians’ experiences of the school, where, in some cases, things were very different to my time here. Molly Tarring (SU 2014-16)

We exceeded our telephone campaign target by




updated their contact details

47% of Old

Marlburians who were contacted made a donation


completed conversations


updated us on their careers


updated us on their interests

Bursaries Appeal

Bursaries Appeal


By our aim is to increase fully funded bursary places by



• 12 places are funded by 110% bursaries • 107 pupils currently receive financial assistance • We aim to increase full funded bursary places by 40% by 2022

“Without the Bursary and all that Marlborough provided both academically and holistically I would not be where I am today.” The words of Sir Keith Porter (LI 1965-67) are a reminder of how bursaries transform lives. Sir Keith is a trauma specialist who was knighted for his services to the military. He was part of the Swindon Experiment, an innovative scheme introduced by John Dancy in the 1960s to enable children from the locality to benefit from a Marlborough education.

Marlborough has always tried to keep an open door to those who could not afford the full fees. The roots of the College lie in being able to assist sons of the clergymen. Today’s challenge is no different to the past, except that the rise in school fees makes the scale of funds needed for bursaries all the greater. In order to encourage a broad base of children to join the College there need to be significant funds available, not just to those who need a top-up to balance the books and can afford some of the fee, but also to make it possible for those who previously would not have contemplated a Marlborough education.


Bursaries Appeal

Who gives to Bursaries?

Gift breakdown by donor group


■ Charitable Organisation ■ Current Parent ■ Friend ■ Old Marlburian ■ OM/Parents ■ Past Parent






Total raised by donor group 1% 19%

14% 4%




■ Charitable Organisation ■ Current Parent ■ Friend ■ Old Marlburian ■ OM/Parents ■ Past Parent

Bursaries Appeal

Donor Stories We are indebted to the many donors who make such a huge difference to the lives of our pupils. Here a Marlborough family and a year group of Old Marlburians describe their reasons for doing so.

Tessa and Antonia Packard – Family Donation Why contribute to a Marlborough College bursary? Quite simply, it is my family’s belief that education is key to shaping the life of any child. My sister and I have been extremely lucky to receive a first class education, and in return we feel a responsibility to support individuals, with true ambition and drive, to realise their full potential in a way that may otherwise not be possible. To our minds, it is crucial that we encourage and inspire a sense of charitable culture in schools and alumni groups alike in order to instil both the awareness and the desire to give back. Over the years we’ve been privileged to work with the College and see first-hand the difference a Marlburian bursary can make to a young person’s life. But what is in place now is only a drop in the ocean of what is possible. We stand committed to improving and bettering the lives of as many brilliant young pupils as we can, and wish to encourage parents and alumni to do the same in the spirit of philanthropic giving. Tessa (TU 2001-03) and Antonia (SU 2002-04) Packard

The Young Marlburian Foundation The Young Marlburian Foundation aims to encourage young OMs to give small regular sums towards a bursary place at Marlborough which will support an exceptional, underprivileged pupil either for Sixth Form or for the full five years. The first pupil to receive help from the YMF started in the Shell in 2015 and is doing exceptionally well. What makes the scheme unusual is that it is funded entirely by Old Marlburians between the ages of 18 and 40. Both boys and girls can apply for an award. The only requisite is that they are UK nationals. The YMF has its own committee and organises fundraising events as well as encouraging individual gifts. “We very much hope that young OMs will want to be part of this scheme and support the YMF. If we all contribute towards the Young Marlburian Bursary Scheme, we could really change lives for the better.”

YMF Chairman, Antonia Packard (SU 2002-04)

OM Futures – Group Donation OM Futures was a concept attended by the OM class of 1990 after more than 100 of the year group attended their 25th anniversary reunion at the College in 2015. Motivated by the desire to give the incredible advantage of a Marlborough education to the next generation, the group has collectively raised funds to support two pupils on 100% bursaries for the Sixth Form. The first of these pupils joins the College in September 2018 and the second will start in 2020. The hope of the 1990 OM Futures Bursary is that each year group reaching their 25th Anniversary will consider leaving the same legacy for the future. Richard Pembroke (B1 1985-1990) 11

Bursaries Appeal

Beneficiary Stories Tabitha Stanmore (LI 2007-09) PhD Student at Bristol University Tabitha Stanmore received a Sixth Form Bursary following what she describes as a ‘patchy education’, during which time she spent a number of years living on a canal boat in Wiltshire. Tabitha, who went on to study History at Edinburgh University, says: “Socially and emotionally, the combination of boarding, and being around such amazing people – students and staff – enabled me to grow as a person and to broaden my horizons and aspirations. “The two years that I spent at Marlborough have been the best of my life. The bursary radically changed my life and set me on a path that would otherwise have been impossible. I am incredibly grateful to the College for offering me such an opportunity” . Having spent a couple of years in the workplace, Tabitha is now studying for a PhD in the History Department of the University of Bristol.

Theo Fetherstone (C1 2011-16) Student of Mechanical Engineering at UCL The opportunity to study at Marlborough was, for me, the chance of a lifetime. I had aspired to attend a private boarding school despite my family’s finances being far from able to cover such an expense and there were very few options available to me. It was thanks to the generosity of the Fred Packard (C11962-67) Memorial Award that I was able to realise my ambition. After his death Fred’s family generously continued their lifechanging assistance through their daughters Antonia (SU 2002-04) and Tessa (TU 2001-03). I can say with certainty that going to Marlborough is one of the most enriching and formative experiences of my life so far. I am grateful that I was given the chance to fulfil my potential and hope that more young people will be able to take the same path. Every bursary place awarded is a step closer to ensuring private education is not unattainable or exclusive. 12

Bursaries Appeal

Future Bursary Recipients After acceptance of a place any pupil may apply for a Bursary, some may be Scholars, others may not be. The level of award varies according to individual circumstance. The College also works in collaboration with Prep Schools to facilitate ‘continuation bursaries’, through partnership with local schools and with educational charities to find suitable recipients. The Council has set a long-term aim of making Marlborough accessible on a need-blind basis to up to a third of College fees through a stream of top-up and life-changing bursaries. In order to achieve such an ambitious target, there are a number of strategies in place to make use of all sources of income and to direct them towards bursary support. Over the coming five years the amount dedicated to bursaries is set to increase from £1.6 million per annum to £3.7 million. By 2022/23 the level of bursaries will represent over 10% of fee income, a substantial increase on today’s level but still a long way short of the long-term aim of Council to make the College much more accessible. In reaching the level planned for five years’ time and in going beyond, the College will continue to rely on the extraordinary generosity of donors to support bursary funds; by building up endowments to fund places in the College in perpetuity or by supporting annual funds to assist those coming to the College now.

