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For a magazine to func on, it requires the support and apprecia on from the readers. As Founder and Editor, we thank each and everyone for keeping us aoat and sending so much love for the team of Hyderabad. This one is to more smiles, more cheers, more love and more happiness. We wish everyone a very happy and a prosperous new year! -Nikunj & Sadaf

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SHREEYA R ANTOO When asked to define what makes today's designers different from the ones who've reigned in the past, Shreeya doesn't miss a beat.


“ 've been surrounded by beau ful women throughout my life, who've adore fashion, so it was something I grew looking at, experiencing. Right from my teens, I wanted to do something in the fashion industry. It started young, with styling basics for myself, it grew into passion as I turned older. I barely recollect my mum picking out clothes for me as a child." Her style, and love for fashion in clothes evolved, just as she evolved as a person. Her stylings usually follow the brief given to her, by the clients. When asked what is the biggest fashion crime or mistake in todays genera on, Shreeya had a very simple theory which could be relatable to a lot of people, the mistake that you'd make while walking out of the house, is being someone who's uncomfortable. For her, its exactly like, fi ng another dress in an overly packed suitcase. When she dresses, her aim is to basically make sure that her clothes feel like a second skin on her. As a designer, her profession demands crea vity, which is the founda on for any fashion brand. Shreeya designs for body types, not inorder to follow trends. Being a student from NIFT, she has been trained to always do a research, and fashion forecast, before star ng the designing segment, so she always keep in mind trends, but thats not the major part that is reflected in her designs. “I believe a person would love to wear what feels right and looks right on them. So, I'd just say, go ahead experiment with yourself, and find what your style is. "

shreeyaantoo30 Shreeyaantoo shreeya.antoo@gmail.com



EDITORS CHOICE for the best month in people, products, par es, places, fashion, and style. GIGI HADID WINS SUPERMODEL OF THE YEAR AT


Hadid came out on top against sister Bella in the ba le to be crowned Model of the Year at the Bri sh Fashion Awards. The 21-year-old cemented her superstar status by picking up the accolade of Interna onal Model of the Year, just days a er wowing the crowds at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris.

KYLIE JENNER LAUNCHES HER POP-UP SHOP The Kylie Jenner Shop opened at Wes ield Topanga, a shopping centre at San Fernando Valley, California, on Friday night (US me). According to a ďŹ rst-hand report from The Hollywood Reporter, the event was a 'frenzy' with Jenner fans camping out all night on Thursday, queuing behind a velvet rope. Hundreds of people turned up, with Kylie herself arriving just before the opening me of 10.00am. Here are the exclusive pictures from her much hyped hyped store!


A er the much hyped fashion show, the a er party saw the crowd celebra ng it's success! PAGE 2

The leading blogger's column


A graduate in computer science, worked earlier at IBM Vizag. She never stopped dreaming something she loved. In her own words “Sounds clichéd but from my childhood I loved dressing up and fashion has always fascinated me”. In the year 2011 she started a group “go girlies” on Facebook which garnered over 35 thousand affiliate girls. Enquiries poured in from member girls seeking nice es of apparel she wears and stuff like that. That's when she was inspired to start a fashion blog and feature on trending a res. Regarding her style, she likes being girly, chic and casual. Her blog is primarily focused on trending apparels that are affordable and easily available. A er enthused blogging for a year, she emerged as top fashion blogger in Vizag. She's thankful for all the support and apprecia on received from her family and friends!

alkananda_bodapaty www.letsthinkstyle.com PAGE 3

Saurav Goud Kasula A passion of clicking pictures turned into a profession, Saurav's jounery started when his grandfather gi ed him a digital camera on his 14th birthday a er seeing his interest in photography. With the help of his senior from Loyola , he learnt many things about DSLR. Youtube was their guide and then both of them sta r te d wo r k i n g i n co l l a b o ra o n . He started his instagram blog @dslr_men and few random freelancer models started approaching him for por olios and that's how he started charging and making it into his profession which eventually got him fame. He believes in the famous quote "You don't take photograph you make it". sauravgoudkasula sauravsam2623@gmail.com +91 9951501563 dslr_men

Aarati Upadhyayah Just a normal college student who loves clicking pictures - Aara started her blog 8 months ago. She loves sharing her thoughts about any par cular product or her personal experiences everywhere and that inspired her to start her own blog and a youtube channel. Follow her for the most honest reviews. Aarati Upadhyayah thedrugsofstyle aarati0210 the drugs of style


