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Introduction We pride ourselves on hiring quality people because we know people are our greatest asset. Every associate was selected to join our team because they possess the skills necessary to be successful in the Hospitality and Service Industry. Our company’s philosophy is “take care of your associates and the associates will take care of the guests” Inside you will find some amazing tales of how working within the Marriott family contributes to our associates’ lives and in many instances completely changed the quality of life for both them and their families. T.E.A.M = Together Everyone Achieves More



With hard work comes great achievements.. Having to choose between your passion (playing football) and a career is usually hard, but to me it was a decision I am proud of. 18 years ago I decided to let go of my passion and create what I am now by joining Marriott after a friend's recommendation. I took my first step as a Health Club Attendant. After 17 years of work, I am currently an Assistant Loss Prevention Manager, and it is now that I can say that my passion is my work. Thanks to the Marriott family for the support and motivation they have provided me throughout those years. Not only that, working here has added a lot to my personality that I have worked on shaping during those years. Dealing with so many diversities and types of people, gave me the patience and taught me the love of paying it forward and trust me, in Marriott, there's always enough room to give back whether it is love, experience, or motivation. There's nothing impossible here because: "With hard work always comes great achievements" Turki Sawalha Assistant Loss Prevention Manager Amman Marriott Hotel

Turki Sawalha Assistant Loss Prevention Manager Amman Marriott Hotel

If you don’t try, you will never know.. After finishing college as an accountant, I chose to go into a totally different path. Life was hard enough but Marriott made it endurable. 26 years ago I started as a steward in Marriott Amman, and ever since then I have been climbing up the ladder step by step till the top. I am now a Catering Operations Manager who is extremely proud of his great achievement. With the help and support I have received from Marriott's Management, success was nothing but a piece of cake to me. That healthy environment, motivating goals, honesty and appreciation made me the person I am today. People have always described me as a risky person, I mean who would have guessed that an accountant would go through all of this, but to me joining Marriott wasn’t a risk, it was a shinning opportunity that was worth it. Just like I did, you should never let go of neither your dream nor seizing opportunities because: "If you never try, you will never know“. Mohammad Jammal Catering Operations Manager Amman Marriott Hotel Mohammad Jammal Catering Operations Manager Amman Marriott Hotel

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.. After 26 years with Marriott, I would not hesitate to call it my home. Here I have seen my hard work pay off and here I have completed every goal I have set for myself. It was like a roller coaster. There were ups and downs and many obstacles in the way, but it is only when you see others gathering to help you get back on your feet again, that you come to realize that you haven’t made a wrong choice at all and that makes you believe that you will definitely nail that obstacle this time. This place holds so many memories together, but the team's support and the effort its Management has invested in me is something I will always be grateful for. When I joined Marriott as a Housekeeping Attendant, my dream was to inspire my team and become an encouraging team leader and today my dream is alive as I currently hold the position of a Housekeeping Supervisor. Marriott has proved to me that: “If you can dream it, you can achieve it” Mohammad Sayegh Housekeeping Supervisor Amman Marriott Hotel

Mohammad Sayegh Housekeeping Supervisor Amman Marriott Hotel

Where there's a will, there's a way.. When I was a child my dream was to work in a hotel and I have worked hard to make it come true. I was a fresh graduate when I came on board, but deep down inside I totally believed that this will be it. With the love and support of my colleagues, I got over a lot of hard and sad moments, and that only proved at the end of the day that this isn’t just my work community, it is my FAMILY. You can say that working with Marriott has changed my life. I went from a fresh graduate to spending 20 years in the Reservations Department. It’s the manners and principles that kept me around for this long. The determination to always give the best because that’s the only way to really make a difference. Reaching out for others, being a good listener and always supporting your team, are what I have gained throughout the years and it won't stop here because I know that more is yet to come. I have invested 20 years in Marriott so far and I am willing to invest more. As I always say: "Where there's a will, there's a way“. Hiba Abu Al Rous Reservations Supervisor Amman Marriott Hotel

Hiba Abu Al Rous Reservations Supervisor Amman Marriott Hotel

The impossible doesn’t exist.. There are two things that make me happy, and working with Marriott is one of them. I started working here as a trainee but I have never imagined that it would be the one place where I would pursue my passion in. I have always loved cooking and from there my journey started to finally end up as an Executive Sous Chef. If there is one thing I have learned from Marriott it's that: "The impossible doesn’t exist“. All you really have to do is believe that your best asset lies within you, and that the harder you work, the higher you will attain. My mangers and supervisors gave me all the encouragement there is in the world and showed a great deal of faith in me and that is exactly what I am passing on to my team today. Marriott isn't only a second home to me, it’s a place that gathers the best of the best. Here is where I have started 19 years ago, and this is where I’ll continue working until the day comes where I finally fulfill my dream which is not an impossible thing to attain with Marriott. Mohammad Jaber Executive Sous Chef Amman Marriott Hotel