RNCF – SpringBoard The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation is an educational charity which seeks to select suitable pupils from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds who would benefit from a bursary place which covers the entire cost of a private, boarding education. Whilst ensuring that such children will be academically able to thrive, we do not seek just the brightest or most talented, but those who stand to gain most from, and contribute to, a boarding education. Marlborough has been a SpringBoard partner since September 2013 when we welcomed the first bursary recipient into the Lower Sixth. Since then one pupil each year has joined us. 13

Memorial Hall Appeal

Memorial Hall Appeal We are hugely grateful for the 755 gifts received from OMs, parents (past and present) and staff that have helped us reach our fundraising target of £3.5m. Thanks also to the generosity of a grant from The Marlburian Club Charitable Fund and the money from the College our plans for the restoration of the Memorial Hall are being realised. The completion of the work is tangible recognition of the debt we owe to the fallen, keeping alive the memory of the 749 who died in WW1 and also those Marlburians who gave their lives in WW2 and afterwards. An opening event planned for November 2018 will commemorate 100 years since the end of the Great War in a hall that will be a fitting tribute to those who gave their lives for us.

Breakdown of the 755 gifts received (total £3.5 million) by donor group 6%

The transformation of the Memorial Hall into a state-of-the-art performance venue for concerts, plays and lectures will benefit generations of future Marlburians as well as the local community. The revitalisation of this iconic building will ensure it has a renewed role in the life of the school. Paul Orchard-Lisle CBE TD DL (SU 1952-56) Chairman of the Memorial Hall Appeal Committee

•7 55 gifts received •£ 3.5 million from funds raised • £2.5 million from the College • £250,000 from the Marlburian Club Charitable Funds

Total raised by donor group

1% 10% 18%


5% 34%



14% 63% 5%

■ Charitable Organisation ■ Current Parent ■ Friend 14

■ Old Marlburian ■ OM/Parents ■ Past Parent

■ Charitable Organisation ■ Current Parent ■ Friend

■ Old Marlburian ■ OM/Parents ■ Past Parent

Memorial Hall Appeal

749 Society Names of all our donors will be commemorated in a book of Remembrance inside the Hall. Those who have given £6,000 or more are members of the 749 Society. The Society will meet annually to hear a leading

speaker on a topic of the day in the Memorial Hall and for a reception hosted by the Master. Their names will also be recognised on an Honours Wall outside the Hall.

Save The Date… Gala Opening Concert 10th November 2018

All those who have generously supported our Appeal will be invited to a Gala Concert to officially open the newly refurbished and upgraded Hall, with performances from OMs and current pupils.


Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving Reggie Wills (B1 1935-39)

The late Reggie Wills lived a full and exciting life. He served during a number of conflicts but he never forgot Marlborough College and kept in contact throughout his life. When Reggie died in 2009 in Lisbon, Portugal he left a substantial legacy which the College has used to open Ivy House in September 2012, to give 50 more girls the opportunity to attend the school.

Henry Rose (C1 1953-57) The Cricket Pavilion was restored thanks to a generous legacy from Henry Rose, a great lover of the game. His bequest also enabled a talented local cricketer to be educated for five years at Marlborough. 16

Legacy Giving

1843 Society The 1843 Society was created in recognition of our founders’ vision and foresight to provide an excellent education for sons of the Church of England Clergy. It is now the vehicle through which the Master can thank those who have thought of the College in their will. If you have made a bequest to Marlborough, please do let us know so we can thank you through the 1843 Society. If you would like to know more about making a bequest, please contact the Development team.

• There are currently 90 members of the 1843 Society

3.2 •£

million has been pledged

he fund most supported by Legacy •T giving is Greatest Need 17

College Expenditure

College Expenditure

The College’s finances are really very straightforward. The greatest portion of income comes in the form of fees. Given that we are in the fortunate position of having a full school and indeed a waiting list, our income for a year ahead can be predicted with great certainty. This also makes medium and even long-term planning more accurate. Parents are very good at settling their accounts which underpins cash flow, the financial lifeblood of the College. On the expenditure side the position is again very clear. We plan with great care and use budgets to help plan, direct and monitor expenditure. Perhaps unsurprisingly the biggest cost is staff. The College employs over 400 staff including 140 teachers. The College has more boarders than any other school apart from Eton and as such there is a large support staff who are devoted to feeding, cleaning, maintaining, administering and keeping the community secure, all of which is akin to running a large village. In addition to the College’s fee income, there are several other sources of finance, all of which contribute to the bottom line. These include the works of the Enterprise Company, which is best known for the Marlborough College Summer School, now in its 44th year and the Marlborough College School of English and Culture. There is now a significant royalty from Marlborough College Malaysia. Further funding comes from capital development within the housing portfolio and other investments. 18

Analysis of expenditure

Staff £18.2m Utilities £1.2m Maintenance £2.8m Food £0.9m School expenses £1.4m The rest £0.7m

College Development Plan

College Development Plan In 2010, the Council agreed to a significant investment in the campus in the form of an ambitious 10-year development plan. At the time it was perhaps the largest plan for any independent school. Over the last eight years a huge amount has taken place including putting eight boarding houses in first class order as well as the renovation of many other buildings such as North Block, Museum Block, the fitness centre and the athletics pavilion.

The College relies heavily on the generosity of Old Marlburians, parents and friends.This vital source of funds has enabled so much to take place. Most recently it has been possible for the Memorial Hall project to go ahead and for an increasing number of pupils to come to the College through the support of bursaries. As a registered charity the College does not have an owner or shareholders. It aims to make a surplus, not to pay dividends but to reinvest in the provision of education. The surplus either goes towards increasing access through providing more funds as bursaries or towards maintaining and improving the 50 or so buildings and 250 acres that comprise the extraordinary and beautiful campus.

The Plan is about 50% complete, and so is likely to go on longer than 2020 and cost more than initial estimates; building costs have spiralled and an important change in VAT has had a significant effect. In March 2018, £25 million was raised through a 20-year bond to underwrite the commitments of the Development Plan.



£13m £3m Surplus (6x4)



MC Enterprises (6x0.5)

The chart shows the planned sources of funds to finance the Development Plan.


List of Donors

Thanking our Supporters The Trustees of the Foundation, members of Council, the Master and the Development Team would like to thank all those who have contributed to our fundraising efforts during 2014 to 2018. We value each and every gift no matter what the size.

We have been careful to omit the names of all those donors who have indicated their wish to remain anonymous. Please advise us if you would like instead to be included in future donor lists or, if your name does appear and you would like it to be removed.