Wake up and Makeup! AFSHA RANGILA Afsha Rangila ini ally started her career as a hairstylist at a very young age - thanks to her mum for her steady beginning. Being keen on star ng her own label, Afsha's dream was turned into a reality thanks to her family and friends for helping her realise her poten al as a brand. Afsha ini ally started as a hairstylist in Wella professionals. The social media being so powerful in today's world, she decided to have a small beginning through Instagram and Facebook. Afsha's work has been appreciated and graced on the pages of magazines including RITZ and You& I. She even worked for celebrity/ dancer Lauren Go lieb & Bollywood singer Sona Mohapatra. She’s also worked with Anupama Chopra(Vidhu Vinod Chopra's wife) “My inspira on is my mum and my younger sister. They've been there through my thick and thin and supported me in this 8 year old journey as a Makeup ar st" makeupbyafsharangila afsharangila_makeupartist +91 9885687472 afsharangila786@gmail.com

RUCHI NAGLA MUA For Ruchi, building up her makeup studio was her only passion in life a er her gradua on. As a normal human, she had many aims in her life but was only serious about this profession. She wanted to be recognised and thus it lead to the launch of her own studio! "Makeup always caught my eye. The red lips cks, the winged liners, and the thick khols always inspired me to learn makeup because it makes everyone look beau ful and similar! Being in this field for 4 months now, I'm glad in spreading smiles on everyone's faces!" the wing story the_wing_story the_wing_story ruchinagla.95@gmail.com :



STYLE CONSULTANT/FASHION BLOGGER/STYLIST/YOUTUBER Worked with brands which include, Zara, Forever21, Ritu Kumar, Angasutra the mul designer store, Udd studio, Planta on house, Hlabel, Translate and Adaa Bou que to name a few. Also one of the official bloggers from 4 seasons of Amazon fashion week and Lakme fashion week. StyleMeAria www.stylemearia.com





FASHION, LIFESTYLE AND BEAUTY BLOGGER AT THE RUNWAY JOURNAL AND ALSO WORKS WITH TULIP MAGAZINE Worked with Diesel, Lavie, Puma, Accessorize, Garnier, Quirk Box, Anuj Bhutani, Intoto Shoes, Doodlage, Aeropostale, Daniel Wellington, Shahin Mannan, Kasha, Stalk buy love, Masaya Jewelry, Duet Luxury, Land of August & way many more. ishna26 therunwayjournal www.therunwayjournal.co.in










DIARIES Hyderabad Diaries is the first YouTube channel from the city which started making videos in the typical Hyderabadi accent. Founded by Shahrukh K Adnan - it's the leading YouTube channel from the city. It all happened when Shahrukh and his brother started shoo ng random videos just to entertain their family members and friends. Post shoo ng, they learned edi ng and basic graphic things on a so ware called A er Effects and eventually decided to make a short ac on clip for YouTube. Their very first video was tled as 'Hyderabad Diaries Zippo' and it gained 2k viewers in a month. Steadily they made two more videos a er which Shahrukh's brother was off to Qatar. A er a break of 5 months, Shahrukh decided to make a comedy video which was tled as 'Things Hyderabadis Never Say' along with his friend. People loved it. It went from 2k views to 20k views in a month and at that me it was a big deal for him! The rollercoaster started and Shahrukh started uploading a new video every week. Alas! No wonder why it is the leading channel from our city! The best videos of Hyderabad Diaries ll today are ‘T H ’ and ‘H

Like, subscribe and share this channel if you haven't!

Hyderabad Diaries Hyderabaddiaries Hyderabad Diaries

“Right now YouTube is my main priority and I think I'm very lucky to do this as full me. I'm also planning on star ng a new channel very soon and it's gonna be really different from hyderabad diaries.”



The bloggers journal We wish these bundle of joy's a successful career in blogging!


BLOGGER/ FOUNDER AT SEERSUCKER OVER VELVET In the world of fashion where trends are in abundance and for all, it takes confidence to be a trend-se er yourself! Seersucker Over Velvet is all about being authen c. You don't have to be the most fashionable person around, but be as comfortable as you can and you'll be the life of the party!

