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AIESEC GUC oGIP Partnership Portfolio


AIESEC GUC oGIP Partnership Portfolio

Table of Contents 1. Egyptian Culture, People and Society 2. AIESEC in Egypt 3. AIESEC GUC: Who are we? 4. oGIP in AIESEC GUC 2012:  Projects  recruited caliber 5. References and Contacts

Egyptian Culture, People and Society ‘Nowhere are there so many marvelous things, nor in the world besides are to be seen so many things of unspeakable greatness’-Herodotus. With a unique cultural blend mixing between Africa, Arabia, Greeks, Romans and our very own legacy of ancient civilizations of the Pharaohs, Coptic Christianity and Islam. Egypt Is the embodiment of art and culture home to the world’s leading artists, politicians, scientists, intellectuals and Nobel laureates it is the leading country in the Arab world. Egypt has always been a unique and timeless experience that everyone needs to embark on. Home to the world’s most ancient wonder, it represents the perfect harmony between tradition and modernity that can be seen in all aspects of life around the country. As modern Egypt is an amalgam of these legacies. Modern skyscrapers, highways, a subway system, hotels, restaurants, clothing blend together with ancient advertising and western

pharaonic ruins, Islamic mosques, Coptic churches, Middle Eastern garb, bazaars and the odor of cattle in a unique mosaic of life in modern Egypt. The Egyptian people are humble, people that mirror the warmness and richness of the culture; known primarily for their chivalry, hospitality and sense of humor. And all of that is what makes the Egyptian culture that spectacular. “There is nothing new in Egypt, Egyptians are making history as usual” Italy’s Prime Minister. And on the 25th of January 2011 the Egyptians made history again, as they decided to go out and get their country back. After decades of the autocracy and corruption the Egyptians peacefully went to the streets to demand their rights and their country in Tahrir square; 18 days later with the watchful eyes of the world, they managed to bring down the ruling system and rewrite Egypt’s destiny. “

We must educate our children to become like Egyptian people” -Barack Obama “For the first time we see people make a revolution and then clean the streets” – CNN “The People of Egypt; are the greatest people on Earth, and they deserve a Nobel Prize for peace” – Heinz Fischer, Austrian President FACTS: Location: Egypt is located in North Africa bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Libya is on the west and the Gaza Strip and the Red Sea make up the eastern border. Capital City: Cairo Population: Around 78 million people live in Egypt Language: Arabic (official). English and French are widely understood by educated classes Religion: Muslim (mostly Sunni) 94%, Coptic Christian and other (6%)


Established in 1974, AIESEC Egypt is a 37 year old entity, present in 5 local chapters and over 14 universities, supported by 1000 members of the highest caliber of Egyptian youth. Over the last few years, AIESEC Egypt has been growing enormously, delivering up to 500 life changing experiences in 2011, to become one of the top 20 countries in the global network. Top of the

start AIESEC in Lebanon, one of the fastest growing expansion initiatives in the network.

MENA region and three time winner of global excellence awards, AIESEC in Egypt has spread its reach across the region to

betterment of its country and its members, AIESEC in Egypt has engaged with more than 400 organizations over the last

With such unprecedented rates of growth AIESEC Egypt is expanding its capacity and welcoming more and more AIESECers to a wide array of opportunities for development and exploration each year. Always one to seek the

few years, delving into a mixture of social, developmental, professional and entrepreneurial projects. AIESEC Egypt’s membershi p poses an extremely dedicated and diverse community waiting to display our Egyptian hospitality to fellow AIESECers from all around the world.

Welcome to AIESEC GUC Who are we? AIESEC GUC started after a lot of effort and dedication and was sustained through remarkable young leaders who wanted to carry on the self-driven experience AIESEC has provided them with to students in the GUC. With its first welcome day for the first members recruited on campus on the 26th of December 2009, AIESEC GUC became an official expansion promising to change the lives of the 40 faces that reflected great potential.

A year in, more than 100 members have experienced the amazing culture and the work and fun environment AIESEC GUC provides for it's members. A large number of students so far have been assigned to astounding leadership roles, and last year AIESEC GUC changed 150 lives through its GCDP and GIP programs. Through these past two years. AIESEC GUC has achieved several Awards.