Donors’ names appear within the following groups: Old Marlburians, Parents (current and former), Friends of Marlborough Charitable Trusts, Common Room, Staff (Past and present), Masters (Past and present). Some donors’ names will appear more than once where they are constituents of more than one group.

Every effort has been made to ensure the details below are correct, but we apologise for any errors or omissions which we will be happy to correct in next year’s report.


Mrs L Coull

Mrs J Giles

Mrs V Smallwood

Mr IDS Beer (CR 1955–61)

Professor JC Dancy (Master 1961–72)

Mr EJH Gould (Master 1993–2004)

Sir Martin & Lady Smith

Sir Charles and Lady Dunstone

Mr B Kingham

Dr J Ellis

Mrs E Leigh

Mr RW Ellis CBE (Master 1972–86)

Mr J Leigh (Master 2012–2018)

Mr MCW Evans (CR 1968–2018)

Marlburian Club Trust Funds

Mrs J Swift

Mrs D Packard

The Dr Mortimer and Theresa Sackler Foundation

Mr G Bickersteth Mr N Bickersteth Miss U Bickersteth Billmeir Charitable Trust Mrs A Birley Mrs L Blackford Dr J Bouch

Fanling Trust Mr PR Fewkes Charles F Foster Horne Foundation

Ms JE Perrins

Mrs D Sweeting

Ms C Robinson

The Shaw Foundation PTE

Mrs H Russell

Mrs RA Toone Sandra Charitable Trust Mrs MM Wilks

Mr J Brooke–Turner

Garfield Weston Foundation

NR Holtam,The Rt Revd the Bishop of Salisbury

Mr JN Copp (CR 1981–)

Mrs P Garnett



Easton Royal Heritage Society

List of Donors


Mr MJ Boxford (C1 1955–60)

Mr AAS Adair (C2 1965–69)

Mr DW Boxford (C1 1960–64)

Miss SV Agar (B2 1975–77)

Mr JV Boys (LI 1948–52)

Mr DWD Ainger (B3 1948–53)

Mr CJ Bracher (C2 1975–05)

Mr AMP Alexander (C2 1951–55)

Mr PS Bradford (CO 1955–60)

Mr S Alireza (PR 1988–93)

Miss GMT Brett (EL 1992–96)

Mr JS Allan (SU 1948–52)

Mr RHA Brodhurst (PR 1965–70)

Mr DC Allen (C1 1961–65)

The Rt Hon Sir Henry Brooke (LI 1949–54)*

Dr AW Anderson (C3 1965–69)

Sir Christopher Chope OBE, MP (SU 1961–65) Mr J Chotipatoomwan (BH 2005–07) Mr TE Christophers (B3 1945–49) Mr GH Chua (B1 1978–82) Mr CM Clapham (B3 1956–61) Mr MW Clapham (C2 1959–63) Miss TM–E Clark (MO 1995–97)

Mr AJS de Segundo (C3 1955–60) Mr MC de Soissons (B2 1941–44) Mr JA Deal (BH 1988–93) Mr AD de Forest Keys (SU 1985–89) Mr MB Del Mar (LI 1960–64) Mr FP Delaissé (PR 1962–67) Dr CJM Diaper (C1 1976–81) Mr HPK Dibley (LI 1950–55)

The Rt Hon Sir Christopher Clarke (B3 1960–65)

Mr EC Dickson (LI 1932–37)*

Mr AAR Cobbold (B2 1948–53)

Mr AL Digby–Bell (B1 1958–62)

Mr JH ap Rhys Pryce (B1 1957–62)

The Rt Hon Lord Brooke of Sutton Mandeville CH (LI 1947–52)

Mr DPM Armstrong (B3 1957–61)

Mrs KA Brookes–Smith (B1 1982–84)

Mr JMT Cochrane (B3 1957–62)

Mr AED Dowlen (C1 1961–65)

Maj JJ Aslett MC (C1 1944–48)

Mr MK Brown (C1 1957–61)

Mr DG Coe (B1 1949–52)

Mr CB Dowling (B2 1966–71)

Mr CNR Atkin (LI 1971–76)

Mr RF Brown (B1 1986–87)

Dr JA Collier (C2 1954–58)

Mr RCA Down (PR 1962–66)

Mr CJW Awdry (LI 1978–83)

Mr GNF Browning (B2 1963–66)

Mr AJ Collyns (B3 1940–44)

Mr JA Downer (BH 1975–76)

Mr SY Azmi (B1 1975–80)

Mr CMP Bryan (B2 1968–73)

Mr JC Colvile (SU 1970–75)

Mr RNF Drewett (C3/BH 1972–77)

Mr DH Back (SU 1952–57)*

Mr CDH Buckley (B3 1969–74)

Mr NJE Cook (C1 1983–88)

Mr RJS Drury (BH 1988–93)

Mr AE Bailey (C1 1978–83)

Mr B Buckley Sharp (B1 1987–92)

Mr RWC Cooke (B1 1959–63)

Mr TB Duff (B1 1949–53)

Lt Col NJ Bailey (C2 1976–80)

Dr RM Bulkeley (LI 1953–57)

The Hon Michael Cooke (LI 1968–72)

Mr JN Dunham (B1 1943–47)

Mr TS Baker (C3 1955–58)

Mr SNJ Burne (LI 1951–54)

Mr DM Durcan (PR 1978–79)

Mr GJH Ballard (SU 1968–71)

Mr GEH Burr (CO 1955–59)

R Adm CHD Cooke-Priest CB, CVO, FRAeS (LI 1952–57)

Mrs LG Bamford (MO 1995–99)

Mrs SC Bushell (SU 1976–78)

Mr JRT Barker (B3 1981–86)

Revd H Busk (PR 1948–52)

Mrs JR Barker (TU 1983–85)

Mr RJN Busk (C1 1977–81)

Mr AS Barnes (B1 1973–79)

Mr DJ Butler (CO 1975–80)

Mr AGG Barr (PR 1951–56)

Mr WL Buxton (C1 1953–57)

Mr JLE Barton (C1 1981–86)

Mr WM Caldwell (CO 1949–54)

Mr PD Barton (C1 1941–46)

Mr SJG Cambridge (B3 1942–46)*

Mr GE Bath (LI 2005–10)

Dr AJ Cameron (B1 1944–49)

Mr N Baum (PR 1961–65)

Dr HC Cameron (B1 1949–54)

Mrs JR Bawden (B3 1981–83) Miss CR Bawden (MM 2010–15) Mr CK Beale (LI 1961–64) Mr SPR Beards (B2 1964–68) Brig CW Beckett (C1 1948–53) Mr PW Bedford (C1 1948–53) Mr HP Bee (C2 1953–57) Mrs MF Begbie (LI 2000–02) Dr JA Bell (CO 1956–60) Miss GH Bell (NC 1999–04) Mr PM Beresford–Stooke (C2 1955–60)