Being in fashion opened Ajab's eyes to the pressures of it. Some mes, it transforms you into someone you aren't. Seersucker Over Velvet started in June, 2016 with the inten on of being able to face the camera without looking like the conven onal idea of “perfec on”. Her inspira on comes from everything and everyone around her. 'When I see something that I like, I absorb it and make it my own.' Seersucker Over Velvet is honest with a sense of humor. It's a cura on of experiences and interac ons. Ajab loves to feature people from different walks of life who have great style and match the blog. She also enjoys journaling her encounters with food and travel. For Ajab, this is a pla orm to showcase any kind of style without the emphasis being solely on fashion.

Seersucker Over Velvet @seersuckerovervelvet Ajab_Ali_Akber www.seersuckerovervelvet.com seersuckerovervelvet@gmail.com


“Having pursued physiotherapy as my career, fashion is everything for me so meanwhile I'm into blogging too!” Before beginning with fashion blogging Damini was into modeling. She used to get many catalogue shoots and brand shoots then ini ally came to the era of modelling and thought to start up her own blog. Talking about her inspira on, Damini's work is o en inspired by our pre y nature and music. It gives her many ideas for her upcoming shoot and also makes her cherish and rejoice the simple joy's of the world. Being just a beginner in the blogging world, Damini wants to be known as a prominent fashion blogger and want to collaborate with all the different brands! daminiee daminig89@gmail.com PAGE 9


SALMAN KHAN An amateur Youtuber, Salman makes videos about almost everything! Be like pranks, challenges, vlogging or anything you name it for him. It's been three whole years for Salman as a Youtuber. Earlier he used to work with Hyderabadi Produc on's and Mojo Jojo Produc on's which were really unplanned and random because he was clueless about the proper way of Youtubing. Now with his prominent growth, he started his own channel - Neostun Produc ons, ahoy! According to Salman, his channel is like a getaway to him. A erall, doing something what you love is blissful, isn't it? Talking about his interests apart from Youtubing , Salman love's working out and skateboarding! He always wanted to become a model since the beginning. “If I end up being a Youtuber and a model, it'll be a dream come true!” There's no inspira on behind the YouTube channel for Salman. He believes in spreading smiles on everyone's faces. Salman finds his happiness in someone else's happiness, end of the story! Salman Khan iam_salmankhan salman0007khan iam_salmankhan



What's cooking Starbucks? Starbucks is going to introduce 4 new flavours in 2017, here's what we've heard from the source!

CASCARA LATTE In January, Starbucks will introduce cascara La e , which is inspired by the fruity outer skin of a coffee cherry. Starbucks says, “Casara lends subtle notes of dark brown sugar and maple to classic Starbucks Espresso.” This sweet-yetsweet La e will be available for a limited me in January 2017.

SMOKED BUTTERSCOTCH LATTE Starbucks first introduced the smoked bu erscotch la e for a limited me in February. The drink brought together espresso, steamed milk, smoked bu erscotch sauce, and a smoky bu erscotch topping. It quickly became popular with Harry Po er fans - who thought it tasted a lot like Bu erbeer. The smoked bu erscotch la e will make its return in January, but once again for a limited me.

STARBUCKS COLD BREW COCOA AND HONEY WITH CREAM Prepare to see a lot more of Starbucks in select grocery stores next year, star ng with bo led cold brew cocoa and honey with cream. The drink which is literally Starbucks cold brew with a honey , cocoa and cream, joins the bo led Starbucks cold brew that came out in July.

TEAVANA CRAFT ICED TEAS Brewed from Teavana teas with no ar ficial flavouring, Starbucks will introduce four flavours of bo led tea to select stores in 2017. The flavours include Pineapple Berry Blue Herbal Tea, Peach Green Tea, Mango Black Tea, and Passion Tango Herbal Tea.




'A smart model is a good model', said Ira Banks, and here at Rawdust, our very own Shoeab Khan is quite the bit! An aspiring model, Shoeab has been in the circuit since the last one year. As someone who is passionate about this ďŹ eld, Shoeab wishes to grab some more opportuni es and get featured and known. He got through to the Top 10 in the pres gious Hyderabad Talent Hunt and we must say, he is a bright talent! We're extremely glad to have him feature here in our youth magazine! You would like to keep your social media buzzing about Shoeab, because why not? shoeabkhan3965 shoeab69 shoeabkhan7@gmail.com



BEHIND THE LENSES USHA SHRAVANI KODURI When the right amount of flavours, colour and texture come together, they become a delicious dish and a pre y picture! For Usha Shravani Koduri, it all started two years ago. She was trained under Sir Ramana Bandi - her mentor and inspira on from Rajan's School of Photography. Currently pursuing her MBA at St.Ann's her passion and interests lies in food and portrait photography, dance, reading fic on and wri ng. usha_shravani Usha Shravani usha.shravani16@gmail.com

