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Textual Analysis Text being analysed: Birth of a Nation Source of text: Approximate date of broadcast: 29th April 1992

Description of text This documentary is about the LA riots. The angle is that the reason why this had started was because of the beating of Rodney King that the police gave and this is what led to the LA riots. This also led to causing deaths, injuries, homes and businesses being damaged. 53 people had died and thousands had been injured, which shows signs of weakness from the police as they were outnumbered, however, out of the 53 people who had died, the army and police had killed 10. Potential Audience for text The age will range from 16-30+, the reason for this is because it is about the LA riots, which shows a lot of the violence. The gender will be mostly male as this documentary shows the males destroying properties. This will also be aimed for all ethnicities as they were all involved in them. Finally, different socio-economic groups will watch this from C-E1. Use of camera There are several of shots in this documentary, as they show some footage from a helicopter showing a bird’s eye view. This is then zoomed in and out, to show if any properties start getting destroyed. There were some POV shots, where the camera starts moving along with the rioters and showing the destroyed places. There are also some interviews of people that show their devastation to the riots. However, the majority of these shots were close ups. Use of editing This documentary does not really show much editing. The reason for this could be that it was filmed in the 90s and there was not really much editing to do. However, there are many cutaways leading to different scenes of the riots and also a helicopter scene, this showing a slow pace movement as it is moving slow in the air from the bird’s eye view showing what is going on in the area. Also near the start of the documentary it tells us about what lead to the riots, which was the beating of Rodney King. The scene of the beating shows us a focus on it by lighting up that piece as it is the most important in the scene. Use of sound The use of sound is very dramatic and serious, showing that this is a serious case. There is also a thriller effect which makes people shocked which shows that they would like to know more about it.

Content and Conventions This has been presented in a formal way, so this will make people make the documentary more because some documentaries that were filmed were presented in an informal way. There also some opinions on the riots from people that had been affected or were not a part of it and just watching. There is an interview with the police, seeing what they thought of it and also what the first thing they saw kick off the riots. Also, there is an interview with Rodney King, showing how he felt and that he just wanted piece. Key influences on your idea - Content and Form I will include many of these things in my documentary as it is about the same cause. I will make this effective by having different types of camera movement; the reason for this is so my documentary does not become boring and slow paced. I will also use the idea from the Birth of the Nation documentary and use the effect where focusing by lighting the important piece of the scene, this will also show some effectiveness to it. I will have interviews with the police and someone that could have been involved in the riots and also the affected people that had their properties destroyed. I will also need some expert opinions, speaking with someone major, Tottenham MP will be ideal as the riots started in Tottenham. I will then have a use of sound, a dramatic piece which brings a thriller effect.

Text being analysed: BBC Panorama – Britain, Gaddafi and the Torture Trail Source of text: re_Trail/ Approximate date of broadcast: 24th October 2011 Description of text This documentary is about the killing of Colonel Gaddafi after four decades as one of the world's most notorious dictator’s just weeks after being forced from power. This reveals the truth about the regime and its ties with the British government. This documentary tracks down the man responsible for much of the brutality, who fled to Britain during the recent civil war. Kenyon finds him at a luxury hideout in the Gulf, and challenges him to come clean about his role in torture Potential audience for text The age will range from 16-30+, the reason for this is because it is about the killing of Colonel Gaddafi, which shows a lot of the disturbing images and videos. The gender will be male and female. This will also be aimed for all ethnicities. Finally, different socio-economic groups will watch this from B-E1. The reason for the upper class is because it is an interesting topic which many businessmen will watch. Use of camera There is a scene where the reporters would like to speak to a man, who is apparently supposed to be dangerous, so they decide to add some hidden cameras and try to speak to him, however they are unsuccessful as they have bodyguards with him and they are pushed away and told to leave. Use of editing From the camera use where they add some hidden cameras they add an effect of the focusing by lighting up the important part of the scene which also had a dramatic piece of sound. Use of sound The use of sound is effective as it shows some dramatic piece which is about one of the dangerous men in this documentary that is linked with Colonel Gaddafi. There is a voice over as they go to the scenes of the protesting and the hidden camera scene. Content and conventions There are many expert opinions on this with the government of Libya and different parties in Britain. There are also some vox pops with people on what they thought about the whole situation. It is also being presented in a formal way because it is a serious cause which includes well known people.

Key influences on your idea – Content and form To make my documentary look as professional as this, I will include well known people, such as the government or MP’s. This will make it formal as that is my aim. I will also include vox pops on what the opinions were of the riots. There will be some archive footage of the week of destroying and have some data of the places that had been effected the worst.

Textual Analysis