Dr DA Cameron (C1 1969–73)

Mr JE Cooper (LI 1984–89) Mr AJ Coote (C2 1959–63) Mr RJ Corben (LI 1953–57)* Mr RG Corbett (B2 1985–90) Mr RJC Corfield (C2 1979–84) Mr TRC Corfield (C2 1975–80) Mr RAD Cornwall (C2 1950–55) Miss R Cotran (TU 1988–90) Mr RG Cottam (B2 1948–52) Mr NHH Cottam (B2 1951–55)

RJ Campbell OBE (B1 1955–59)

Mr AH Cotton (C1 1981–86)

Mr MCSJ Cannon (B2 1952–59)*

Mr PAV Crawford (C1 1954–58)

Mr CC Cannon (B2 1956–61)

Mr OCC Crawley (C1 1992–97)

Mr DA Cantlay (B3 1957–62)

Mr EFT Cribb (C3 1943–47)

Mr GMPR Carne (CO 2002–07)

Mr EP Cropper (B2 1950–54)

Mr CD Carpmael (C1 1980–84)

Mr JP Cryer (C2 1968–72)

Mr ARL Carr (B1 1948–52)

Mr CHJ Dalton Holmes (LI 1985–90)

Mr CH Carrell (SU 1943–47)

Mr RJB D’Arcy (LI 1956–60)

Mr JM Cartwright (B3 1949–54)

Ivo Donald Bligh, 12th Earl of Darnley (SU 1981–86)

Mr CWL Cary (LI 1951–55)

Mr CA Eade (B2 1943–47) Ms JC Eade (LI 1982–84) Mr SAG Eager (SU 1962–67) Lt Cdr AJ Eagles (C2 1965–69) Mr LF Eaton (C3 1959–63) Professor EAV Ebsworth (B2 1946–51)* Mr PM Eden (LI 1958–61) Professor Sir Christopher Edwards FRSE (LI 1955–60) Mr OH Edwards (PR 1953–57) Mr OM Edwards (C1 2010–15) Brig CMG Elcomb OBE (SU 1965–69) Sir Gerald Elliot FRSE (LI 1937–42)* Dr MJ Elliott (B3 1954–59) Mr MWD Ellwood (C2 1950–54) Sr RC Elorz (PR 1992–94) Mr MB Elwyn (B3 1956–61) Mrs LAL Essex (BH 1976–78) Mr NO Essex (CO 1956–61) Mr HW Evans (B3 1956–60) Mr AR Evans (LI 1985–90)

Mr RC Davenport (PR 1968–73)

Dr THD Evans (B3 1968–73)

Professor JH Davenport (C2 1966–70)

Mr CS Eve (SU 1956–60)

Miss FH David (CO 1980–82)

Mr DC Fahie (C2 1963–67)

Mr EA Davies (CO 1988–90)

Mr CP Fairweather (PR 1965–69)

Dr RW Davis (C1 1969–73)

Mr PJ Farrant (C2 1969–71)

The Rt Hon Sir David Chapman Bt, DL (LI 1955–59)

Mrs CJ Dawson (BH 1980–82)

Mr NT Farrell (C2 1959–64)

Lord Boswell of Aynho (C2 1956–61)

Mr ASK Cheah (B3 1986–91)

Revd RD de Berry (B2 1956–60)

Mr NEG Faulkner (PR 1945–49)

Miss JE Botros (B1/MM 1988–90)

Mr JKC Cheng (B2 1982–86)

Ms MY de Botton (LI 1984–86)

Dr KM Fergusson (C3 1938–42)*

Mrs IS Bould (PR 1996–98)

Dr MW Chew (BH 1991–93)

Col JAV de Candole MC (PR 1947–52)

Mr PDL Field (B1 1955–60)

Revd J-HD Bowden (SU 1962–66)

Dr WR Chisholm–Batten (C2 1937–42)

Mr HO de Saram (C1 1960–64)

Mr AC Findlay (C1 1976–80)

Mr MJ Birkin (B3 1971–76) Mr SMW Bishop (PR 1969–73) Mr SJ Blakebrough (B1 1985–90) Mr NH Block (B2 1952–56) Mr BRFS Bonas (C1 1954–58) Mr LA Borg–Cardona (BH 1973–77)

Mr AG Casswell (B1 1967–71) Mr PJB Cayford (PR 1965–70) Mr PR Chamberlain (C3 1951–56) Mrs MAIG Chang (TU 1988–90)


List of Donors

Mr N Finn (C1 1962–67)

Mr CP Harvey (C2 1953–57)

Mr JC Iles (C3 1953–57)

Mr AC Mann (PR 1960–65)

Mr AWR FitzHugh (B1 1956–61)

Mr AFB Harvey (CO 1956–61)

Lord Andrew Weir (C1 1980–84)

Mr PJ Manser CBE (PR 1953–58)

Mr RJH Fleck CBE (B3 1962–67)

Mr CW Hastings (C1 1961–65)

Mr AL Jackson (C1 1969–73)

Revd CC Marnham (PR 1964–69)

Mr JW Flecker (C1 1952–58)

Mr BJ Heaney (CO 2000–05)

Mr CV Jackson (C1 1966–70)

Mr BAC Marr (PR 1952–57)

Mr PJ Fletcher (C3 1959–64)

Mr AR Heathcote (LI 1953–58)

Mr TW Jackson (B2 1955–59)

Mr JH Martin (C2 1950–55)

Mr PA Fleury (CO 1959–63)

Mr DN Heelas (B2 1965–69)

Mrs C Jacob (B2 1986–88)

Mr SW Martin (LI 1946–50)

Mr JAD Forbes (TU 2011–15)

Mr MJ Hender (SU 1952–56)*

Mr DD Martin–Jenkins (B3 1955–59)*

Mr JRK Ford (TU 1989–94)

Mr GMQ Henriques (C2 1978–82)

The Rt Hon the Lord Janvrin GCB, GVVO, QSO (B1 1960–64)

Lt Col MJD Forster (B1 1963–68)

Mr DE Henson (B3 1945–48)

Mr MA Foulds (B3 1983–88)

R Adm JB Hervey CB, OBE, FIMgt (C2 1942–45)*

Mr RWO Jennings (CO 2003–08)

Mr PJF Herzog (C3 1964–68)

Mr DRW Jervois (C1 1942–47)*

Mr JR Hewer (CO 1988–90)

Mr BEM Johns (SU 1953–58)

Mr JES Hewetson (C2 1969–73)

Mr MSM Johns (SU 1957–62)