VIKAS Being an engineering student, Vikas's interest for photography started 3 years ago where he was assis ng his photographer friend Arif Minhaz for a shoot. Arif's zeal and hard work to get the perfect picture inspired Vikas , it changed his en re perspec ve towards things. Sharath Chandrappa was the one who molded his passion for photography. Vikas gained a lot of knowledge and camera tricks from him. He simply believes that one has to be balanced throughout the life to be successful and that's what keeps him mo vated on a daily basis. The work of Joseph Radhik, Arif Minhaz, Sharath Chandrappa, Karthik Abhiram and the feedback he received on his work from all his peers keeps him inspired and mo vated.

“CHANGE – accept that it's inevitable. Believe that it's possible.” This principle holds the mo o of my life. +91-9505344734 vikas.k.v


Inside the blogger's world A versa le Fashion and lifestyle Blogger at Miragethyvogue.com. Miragethyvogue is an explana on to fascina on towards one's own style. Being an MBA graduate she carried her professional life along with blogging life passionately and is working as a Marke ng Strategist. Nanya, a fashion and travel enthusiast, always thought of expanding fashion to everyday life without complica ng one's style. She believes that a simple Indian dress with a single accessory bought from busy Indian streets can create the same panache as a designer-cut a re would do, when done confidently. Nurture the style within yourself and that would be the biggest fashion statement you can make.

Nanya Reddy

Nanya started blogging in the month of Feb 2016 and captured pre y good viewers in a very short period of me. Blogging is her passion and got 'em so strong that it led to collaborate with some of the raging brands like Bewakoof India, Khan l India, Keune Hair cosme cs, Fades etc. miragethyvogue nanya.miragethyvogue@gmail.com mirage.thy.vogue www.miragethyvogue.com

Monika Sharma A fashion stylist who loves to be pampered with Fashion - Monika Sharma is not an absolute perfec onist but loves learning new things each day, everyday. “I believe a picture is worth a million words and hence I'm here to talk free spiritedly all about Fashion and Lifestyle through my pictures and blog”

theflossything_ flossything www.flossything.wordpress.com

We wish these pre y blogger's a successful career ahead. Amen! PAGE 14

“Let the pictures do the talking “ The quote "PHOTOGRAPHY IS AN ART OF OBSERVATION. IT HAS LITTLE TO DO WITH THE THINGS YOU SEE AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE WAY YOU SEE THEM” - BY ELLIOTT ERWITT inspires Adhidev to every bit of his life! Under the guidance of his mentor - Mr Ambareesh Pi e who's also his inspira on, Adhidev love's capturing monuments, architecture, landscapes, wildlife, portraits and street. It's been an 8.5 year old journey in this field, however from the past 4 years Adhidev has taken it up seriously. He wants to keep pursuing photography as his passion and keep giving his best shot to every image he clicks. He has also worked with a Designer ''La Finesse” and a luxury home Automa on and theater brand "MAHAVIR SOUNDROOM". His commercial work can be found: WEBSITE - adhidevkaran.com NAT GEO YOUR SHOT h p://yourshot.na onalgeographic.com/search/?q=adhidev%20karan 500Px.com - h ps://500px.com/adhidevrk Flickr - h ps://www.flickr.com/photos/147508727@N06/ Popular photography magazine h p://www.popphoto.com/user-contest-entry-data/134059 h p://www.popphoto.com/user-contest-entry-data/134060 adhidev.karan adhidev_karan http://www.adhidevkaran.com/about


Celeb approved hair accessories to wear to party this season OLIVIA PALERMO Finish a punky faux-hawk with an ultra feminine accessory. Olivia Palermo's pro Lacy Redway parted with the fashionista's hair into three sec ons, then created cool knots with each sec on that she secured using Jen Atkin * Chloe + Isabel bun cuffs.

NINA DOBREV Thought Bobby pins were too standard for a soiree? Think again. Nina Dobrev's hairstylist prices a couple of strategically placed pins and a neat side part pump up a down do, and tame flyaways in the process. This simple style looks extra elegant on pixies too!

SARAH HYLAND Add some fun to your effortless bun with a cool cuff. This Jen Atkin * Chloe + Isabel version used by hairstylist Ryan Richman on Sarah Hyland comes in six finishes.

