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May 24 – 25, 2013 The Prinzhorn Collection is the venue for this year’s meeting of the European Association of Outsider Art. Its symposium Ethical Questions around Outsider Art aims to clarify what constitutes an ethically responsible approach to dealing with works and artists from the outsider art field, with presentations by academics and experts from all over Europe.

KUNSTHAUS KANNEN FORUM October 3 – 6, 2013 This year’s Forum at Kunsthaus Kannen, titled 2x2, opens on Thursday October 3, with the Symposium on Friday October 4. Currently on display at the Kunsthaus Kannen until May 26, 2013, are works by Robert Burda, Helmut Feder, Franz Huestedde, August Vibert and Karl Bergenthal, marking the 125th anniversary of the Alexianer Krankenhaus Hospital. KUNSTHAUS KANNEN, Alexianerweg 9, 48163 Münster, GERMANY tel: +49 (0)2501 966 20560,

GALERIE ART CRU STRANGE WORLDS until May 12, 2013 Strange Worlds: Naïve Art Outside Europe presents works from the Charlotte Zander Museum, with paintings and sculptures from Africa, Australia and the Caribbean. CITY MUSEUM OF ERLANGEN Martin-Luther-Platz 91054 Erlangen, GERMANY tel: +49 (0)9131 862408 / 862300

until June 16, 2013 The fourth part of the Secret Universe series at the National Gallery in Hamburger Bahnhof is a retrospective of large drawings and numerical compositions by George Widener. Portraying his prodigious memory and numeric ability, this is Widener’s first solo exhibition in Europe and includes new drawings. HAMBURGER BAHNHOF MUSEUM FÜR GEGENWART - BERLIN, Invalidensrasse 50-51 Berlin, GERMANY. tel: +49 (0)30 3978 3411

OVARTACI SHOWING AT PRINZHORN April 25 – August 4, 2013 Some of Ovartaci’s key works are displayed in the Prinzhorn Collection, including a reconstruction of his long-term living environment and his selfpainted bed. Ovartaci was the alter ego of Louis Marcussen, who was hospitalised in Denmark’s Risskov asylum for 55 years. MUSEUM SAMMLUNG PRINZHORN Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik Heidelberg, Voßstr. 2 69115 Heidelberg, GERMANY tel: +49 (0)6221 56 4492,

dwight mackintosh

until June 1, 2013 Galerie ART CRU Berlin, Creative Growth (Oakland, USA) and Creative Growth Europe (Paris, FR) present selected works by Creative Growth artists, including Dan Miller, Dwight Mackintosh and Donald Mitchell. GALERIE ART CRU, Oranienburger Str. 27, 10117 Berlin, GERMANY tel: +49 (0)30 24 35 73 14




Germany. Italy.




until June 16, 2013 Early naïve art and Art Brut masterpieces at Haus Cajeth feature Madge Gill and Enrico Benassi. MUSEUM HAUS CAJETH, Haspelgasse 12, 69117 Heidelberg, GERMANY tel: +49 (0)6221 24466

until May 3, 2013 The exhibition Number 051 is dedicated to the German schizophrenic artist Hildegard Wohlgemuth (1933 – 2003). KUNSTMUSEUM BAYREUTH 95444 Bayreuth, GERMANY

enrico benassi

hildegard wohlgemuth

jean dubuffet

préfète duffaut

until June 15, 2013 Curated by Claudio Spadoni, Borderline explores the boundaries between officially sanctioned art and alienated authentic figures. Artists include Goya, Brueghel, Dubuffet, Klee and Basquiat. MUSEO D'ARTE DELLA CITTÀ DI RAVENNA, via di Roma, 13 Ravenna, ITALY tel: +39 (0)544 482477 / 482356,


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Raw Vision 78  

International journal of outsider art, folk art, visionary art and Art Brut.

Raw Vision 78  

International journal of outsider art, folk art, visionary art and Art Brut.