Mr HWM Hewlett (SU 1966–70)

Mr CA Jones (B1 1951–55)

Dr JB Hext (C2 1952–56)

Mr ND Kahn (CO 1963–67)

Miss AE Hextall (MM 2002–07)

Mrs M Kearley Mezquida (NC 1992–95)

Mr JMT Heywood (CO 1965–70)

Mr AP Keeling–Scott (B2 1948–53)*

Mr DM Hickman (B1 1951–56)

Mr TG Keown (B2 1953–57)

Mr PR Hill (C3 1953–57)

Mr JS Kerr (SU 1983–88)

Mr AJ Hill (CO 1949–53)

Mr HM Kindred (SU 1959–63)

Mr CPR Hill (C3 1954–59)

Mr HCMS Knight (LI 1985–90) Mr JD Knox (B3 1961–66)

Mr N Goodarzi (C2 1969–74)

V Adm Hon Sir Nicholas Hill-Norton KCB (C1 1953–57)

Sir Nicholas Goodison (C3 1947–52)

Mr AJ Hindle (TU 1968–72)

Mr AG Goodman (B1 1985–90)

Mr EG Hinds (PR 1939–43)

Dr WIM Goodrick (PR 1945–49)

Mr NA Hinds (TU 1974–78)

Mr CW Goodyear (B1 2007–12)

Canon EJS Hiscocks (C1 1964–68)

Mr H–Y Lau (C2 1970–75)

Lt Col AIC Gordon MVO (PR 1956–60)

Mr RWM Hodge (B1 1984–88)

Mr JPFG Lavington (C3/TU 1965–69)

Mr JM Gordon (C1 1957–62)

Mr PJ Hodges (CO 1948–52)

Mr IA Ledzion (C3 1982–87)

Mr BDRG Gore (LI 1988–93)

Mr PJ Hodgson (CO 1977–79)

Maj RC Lee (B1 1943–48)

Mr BR Gotto (PR 1945–50)

Sir Christopher Hogg (CO 1950–54)

Mr NHW Lee (SU 2013–15)

Mr MTJ Grabler (CO 1988–93)

Mr CA Hope (B1 1954–58)

Mr BG Lee–Smith (C1 1963–68)

Dr DJT Graves (B1 1944–49)

Revd BA Hopkinson (C2 1949–54)

Mrs S Leslie (B2 1968–70)

Mr AG Greenwood (C2 1962–66)

Mr CW Horrell (B2 1976–81)

Mr GR Levingston (B3 1973–78)

Mr ANP Gregory (TU 1990–95)

Mr DJ Hosier (C1 1981–85)

Maj GAG Lewis (SU 1982–86)

Mr JD Greville–Heygate (C2 1974–79)

Mr JR Hough (SU 1955–60)

Mr J C Light (BH 1976–81)

Mr CD Grieve (B1 1964–68)

Revd Canon JM How (B1 1929–34)*

Mrs PJ Linnett (CO 1974–76)

Mr AMP Guerin (CO 2002–07)

Mr RGG Howard (C2 1945–50)

Miss CK Livingston (NC 2006–11)

Mr JAJ Halliburton (B3 1986–91)

Mr PG Howard (C2 1954–59)

Mr EAM Longfield (TU 1984–89)

Mr PD Moss (C1 1989–94)

Mr RA Hallows (CO 1961–65)

Cdr RGE Howe (B2 1947–52)

Miss MC Lowther (NC 1993–96)

Mr DEC Mott (PR 1986–91)

Mr MCL Hallows (B2 1955–59)

Mr MH Howorth (CO 1944–48)

Mr CD Ludlam (CO 1983–88)

Mr CL Mullis (B3 1944–48)

Mr JE Hall–Smith (B1 1982–87)

Mr AEW Hudson (LI 1950–55)

Mr AH Murison (C1 1962–67)

Mr NA Halton (B1 1954–59)

Mr JM Hudson (LI 1982–86)

Cdr AI MacDonald Watson RN (B2 1960–64)

Mr GD Fox (CO 1952–57) Lt Cdr NA Franks (C1 1955–59) Mr RJR French (CO 1958–62) Mr FR Gardner OBE (LI 1974–79) Dr CJD George (C2 1960–64) Mr NKE George (B1 1984–86) Mr JRC Gerson (C2 1986–91) Mr AL Gibb (CO 1971–76) Mr CRD Ginnett (C1 1957–60) Mr PG Glossop (LI 1946–50) Col TJL Goble (B1 1970–74) Mr JS Gold (CO 1950–55)

Ms S Hamilton–Fairley (B2 1974–76)

Mrs PM Hudson (B1 1970–72)

Miss LJ Hardstaff (LI 1982–84)

Mrs NA Huggett (B1 1985–87)

Dr JCH Hardwick (C2 1980–85)

Mr ND Hughes (B3 1959–63)

Mr RHN Hardy (C3 1937–40)

Mr RG Hunt (C3 1959–63)

Revd JG Harford (C2 1943–47)

Sir Roger Hurn (LI 1952–56)

Sir Ewan Harper CBE (B2 1953–57)

Mr MS Hutchison (B3 1973–78)

Mr AD Harrison (C1 1973–77)

Mr CA Hutton (B3 1961–65)


Mr DC Jarrett (B2 1953–58)* Mrs MMN Jefferson (LI 1968–69)

Miss CM Koppen (EL 1995–00) Mr DT Kyffin (C2 1969–74) Mr NCS Lamond (C3 1992–97) Mr PM Landell–Mills (C2 1953–57)

Sir I Macfadyen (C2 1955–60) Mr MR Macfadyen (C2 1956–61) Mr EW MacFetridge (B1 1969–74) Mr AJ Mackay (PR 1958–63) Mr MWS Maclaran (C2 1962–66) Mr SA Mactaggart (LI 2010–15) Lord Malloch-Brown KCMG PC (C1 1967–71)

Mr TD Martin–Jenkins (B3 1961–65) Mr RC Masefield (PR 1965–69) Mr NG Maskell (C1 1986–91) Mr PD Mather (B3 1945–50) Mr RJ Mathison (C2 1975–79) His Honour Judge Philip Matthews (B3 1961–65) Mr ER Maunsell (C2 1963–67) Mr GC McAllister (TU 1982–86) Mr RAF McClean (B3 1951–55) Mr GWS McDonald (CO 1971–75) Mr BC McDowell (B2 1986–91) Mr ABS McFarland (PR 1973–77) Mr DM McGown (B1 1970–75) Mr RIS McGuigan (B2 1955–60) Mr MWL McKechnie (C3 2010–15) Mr AJ McLuskie (TU 1972–77) Mrs JP McMahon (SU 1973–75) Ms JH Mead (B1 1976–78) Mr DJ Meggitt (C1 1969–74) Mr PF Metcalfe (C3 1950–55) Mr AGL Meyer (C1 1958–62) Mr AHJ Miller (CO 1991–96) Dr JAM Mitchell (C2 1938–42)* Mr SV Mohinani (PR 1992–97) Mr AW Mole (C2 1961–66) Mr TG Montagu–Pollock (C2 1996–01) Mr RHD Montgomerie (PR 1968–72) Dr DE Montgomery (B3 1988–93) Mr CHT Morrow (C2 1966–68) Mr TL Morshead (LI 1970–73)