Mohammad Jaber Executive Sous Chef Amman Marriott Hotel

The sky is the limit.. Since day one, which was 16 years ago, I believed that with Marriott: “The sky is the limit”. In my first week in September 1995, I used to go home every day after long working hours and say I will not go back there tomorrow, but something (“might be the passion” made me wake up early morning again the next day and walk to the hotel with my head up looking at the Marriott sign. I loved the place, the company, the team spirit and the home feel. I started as a bus boy in the Banqueting Department polishing cutlery and glasses, grew up to become a Waiter then a Conference Coordinator, and with some encouragement and training I became a Captain. Reaching this position was a wonderful experience as the good part started and I began to explore my leadership skills and test my muscles, and in a short period of time I took the ladder up to be a Supervisor, then a Maître D'. After this, few choices came up; move to another new hotel opening in Amman, move to another country with Marriott, or move to another Marriott within the country??? I took the third choice and joined the Jordan Valley Marriott as an Event Manager during the opening of the hotel. Let me tell you, the doors were wide open for my career from this moment onwards. In 2.5 years, I became the Director of Event Management of the hotel, and in another 2.5 years, I became Assistant Director of Food & Beverage then Director of Food & Beverage. Then in September 2011 my career took a great curve to become a Director of Rooms Operations. This company inspired me and invested in my personal development to become what I am today. Muhannad Sabri Director of Rooms Operations Jordan Valley Marriott Dead Sea Resort & Spa

Muhannad Sabri Director of Rooms Operations Jordan Valley Marriott Dead Sea Resort & Spa

I am aiming to become a member of the Executive Committee.. My name is Tareq Dawoud. I am 24 years old and I graduated with a Diploma Degree majoring in Tourism Administration. I started working at the Jordan Valley Marriott back in September 2005 as a Spa Attendant. I spent 9 months at the same position, and afterwards I transferred to the Food & Beverage Department. During my time at the F&B Department I joined Al Quds College. I studied hard and worked at the same time until I obtained my degree. I attended many training courses here such as: First Aid, Upselling Program and completed many Passport to Success levels. After working at the F&B Department for almost 16 months, I decided to transfer to the At Your Service Department as an AYS Agent where I started receiving many “Thank You� letters from guests and was enrolled in the empowerment and communication skills trainings. I constantly strived to improve my skills until my manager decided to promote me to a Front Desk agent and afterwards to Rooms Controller and last but not least I got promoted to Front Desk Supervisor. I have always been punctual and a hard worker and what I'm really aiming for is to remain working here and hope one day I would become a member of the Executive Committee. Tareq Dawoud Front Desk Supervisor Jordan Valley Marriott Dead Sea Resort & Spa

Tareq Dawoud Front Desk Supervisor Jordan Valley Marriott Dead Sea Resort & Spa

Working at the Marriott was like a dream come true.. I have always wanted to be one of the Marriott staff and that was achieved in 2004 when a friend of mine who used to work here suggested that I apply for the Security Officer position. I applied for the job and was so pleased when I was granted the opportunity to pursue my dream. At first it felt a bit awkward and strange but eventually I got used to the atmosphere and started befriending other associates. I started feeling like I was a member of this big family. Two years passed and as a recognition for my hard work, I was promoted to a Security Shift Leader. As the responsibilities started becoming bigger, the support I received from my manager and the Executive Committee Members increased and helped me drastically overcome the obstacles I faced and become a stronger and a wiser associate. By hard work and being surrounded by associates who are credible and motivating, I had the chance to prove myself again and got my second promotion from a Security Shift Leader to a Safety & Security Supervisor. I was enrolled in many training courses to sharpen my current skills and adopt new ones. I need to say that Marriott really aims at looking after its associates by training them and sending them on taskforce missions to gain the needed experience. I am currently carrying the title of Assistant Loss Prevention Manager and deep inside I believe that with hard work, the needed trainings and the support of my manager, I will one day become one of the twinkling stars in Marriott's sky. Wisam Rustom Assistant Loss Prevention Manager Jordan Valley Marriott Dead Sea Resort & Spa

Wisam Rustom Assistant Loss Prevention Manager Jordan Valley Marriott Dead Sea Resort & Spa