EMILY BLUNT Elevate your updo with an accessory- or three! Hairstylist Ashley Streicher wove a crystal head wrap and barre es into Emily Blunt's ethereal braid, making it even more dreamy than we'd ever imagine.

CARA DELEVINGNE Ponytails are meant to be stress free , but that doesn't mean they can be incredibly pre y too! Give yours some (easy) extra oomph with a crystal embellished pin at the base just like Cara!

Source - Snapchat PAGE 16


Mirza Ali Raza Started his journey 2 years ago in Mysore, Mirza Ali Raza was working in Infosys as a so ware engineer at that me. He did many shows in Mysore and Bangalore. He was crowned as Mr South India 2016 and his next aim is to win Mr India 2017. He's in the industry since his childhood as a junior ar st. He worked with Sharukh Khan, Pavan Kalyan, Awaaz - a sitcom on zeetv, yeh Dil movie and many more telugu movies and commercials. “My dream is to become a Supermodel and a hardcore techie. It would be difficult to manage both the fields but I will try my level best to schedule it properly which i am trying to do since 2 years.” Last but not the least, he is thankful to his parents and friends for having his back always! +91 9676684275 Mirza_raza12

Slloka Saincherr Hailing from a Royal Family of Sir Maharaja Kishen Parshad- Slloka Saincherr grew up to be influenced by her cultural upbringing. It all started in school , steadily caught her mind and she was all into it! Modelling world is a task as it's hec c and fashion world is an inspira on for Slloka. Soon going to start up her blog in fashion world, Slloka is confident that it will influence the fashionista's from our city. She aspires to become a cri cally acclaimed actor and make it big in Tollywood! “The experience is enriching, doing something you love & staying true to yourself” Slloka has won the State level Of Hyderabad Times Clean & Clear Fresh Face 2015 & got the chance to represent Hyderabad in Mumbai for the Na onal level. She's currently a Finalist of MISS SOUTH INDIA 2017' and she will be the only girl represen ng two states i.e AP & Telangana in January at Kochi. “ My mother is my greatest strength. I aspire to Inspire.” PAGE 17



Zarin shafat khan Blogging is nothing but a chronological record of thoughts in a web page. An IT engineer by profession and a beauty blogger by choice, Zarin started her very own blog “herbeautyaffair'' a few months ago with the aim of crea ng an informa ve and super addic ve space about her love for beauty/ makeup. She has always been passionate about makeup and that is how her area of interest turned into reality. 'HERBEAUTYAFFAIR' is your next door makeup junkie's blog. Zarin became a makeup enthusiast once she commenced her college life and there has been no looking back since then. The connec on with like minded people through blogging is truly amazing and what about makeup? Because she does believe that makeup has the power to make you feel confident. The feeling when someone reads your review before purchasing any product is definitely worth it.

“Apart from makeup and beauty I love baking, travelling and photography. My dream is to inspire others through me as if you are really passionate about something then there is nothing which can stop you.” beautyaffair101@gmail.com beautyaffair101 www.herbeautyaffair.wordpress.com

Saloni Jain

Dancer /Instructor/Choreographer As a kid, Saloni Jain used to imitate the Bollywood icons and eventually got inspired by them. Her passion lead to take up various professional training slots. Saloni, along with her team mates of dynamic dance zone undertake sangeet events, corporate events, flash mobs and many other training program in schools and colleges. She has been a part of two Guinness world records and even won various dance compe ons. Saloni and team has performed for the likes of Kareena Kapoor Khan, Ajay Devgan and Kapil Sharma. She even a ended and experienced workshops with dance celebri es like Dharmesh and Ravinder Singh. “ Dance is my personal passion that makes me happy, I love dancing and I love to watch others dance. It's all what I love and I get paid for it, what can be be er than this? The apprecia on of my hard work keeps me mo vated to work harder. “ salz26jain26@gmail.com PAGE 18

A year down the lane - 2016

You chased them, got them and travelled to inappropriate places to find them. You raised them. You evolved them. You realized how much ba ery they were draining. You abandoned them.

WATER BOTTLE FLIPPING The water bo le flip fad of 2016 was by far the best, least offensive viral thing that didn't last long enough.

FULLER HOUSE The February weekend Fuller House dropped is a blue of sugar and tears. This show was so sweet, shady, and nostalgic it was almost too much to handle.

HIDDLESWIFT Three whole months of our lives we spent obsessing over this! Three whole month! Alas.