AIESEC GUC Achievements In 2011: - AIESEC GUC was awarded the fastest growing LC in MENA 1700% growth. - OGIP AIESEC GUC was ranked no. 1 in AIESEC Egypt in 2011 among 5 other LCs. - AIESEC GUC took the highest relative growth in Egypt. - AIESEC GUC took the fulfilling promise award from AIESEC international. In 2012: -AIESEC GUC took LC of the year award in MENA XLDS in Morocco

AIESEC GUC is the place where you change, grow and develop


Just like we have strived for excellence since the day AIESEC GUC was established, we as AIESEC GUC’s oGIP will always seek to deliver the best experiences to our EPs and their TN-managers.

Driven by our values and believes, we change the world

OGIP Projects 1. G l o b a l M an a g e m e nt P r o j e ct The Global Management Project provides recent graduates with essential professional experience they need to start a successful career in their field. The program mainly focuses on Business Administration and Marketing but may include Finance and Project Management.

2. The Golobal IT Project Global IT is a perfect fit for students and recent graduates who want to get a head start on their career. Global IT provides professional experience in areas related to Information Technology including software development, web development, database management, organizational management and project management.

3. Teach the Globe Teach the Globe is a perfect fit for students and recent graduates who want to get a head start on their career. It provides professional experience in areas related to Language teaching, cultural education, Science education, Seminars and Workshops preparation.

The caliber is targeted and recruited

As we are keen to deliver quality internships to our EPs, we are also Very selective about the EPs, who we can provide such an Experience Our EPs are seniors and graduates of the following 3 universities:  

German University in Cairo Misr International University Université Française d’Egypte

Faculties we target: 

The Faculty of Management Technology The General Management program offers a generalist and

managerial degree where students move effortlessly from one functional area to another and work smoothly with colleagues in all areas. Students graduate with two majors out of Accounting & Financial Control, Economics, Finance, Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, Information Systems, Innovation & Technology Management, International Business, Marketing, Production & Operations, and Strategic Management. 

The Faculty of Media Engineering and Technology Media Engineering and Technology is an area in the field of Information Technology which is developing increasingly to an independent study and graduation subject due to the huge demand for experts needed in the future. Handling of information and corresponding media for design, representation, processing, storing, retrieval and transmission of information are the key aspects of the study.

The Faculty of Mass Communication The Faculty of Mass Communication offers a programme made up of three majors: Journalism, Advertising, and Public Relations, and Broadcasting. The faculty offers Advertising and Public Relations minor as well to students of other MSA faculties.

The Faculty of Alsun The Department of Al Alsun offers a variety of courses in different fields in the English, German, Frensh languages and linguistics, literature, and translation. The literature courses span a number of centuries from the medieval literature up till contemporary writing. The linguistics courses enhance students' language skills and understanding of the origin and peculiar features of the language while the translation courses strengthen the students' competence. Thus, an Alsun student will graduate with an open-minded understanding of different cultures, critical thinking abilities

The Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts The new Design Study Programs offered under the Faculty of Applied Arts and Sciences at the German University in Cairo is a modern array of study programs in Design, consciously rooted in the traditions of both Egypt and Germany . The aim of the program is further to develop the ability to create new products for the Egyptian and international market with a special focus on the needs of new markets in the middle East, Africa, Europe, India, China, which are all in a process of constant change and in search for new ideas. Graduates of the Design study program will have solid practical and theoretical knowledge in the fields of product design, multimedia, information and communication design, graphic design. This will qualify them for a wide range of successful careers in the industry worldwide

How we select The selection procedure consists of 3 phases: 1. Phase1 CV filtration The person has to have at least the minimum academic/ work background required for the internship type, as well as some work/internship experience in the same field

2. Phase2 SRBs targeting soft skills Main competencies tested:  Self awareness  Commitment  Flexibility  Ambassadorship  Global mindset  Effective communication  Emotional intelligence  Social responsibility

3. Phase 3 Check sheet: The sheets are project oriented, each containing the requirements for each of the projects. The applicant is then asked to identify which of the backgrounds/skills /languages he possesses and where/how he acquired them (academic/work)

The tool folder is uploaded on, kindly find it under the link:

References Visit our channel and watch our videos FX0 Our contact Information: LC e-mail: FB page: oGIP VP e-mail: ET responsible: MT responsible: IT responsible:

Universities’ information: GUC: MIU: UFE:

“So let’s stand together to contribute to changing the world today.”

AIESEC GUC oGIP Portofolio  

AIESEC GUC is the place where you change, grow and develop