Mr DJB Nathan (TU 1979–84) Mr DC Neil–Smith (C1 1970–74) Mr NJ Neil–Smith (C1 1973–77) Mr JB Nettelfield (PR 1964–68) Mr PWA Newton (B1 1979–82) Mr CJ Newton (C3 1955–59) Dr DW–N Ng (B3 1986–91) Mr PK Ng (B2 1983–84)

List of Donors

Mr RWJ Nimmo (B3 1961–65)

Mr MAI Reid (CO 1985–90)

Mr PH Sellers (LI 1973–77)

Mr JNG Stidolph (CO 1956–60)

Mr AE Northcott (B1 1982–87)

Mr SF Reitmaier (B1 1983–88)

Mr AM Senior (B1 1957–62)

Mr HM Stratford (PR 1949–54)

Mr CAH Nott (B3 1962–66)

Mr GFJ Riding (C1 1985–90)

Mr PRH Seymour (B1 1962–66)

Mr JT Stratford (C2 1973–77)

Mr PG Oakden (B3 1960–64)

Capt PWW Ridley RN (B2 1953–57)

Mr TG Sharman–Crawford (SU 1959–63)

Mr WHC Streatfeild (B3 1948–52)

Mr AL Oakden (B3 1954–58)

Mr AB Roberts (C2 1955–60)

Dr JHW Shaw (CO 1945–50)

Dr JV Sutcliffe (C2 1939–43)

Mr RTA Oakshett (TU 1992–97)

Mr PM Robertson (CO 1937–41)

Mr JJ Sheldon (LI 1977–82)

Dr PEN Suter (C2 1946–51)

Lt Col SG O’Dwyer CVO, DL (CO 1955–59)

Mr CP Robinson (CO 1955–60)

Mr NR Shepherd (C1 1976–80)

Mr RM Swann (B3 1962–66)

Mr BMN Oldrey (C2 1957–62)*

Mr GW Robinson (CO 1961–65)

Mr DMW Shepherd (BH 1981–84)

Mr EM Sweeting (PR 1947–51)

Mr RJ Shepherd (LI 1960–64)

Mr CJ Sweeting (PR 1949–54)

Revd Canon JL Simpson (C3 1947–51)

Mr WJ Sykes (B3 1953–57)

Mr BJL Simpson (B3 1983–88)

Mr PM Taggart (SU 1985–90)

Ms AS Skailes (CO 1981–83)

Mr GB–K Tan (B2 1981–85)

Mr SJ Skrine (C1 1976–81)

Mr TS Tennant (C3 1968–73)

Mr RAH Smart (B3 1980–85)

Mr PL Tennant (B1 1943–47)

Dr GB Smith (C2 1946–51)

Dr PJL Thicknes (C3 1952–56)

Mr AW Smith (B1 1955–60)

Dr BJ Thompson (C3 1976–80)

Mr JS Snow (B1 1973–78)

Mr JGT Thornton (B3 1960–65)

Mrs CR Soames(C2 1976–78)

Mr CC Thornton (C1 1947–51)

Mr JG Somerset How (B1 1961–66)

Mr AJL Thorpe (LI 1954–59)

Mr MKM Spackman (B2 1940–44)*

Mr PRM Tidmarsh (C2 1985–90)

Mr AP Spender (PR 1953–57)

Mr WA Tilden (B3 1956–60)

Mr ME Spenser Wilkinson (C1 1944–50)

Mr ARW Tomkins (LI 1940–44)

Mr PD Orchard–Lisle CBE TD DL (SU 1952–56) Mr T Ostensjí (C2 1969–70) Mr JA Owen (C2 1935–38) Miss AMM Packard (SU 2002–04) Miss TTM Packard (TU 2001–03) Mr PM Pagnamenta (SU 1959–63) Mrs AE Palengat (BH 1980–82) Mr CGC Parsons (PR 1965–70) Mr MV Patel (PR 1973–77)

Mr MJ Roden (CO 1968–73) Mr CP Roderick (C3 1958–62) Dr JEG Rogers (TU 1975–79) Mr D Rojas (CO 1988–90) Mrs HLE Roman (MO 1992–97) Revd JCW Rose (B2 1960–65) Mr NW Roskill (SU 1945–50) Mr JR Rudd (LI 1940–44) Mr FRS Rundall (B1 1964–68)

Mr KAC Patteson (C3 1944–49)

Mr RS Russell (B1 1943–48)

Cdr RC Pelly (B3 1965–69)

Mr WJC Sager (CO 1948–52)*

Dr JM Pelmore (B3 1956–61)

Mr RN Sanderson (C2 1958–63)

Mr RSJ Pembroke (B1 1985–90)

Col AHW Sandes (B1 1935–39)

Mr JE Phillipson (TU 1985–90)

Mr O Sangster (SU 2010–15)

Mr AT Spurling (B3 1952–56)

Mr PN Tory (LI 1945–48)

Mr DG Pilkington (B3 1944–48)

Mr RL Savory (C2 1949–53)

Miss KHC St George (TU 2001–03)

Mr RF Tottenham (PR 1945–50)

Mr MRE Pinney (C3 1967–72)

Miss CL Sayers (SU 1977–79)

Mr MP Stead (TU 1974–78)

Mr JA Travers (B1 1991–94)

Mr CPN Plunket–Checkemian (SU 1977–82)

Dr MJS Scorer (C2 1946–51)

Mr PFH Stephens (B3 1969–72)

Mr MJC Tress (C1 1949–54)

Revd A Scott OBE TD (C1 1960–65)

Dr ET Stevenson (LI 1966–71)

R Adm JA Trewby (B3 1959–63)

Mr RJ Selby (B3 1944–49)

Sir Alastair Stewart (PR 1939–43)

Mr JR Tribe (B2 1963–68)

Mr RA Sellers (LI 1970–75)

Mr JG Stewart–Smith (CO 1971–75)

Mr RF Tudsbery (LI 1941–46)