If they can do it, then I can do it.. My journey with the Marriott started as soon as I finished my high school studies and was accepted at a private university. Since it was hard for me to complete my education without finding a job to support me in paying my education fees, a friend of mine who was working here back then, told me that they were looking for people to recruit and advised me to apply for a job. Honestly speaking, I have heard about Marriott and the positive way associates there are treated. Didn’t take me a lot of time to think before I decided to apply for that job and I was so happy once I found out that I was accepted. I started working as a housekeeper at the Health Club Department. Soon enough I was able to figure out that the environment I was working in was a wonderful, enjoyable and a healthy one where you get to meet people from all over the world. Although I was extremely happy to be here, my inability to communicate in English with guests was a bit of an obstacle, but since Marriott taught us that "Nothing is impossible" I decided to work on improving my English language skills. I have to be fair and say that the management was not only flexible when they found out I was still completing my studies but they also encouraged me and helped a lot in fixing my work/study schedule. Once my English language drastically improved, I asked my manager if I could train at the Reception after my working hours to improve my skills and if he could enroll me in any internal training courses to sharpen those skills. I was quite sure before I requested that I wasn’t going to get a NO for an answer because the management helps improving associates who want to improve themselves. After my manager was sure I was ready for this step, he transferred me from an Attendant to a Receptionist and that really boosted my self esteem and made me proud of myself and of such management who really took care of its employees. I will never in my life forget what Marriott has taught me, and I don’t think I will ever find myself elsewhere other than here. Abdallah Abu Hilal Spa Receptionist Jordan Valley Marriott Dead Sea Resort & Spa

Abdallah Abu Hilal Spa Receptionist Jordan Valley Marriott Dead Sea Resort & Spa

I am empowered, motivated and the sky is my limit.. “Since day one, I knew that this is the place I have dreamt to work for”. I started working in a bank as an HR Generalist and after 1 year, I started looking for another job until I received that call from Jordan Valley Marriott that changed my life. I am so proud to be a Marriott associate. I joined the Jordan Valley Marriott in 2009 as an HR Feneralist and was promoted within the second year to HR & Training Supervisor. Marriott continues to support its associates through various policies and procedures. When I attended the Orientation program, I was fond of Marriott’s philosophy and proud of the company’s business ethics, pleased by the open door policy and motivated by the success stories of Marriott associates. The thing I like the most in Marriott is the empowerment culture that is giving me the ability to make decisions, take actions and provide our associates with extraordinary service and off course the available development tools such as MarrLearn, Ashridge and other training programs. I didn’t think of leaving this company for once as I can become what I want with my hard work and smartness. There are no other factors that can affect that. I enjoy working at Marriott and as a Training Supervisor, I enjoy delivering this feeling to other associates. The training you get in Marriott is not for a specific job but also for the bigger picture so that all associates have a career and a future with the company. Yousef Al Hasan Human Resources & Training Supervisor Jordan Valley Marriott Dead Sea Resort & Spa

Yousef Al Hasan Human Resources & Training Supervisor Jordan Valley Marriott Dead Sea Resort & Spa

Marriott: The first step of my success.. I began my career life when I was 18 years old. As soon as I reached Secondary School, I wasn’t able to go on with my education due to some bad circumstances that surrounded me back then. I started looking for a job and that was quite hard since I had no experience at all. I finally found a job that was a bit distant from my home, and I had to walk for more than 15 kilometers on foot every night back home if I couldn’t find a ride. I stuck in that job for almost 7 months until I couldn’t take it anymore so I started looking for something else closer to home. Finally in March 1st, 2008 I started working at the Petra Marriott, it was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. That day many doors of success opened up. I started working there and decided to complete my Secondary School, so I did and I excelled. I then decided to complete my BA Degree and I am currently working to obtain it. I got married last year and now waiting for my first child. It’s like all my dreams started coming true one after one and I owe it all to Marriott for encouraging, supporting and showing me that I CAN. All that I am today I owe to the Marriott family, so thank you for allowing me to be one of this great family. I'm proud of Marriott. Odai Nawafleh Accountant Petra Marriott Hotel

Odai Nawafleh Accountant Petra Marriott Hotel

Hero from zero.. My name is Moayed Nawafleh and I have been working at the Petra Marriott Hotel for three years now. When I started working at this hotel I had no experience at all and I knew no one here. I started at the Food & Beverage Department and I was intensively trained by professional colleagues. I am still trying to develop myself more and more in successful attempts to articulate the hotel's brand and traditions and customs of the local area. Working in the Arabian Tent during summer makes me happy since it grants me the chance to show off our pure Jordanian hospitality skills to our guests from all over the world; those skills are upgraded by getting back to the hotel’s Brand Standard. I would like to thank the management for granting me the chance to go to the university to complete my education. Furthermore, I thank them and my colleagues for supporting me in sharpening my skills, increasing my experience level as well as giving me the incentives and needed motivation for the future. I have never thought of leaving this company as I consider it my family and I believe that I will achieve all my goals in it. Muayed Nawafleh Food & Beverage Captain Petra Marriott Hotel

Muayed Nawafleh Food & Beverage Captain Petra Marriott Hotel

Jordan Marriott Hotels Culture Booklet  

Jordan Marriott Hotels Culture Booklet

Jordan Marriott Hotels Culture Booklet  

Jordan Marriott Hotels Culture Booklet