Mr EWN Plunket–Checkemian (SU 1986–88) Mrs GM Pocock (SU 1970–72) Mr CAE Pollock CBE (C2 1950–54) Mr GR Pooley (C1 1985–90) Mr F Portal (TU 1972–76) Mr MJR Porter FCA (C2 1959–62) Mr CMG Pouncey (B3 1965–70) Brig JSW Powell OBE (B3 1960–64) Mr RDS Powell (CO 1970–75) Mr MES Powell (SU 2010–15) Mr MDL Pratt (C2 1985–90) Mrs AML Prior (B2/MM 1988–90) Mr CH Pymont (PR 1969–73) Mr NB Quie (LI 1972–76) Mr PGA Ramsay (C3 1939–44) Mr P Raphael (C3 1985–90) Mr PJC Ratcliffe (CO 1950–52) Dr JCL Rawes (C2 1944–48) Mr JN Raymond (CO 1959–64) Mr MA Read (LI 1974–78) Mrs AJ Redmayne (PR 1982–84) Mr JE Reekie (C2 1982–87) His Honour Judge James Reid QC (B2 1956–61)


List of Donors

Mr & Mrs J Cowper–Coles Mr & Mrs D Davidovich Mr & Mrs W Davis Dr E Dubini & Mrs M Naccarato Mr & Mrs B Dunhill Ms JC Eade Mr ACV Evans Mr M Evans Dr THD Evans Mr & Mrs PG Freeman Mr & Mrs A Fry Mr & Mrs R Fulford–Smith Mr & Mrs JRC Gerson Mr & Mrs N Goodarzi Mr & Mrs RHD Griffiths Mr & Mrs V Gurinov Mr & Mrs JE Hall–Smith Mr & Mrs R Harris Mr & Mrs AFB Harvey Mr & Mrs G Hayeem Mr & Mrs GMQ Henriques Mr AC Turner (B2 1955–59)

Mr TW Wells PR 1961–65)

Revd PC Yerburgh (C3 1945–50)

Mr & Mrs R Hines

Mr CJ Turpin (PR 1970–74)

Mr PJB Wells (PR 1997–02)

Mr & Mrs DJ Hosier

Mr NR Upton (TU 1975–80)

Mr RC Westmacott (B2 1952–57)

HRH Princess Eugenie of York (MM 2003–08)

Mr WJ Uzielli (CO 1950–55)

Mr CEB White–Spunner (PR 2005–10)

Mrs L S Vakil (MO/NC 1989–91)

Mr BC Whitmore (B3 1985–90)


Lt Col CAJ Valdés-Scott (PR 1985–90)

Mr CM Wicker (LI 1968–72)

Mr & Mrs J Aitchison

Mr TJ Van Rees (CO 1953–57)

Mr GR Willcox (C1 1936–40)

Mr & Mrs G Amati

Mr JT Vegan (B1 1982–87)

Mr AP Williams (TU 1985–90)

Mr & Mrs W Anderson

Mr PR Veitch (BH 1977–81)

Dr TG Williams (B1 1958–63)

Sir Henry & Lady Angest

Mrs IE Vevers (CO 1969–71)

Dr FP Willis (C2 1937–41)*

Mr & Mrs P Aspbury

Mr HCP Vickers (SU 2000–05)

Mr JJA Wilmot (B3 1970–72)

Mr & Mrs AE Bailey

Mr R Wace (PR 1956–60)

Mrs CM Wilson (B1/MM 1988–90)

Mr & Mrs R Baines

Brig RC Walker CBE FRGS (C1 1959–63)

Mr PMG Wilson (PR 1985–90)

Mr & Mrs JRT Barker

Cdr CD Walkinshaw RN (CO 1952–55)

Dr HN Wilson (C3 1976–79)

Mr JLE Barton & Dr A Foreman

Mr DR Walsh (C1 1960–65)

Mr JHB Wilson (B3 1963–67)

Mr & Mrs CJ Bracher

Mr JC Walters (C3 1957–62)

Miss FE Wood (NC 2001–06)

Mr & Mrs L Brink

Mr S Wan Malik (TU 1985–90)

Mr CF Woodhouse (LI 1955–59)

The Hon Mrs E Brooke-Hitching

Viscount and Viscountess Mackintosh of Halifax

Mr GYC Wang (CO 1985–90)

Mr R Woodley (PR 1959–63)

Mr & Mrs B Buckley Sharp

Col & Mrs D Madden

Lt Col SAB Ward (B3 1965–70)

Mr AA Woodthorpe (CO 1978–83)

Mr & Mrs J Burrowes

Lord Malloch-Brown, KCMG PG

Mr NM Waring (B2 1953–57)

Mr JSB Woolley (SU 1951–56)

Mr & Mrs J Cameron

Mr & Mrs TD Martin–Jenkins

Mr CJ Warner (C1 1963–68)

Mr PF Worlidge (C2 1944–49)

Mr & Mrs NJ Cartwright

Mr & Mrs RJ Mathison

Mr ND Warr (B2 1985–90)

Capt RA Worlidge RN (C2 1947–51)

Mr & Mrs P Cattermull

Mr & Mrs J Mayne

Mr JW Waterlow (CO 1959–63)

Mr EJ Worlidge (C2 1942–46)

Mr & Mrs J Chambers

Mr & Mrs R McKelvey

Mr CI Watson (C1 1970–74)


Mr PHL Worth (C3 1949–54)

Mr & Mrs S Claxton–Newman

Mr & Mrs C McVeigh

Mr IH Watson (C1 1977–82)

Lord Patrick Wright (C3 1945–50)

Mr & Mrs D Connor

Mr NA Money–Kyrle

Mr MJ Webber (B1 1976–81)

Mrs SM Wright (B2 1968–69)

Mr & Mrs F Conte

Dr M Musaev & Mrs Z Abdulatipova

Mr ELS Weiss (B3 1945–49)

Mr MH Wyles (C3 1979–84)

Mr & Mrs NJE Cook

Mr & Mrs C Neuhauser

Mr CM Welby (PR 1953–57)

Sir Eric Yarrow (CO 1934–39)

Mr & Mrs J Cooke

Mr & Mrs HL Newton

Mr JRL Wells (C2 1946–51)

Mr MRD Yates (C3 1985–90)

Mr & Mrs R Corfield

Mr & Mrs E Nicholson


Mrs M Shah Zeeman (B2 1983–85)

Mr & Mrs J Hunt Mr & Mrs A Jones Mr & Mrs P Kay Mr & Mrs HCMS Knight Mr & Mrs D Korobkov Mr & Mrs I Kulakov Mr & Mrs S Kverndal Mr & Mrs J Lalvani Dato’ Seri CY Lee & Datin Sri S Chan Dr & Mrs A Liermann Mr & Mrs JC Light Dr T Long Mr & Mrs EAM Longfield

List of Donors

Mr & Mrs M Nithavrianakis


Mr JR Glancy (PR 1961–65)

Mr RS Russell (B1 1943–48)

Mr & Mrs AE Northcott

Mr JS Allan (SU 1948–52)

Sir Anthony Greener (PR 1954–58)

Mr RL Savory (C2 1949–53)

Mr & Mrs W Nott

Mrs L Atwell (LI 1969–70)

The Hon JKA Grey (CO 1959–64)

Mr CC Simpson (C2 1945–50)

Mr & Mrs J Olivier

Mr GDStJ Bagnall (C2 1960–64)

Mr RA Hallows (CO 1961–65)

Mr AW Smith (B1 1955–60)

Mr IA Balding (SU 1952–56)

Sir Ewan Harper CBE (B2 1953–57)

Mr AP Spender (PR 1953–57)

Mr N Baum (PR 1961–65)

Mr AFB Harvey (CO 1956–61)

Sir Alastair Stewart (PR 1939–43)

Mrs A Birley ✝

Mr CW Hastings (C1 1961–65)

Mr RA Stiby OBE (C1 1950–55)

Mr JV Boys (LI 1948–52)

Mr AJ Hill (CO 1949–53)

Mr HM Stratford (PR 1949–54)

Mr SK Brain (LI 1965–67)

Cdr RGE Howe (B2 1947–52)

Mr RM Swann (B3 1962–66)

Mr RHA Brodhurst (PR 1965–70)

Sir Roger Hurn (LI 1952–56)

Mr MG Taylor (PR 1952–56)

Mr RP Brown (C1 1965–70)

Mr SH Lane (C3 1948–53)

Maj JHS Thompson (C2 1957–61)

Maj RC Lee (B1 1943–48)

Mr CC Thornton (C1 1947–51)

Dr J Luby

Mr WJ Uzielli (CO 1950–55)

Mr WL Buxton (C1 1953–57)

Capt RRB Mackenzie LVO, MBE, RN (B3 1934–37)

Mr DR Walsh (C1 1960–65)

Mr CC Cannon (B2 1956–61)

Mr PJ Manser CBE (PR 1953–58)

Mr ARL Carr (B1 1948–52)

Mr TD Martin-Jenkins (B3 1961–65)

Mr PJB Cayford (PR 1965–70)

Mr BS McElney (B1 1946–50)

Sir David Chapman Bt, DL (LI 1955–59)

Mr CM McKay (PR 1956–60)

Mr PK Collymore (C3 1943–47)

Mr WG Northcroft (B3 1954–58)

Mr RG Cottam (B2 1948–52)

Mr PG Oakden (B3 1960–64)

Mr JA Cramsie (B1 1947–51)

Mr PD Orchard-Lisle CBE,TD, DL (SU 1952–56)

Mr & Mrs M Ousseimi Mr & Mrs RSJ Pembroke Mr C Pender & Dr T Clay Mr & Mrs P Pereira Mr & Mrs C Perry Sir Hayden Phillips GCB Mr & Mrs R Place Mr A Polezheav & Mrs E Ott Mr & Mrs B Pollard Revd & Mrs K Price Mr & Mrs B Prideaux Mr D Raphael Mr & Mrs C Redmayne Mr & Mrs JA Reed Maj Gen A Ritchie Mr & Mrs DA Russell Mr & Mrs D Russell Mr & Mrs K Sakka Mr & Mrs B Sangster Mr & Mrs M Scott–Dalgleish

Revd H Busk (PR 1948–52) Sir James Butler (LI 1942–47)

Mr MEK Dana (B3 1959–63) Mr SAG Eager (SU 1962–67)

Mr J Pettifer OBE (C1 1949–53) Mr MJR Porter FCA (C2 1959–62)

Mr & Mrs H Scott–Dalgleish

Professor Sir Christopher Edwards FRSE (LI 1955–60)

Mr & Mrs CS Scupham

Mr G Etherington–Wilson (PR 1940–44)

Mr GW Robinson (CO 1961–65)

Mr & Mrs F Sheikh

Mr MCW Evans (CR 1968–18)

Mrs J Rose ✝

Mr & Mrs D Shevelev

Mr NEG Faulkner (PR 1945–49)

Mr CJ Rougier (C3 1946–51)

Mr J Rippon (LI 1946–51)

Mrs J Ward ✝ Mr PEF Watson (B3 1962–67) Mr ELS Weiss (B3 1945–49) Mr JRL Wells (C2 1946–51) Mr RC Westmacott (B2 1952–57) Mr JD Wilkinson (CR 1967–93) Mr WA Willink (CO 1945–50) Mr MJR Willis (C3 1950–53) Revd MJ Winbolt Lewis (B2 1960–65) Mr EJ Worlidge (C2 1942–46) Mr PF Worlidge (C2 1944–49) Sir Eric Yarrow (CO 1934–39) * Deceased ✝ Widows of OMs

Mr & Mrs E Shvidler Mr J Sillem Mr & Mrs P Smith Mr & Mrs J Stevenson Mr & Mrs A Steward Mr G Stratenwerth & Mrs G Sexton Mr & Mrs M Swainston Mr & Mrs A Tabor Mr & Mrs C Tchen Mr & Mrs C Thompson Mr & Mrs R Trotsenko Mr A Tuckey Mrs C Von Behr Mr & Mrs E Wake Mr & Mrs CI Watson Mr T Webber Lord Andrew Inverforth & Revd R Weir


Mr & Mrs G Weston Mr & Mrs D Williams Mrs JM Wimbolt Lewis* Mr & Mrs D Winfield Mr & Mrs MRD Yates


Marlborough College Foundation

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How you can help us All gifts to Marlborough College Foundation go directly toward making Marlborough College an even better place to live and learn. If you would like to support our Bursary Fund, the Memorial Hall Appeal, the future of Science or an area of Greatest Need there are many ways in which you can help: Regular gifts: these can be made by standing order on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. One-off gifts: you can make a secure-one off donation by credit or debit card, online or by post and by cheque made payable to Marlborough College Trust.

If you live overseas but still pay some UK tax then we may also be able to claim Gift Aid. Shares: Making a charitable gift of shares is a highly tax efficient way of donating and we are very grateful to receive gifts in this form. Assets: Marlborough College is a registered charity and does not pay tax on gifts of land or property given to us. We would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to find out more about the Foundation and its goals and how you may be able to help. • Please go to:

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The Development Office, Marlborough College, Marlborough, Wilts SN8 1PA

Trans Giving Europe provides a secure solution for tax-effective cross-border cash donations in Europe and covers 18 countries. 26

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